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Please don't hesitate to contact me:
Telephone: 01445731134
Maria Harrison
Taigh Sona
IV22 2JA
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order - online on the ordering page etc or email me for an invoice to pay with your debit/credit card or phone me

Find the fabric you want, on the Ordering or Special Orders page, and select UK or Overseas.


Enter your cat's neck and chest measurements (see photo lower down this page for how to measure your cat), and your cat's age and breed (if you know them).

Neck and chest measurements

Press the 'Add to cart' button, and you will be taken to the payment page.

Add to cart

To pay by debit/credit card, click the 'Checkout' button, and you will be able to enter your card details on the next page.


To pay by Paypal, click the 'Check out with Paypal' button, and you will be able to enter your Paypal log in details on the next page.

Checkout by Paypal

How do I measure my cat?

Measure your cat quite snug, in either inches or centimetres around the neck and also around the chest (behind the front legs) as shown on the picture below
DO NOT add anything to the measurements, DO not add a 'two finger' space either.

This will give me a good starting point, and I will allow for slimming and growth/weight gain.

Cat measurements

Is the jacket reversible?

Yes it is reversible, however please bear in mind that if your cat has long hair the velcro has a tendency to grab onto the cat's coat - be careful!

Can I choose another fabric for the reverse?

Yes you can choose another fabric for the reverse but unless you do, I make the jackets up with black as standard. If the 'top' fabric is from the Designers collection page you must choose from that page. If you choose from the Luxurious Collection page or Serval & Savannah Jacket pages you can choose any fabric from any page

HELP! I can't choose a fabric!

Don't worry, I may be able to help, just give me a telephone call (no later than 8pm please) or you can contact me through this page and send me a picture or description of your cat. I find it really difficult to choose, that is why I have so many fabrics!

What time are you open?

I don't have opening times, I am available when ever I am at home and if you contact me by email or phone, I shall get back to you as quick as I possibly can - usually the same day at the latest

How is it that there are so many different looking jackets on the website?

I make each jacket made to measure to suit the proportions and requirements of your cat and that really depends on the measurements, age of the cat, the breed and sex too. Some breeds require a narrow neck strap due to having a shorter neck. Some need jackets more cut away on the shoulder. I try to help all my customers' cats to be as comfortable as possible and so may need to contact you for more information about your cat if I need it.

How long will I have to wait for my Mynwood cat jacket?

I usually make your jacket up the same or next day and post out 1st class as soon as it's finished.
You should receive your jacket within couple of days if you are in the UK. If you are Overseas delivery is usually within 1 to 2 weeks, although it can take only 5 days.

What shall I do when it arrives?

Don't forget that your cat may feel very strange at first, do a little dance or a flip or two, this often happens at first but he/she will soon settle and learn to enjoy and associate the jacket with the enjoyment of getting outside to chase leaves etc. I suggest putting it on indoors at first just as not to overload the senses. Please follow the instructions on the lead training page.
Your Mynwood Cat Jacket is escape proof, providing it has been securely fitted onto your cat. It is important to fit it snug but not tight when taking your cat outside. Never leave your cat unattended.

Is my Mynwood Cat Jacket washable?

All Jackets are machine washable at 30°C.

Does my Mynwood Cat Jacket come with a lead?

No, sorry it does not. However, there are some available on the accessories page.

What if my cat has a very short neck and I require a narrow neck strap?

Please make a note on your order (extra information).

Sizing Suggestions

I make each jacket bespoke/made to measure to suit you cat's age, sex and breed. The details below are only a guide for you if you cannot measure your cat/kitten.

Kitten Jackets are suitable for kittens - fits from 10"/28cm around the chest-behind front legs. Smaller jackets are proportionately smaller than the regular and chunky size so will often fit for a long time but will be less comfortable on the mature cat as it will press into the back of the front legs.

Adult Jackets are suitable for average/larger cats that are heavier, longer and/or chunkier than the above adult cat. This is the most popular size. These are longer in the body (Most adult cats need this size).

I make every jacket to fit your cat so the above sizes are only a guide for you. If you are unsure of size (you cannot measure your cat for any reason)I can usually estimate it for you. If your cat falls outside these measurements guidelines just get in touch. All jackets are adjustable to suit your cat for the longest time possible allowing for slimming/growth/weight gains thus being very economical too.

Please contact me for advice on size if you are unsure.

Also if you have any special requests eg. you would like another colour on the reverse rather than the black just contact me.

Can I get a discount for being a repeat customer?

Yes you can! You must either call me Will update soon (busy moving) or email me or message me through the contact me form to order and state you are a existing customer along with your full requirements. I will give you 15% off your next whole order. You must do this so that I can take payment either over the phone or invoice you as I try to offset the maximum discount by not using paypal. I cannot give a discount to purchases through this website, Ebay, Etsy or Amazon