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Tara August 2019
Hi Maria, since I can't leave a review for another ten days, just thought I'd send a quick message thanking you for the quick service! Kitten was strutting around in her new jacket very soon after arrival, and felt comfortable in it enough to sleep and everything! Great work, I'll make sure to leave a review once etsy will let me.

Sue August 2019
Hi Maria Thank you sending the jacket so quickly. It fits a treat!
I will send some photographs of Rosie in her jacket soon and hopefully you received the photos I sent earlier in the week.
Thank you again.
Kind regards Sue

Kevin August 2019
Maria - Thank you so much! The jacket is PERFECT and we are so excited!

Jenny August 2019
Hi Maria
Just to let you know the jacket has arrived and it's a perfect fit- thanks so much!
Kind regards Jenny

Gaia August 2019
Hello Maria,
I just wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived really quickly and our cat took to it straight away - zero training required! We took her for a couple of walks already and I've never seen her so happy :) Taking pictures has proven difficult because she just won't stand still, there's too much to explore! If I manage to snap any that aren't blurry, I'll make sure to send them to you.
Thank you so much for the fantastic quality!
Kind regards,

Christine August 2019
I would love to say THANK YOU. We just received the new one. Onyx looks so handsome and he is thrilled! Xoxoxo

Mairi August 2019
Hi there Maria

Sorry for late reply as this had gone in junk folder.. oh dear! Anyway Chai has demonstrated the wearing of the jacket so no problem as yet. She is off to cattery Thu so on her return I will take a pic!! It will be next week. The jacket is great for 3 legs! Thank you
Best regards

Cindy July 2019
Good evening or probably morning in the UK,
I wanted to let you know how much I love your cat jackets.
My mother sent me hers when their cat passed away and it fit great on my cat, Rhoads. He loves it. It gives him so much flexibility and leash training was so much easier then the traditional harness. When I got a second cat, Jett I bought one for her off Amazon. I got the kitten size and using it to leash train her too has been a breeze. In fact I am going to order an adult one for her now as I think she has out grown the kitten one.
Everyone comments at how great they walk on a leash just like a dog, almost. They are still cats and are very independent. So thank you for these wonderful cat jackets. I tell everyone that has a cat and wants to leash train them to get your jackets.

Karen July 2019
Hi Maria I’m thrilled with Rupert’s camouflage jacket. Thank you so much.
We are getting him used to it at the moment so will send you some photos in due course.
Kind regards,

Lubos July 2019
Hi Maria
Thank you for processing my order so promptly.
Jacket fits perfectly.
Feel free to use the picture on your website.

Lucy July 2019
Hi there! Im Very pleased with the Tavon's new jacket. Fits him perfectly! Much better than the silly dog harness he were using before (that he kept escaping from!)
Many thanks!

We brought a jacket for our 10 month old Bengal "Merlin" who had destroyed two webbing style harnesses with his awesome strength, then we came across Mynwood Jackets, we are so impressed with them that we ordered another one straight away i can't thank them enough as our cat go's out for walks with confidence and we no he's not going to escape even though he is Merlin the Wizard.

Angela June 2019
Hi Maria,
We have received the jacket in good condition and it fits well for my cat. Many thanks!
As I did not managed to take a good picture of him wearing it, thus delaying the message and review.
We look forward to our exciting walks every day now. Thanks!
Angela Chan

Cheryl June 2019
Hi Maria,
Thank you for the cat jacket! It’s great, Moka is already wearing it and going outside. I will send you some pretty pictures soon!
Kind Regards

Kate June 2019
Shadow's new jacket/harness arrived this morning and when I put it on her she went straight to the front door.
She looked at me we a face saying 'hurry up were going for a walk'
She didn't need to get use to it.
We had a great walk but no tree climbing as we got sent in by the rain
Thank you Kate.

Lisa June 2019
I love these cat jackets! Rudy loves to be in the yard (and try to chase the Pomsky puppy next door). He only tried once to "run" his way out of his jacket, but he got snapped back like a Hollywood stuntman. Too funny! I'm happy to be in his harness and he can enjoy the outdoors. And he looks good in Vikings purple.

Peter & Sue Dziwior June 2019
Dear Maria,
Just a quick message to say thank you very much for the cat harness (and lead) which arrived safely today! It looks great, really well made.
We'll take a little while to acclimatise Stelmaria [blame my wife for the name: it's the name of a daemon in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" books] to it.
We do have a cat flap, and she is allowed out, but she seems to keep wanting to follow us when we go further afield than our street, so we thought we'd (eventually) try taking her on short walks, with the harness to keep her safe.
We'll send some photos if it works out!
Best regards,
Peter & Sue Dziwior.

Eunice May 2019
Hi Maria
Thankyou very much for the jacket for our cat Pippin.
We had a previously bought a harness for him but he could easily back out of it so we searched and found you! Pip adapted to it very easily. It fits snuggly and has room if he grows bigger. When he sees his jacket coming out of the drawer he knows what's happening and sometimes will purr and head to the door. We are awaiting his half brother to join us so we may well be contacting you again fairly soon.
Thankyou very much and thankyou for caring about the declawing of those poor cats.

Nick Newstead May 2019

I've not rushed things and played the long game with my Devon Rex Sparkys jacket, and it's paying off. Gradually got him used to the jacket inside now after several weeks now enjoying his first curious forays outside. Spot on, will send photos soon.

Regards Nick

Jayne Cooper May 2019
Just to let you know that Pebbles is now wearing her Supergirl harness and lead and coming out in the garden with us. It’s just great. Thank you very much for making her harness. She’s so happy to wear it and loves coming outside with us. Xxx

Tordie May 2019
Hi Maria
Thank you, love the jacket! Really well made.
My daughter has tried it on her as soon as it arrived as she was so excited. It will try a few times and get a pic for you. Tordie

Dee Collette April 2019
I simply have no words... or I have too many! I absolutely love it and know she will look mighty fine strutting out in this. I will measure my Prune (solid black Sphynx) for one to fit her immediately !
Tape measure and cat capture it will be!
So now where did that sun go???
Thank you thank you thank you
Kind wishes
Dee Collette

Paul williamson February 2019

Just a quick thanks from the williamson family, although we still haven't managed to get marvin walking he's happy to sit on my shoulder and be paraded around the streets. He's more than happy to have his coat on which i might add looks amazing well built and well worth the money. he looks so handsome. I'll certainly be back at xmas time for him as he grows.

Daphne Boyton February 2019
Dear Maria,
Many thanks for your very prompt delivery of the jacket I ordered for Oscar my 12 year old domestic shorthair cat. The jacket is extremely well made and strong and very easy to get on and off. Like you I have searched a long time to find an escape proof harness. Oscar is primarily a house cat but has a large run in the garden however to keep him stimulated he has previously had a collar harness that fastened with buckles but this was difficult to get on without Oscar becoming frustrated and annoyed, he was also prone to pull back out of it when he wanted to go somewhere he shouldn’t in the garden, so his walks outside have been restricted the last couple of years. Oscar’s companion Milly an adorable female cat has recently died and Oscar has been missing her so I am trying everything I can to take his mind of the loss and I couldn’t wait to try your jacket out when it arrived this morning and was pleased how easy it was to put on. Oscar found the jacket comfortable and not at all restrictive and enjoyed exploring the garden once again and never even tried escaping. Many thanks once again, I will send pictures of Oscar as requested and will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends.
Kind regards
Daphne Boyton

Arti Bargota November 2018
Hi Maria,
I just wanted to say thank you for the jacket - beautiful and delivered very quick.
I have been trying to get a decent picture of Cairo wearing it but have failed to get one with his face. I will keep trying.
Thanks again.

Lee Fiore November 2018
Hi Maria, I have been looking forward to leaving rave reviews about the 2 Mynwood walking jackets that I purchased for my 2 cats Macho Man & Emily Blunt. Both jackets fit and work beautifully! Macho Man's jacket (desert storm camo) had to be made twice to get the fit just right and I thank you for your willingness to remake it! Both cats are enjoying going out on walks now and Macho's jacket was really tested when he got scared and tried to run away! He weighs 16 lbs and put every ounce of that weight into his escape efforts and that jacket held securly! I was truly impressed! I might add that having the chest band adjusted snuggly made the difference between Macho getting out of his jacket and it successfully holding him. Getting custom jackets was the right decision for my 2 fur babies. Thank you again for a great product and great customer service! I believe youv'e started a cat walking revolution!

Rachel Thompson October 2018
I just have to say that I am in LOVE with my new harnesses!
You really outdid yourself.
They fit so well, theyre beautiful, and the cats are so happy.
Thank you so much.
I will definitely be buying more in the future.

Nicholas Newman October 2018
The jacket arrived last week and chase took to it straight away.
Well made and perfect for what we need.
Thank You

silje jakobsen September 2018
Hey :) The jacket arrived yesterday and I'm very happy with the product! It seems to fit well, and she moves around like normal with it on. We haven't tried it outdoors yet, but when we do I will make sure to try to get a few good pics so I can send them over to you.
Thank you for the quick and good service!
Best wishes
Silje and Pusi the cat

Sandrine September 2018
Harnais parfait pour notre petit bengal qui ne supportait pas d'autres achetés en animalerie: il n'est pas gêné dans ses mouvements et vagabonde librement mais en sécurité. De plus, très beau produit qui le rend encore plus gracieux. J'ai commandé la taille adulte pour ensuite et après essai sur notre plus grand bengal qui n'a pas eu l'habitude d'être harnaché et je pensais que ce serait maintenant impossible après plusieurs essais vains: avec le mynwood cat jacket, aucun problème. Bref, ils adorent et nous aussi: les différents modèles donnent envie de leur composer une garde-robe ! GÉNIAL... Merci de la part de Ninho et Odin

Harness perfect for our small bengal who couldn't stand others purchased in pet store: he is not hampered in his movements and wanders freely but safe. In addition, very beautiful product that makes it even more graceful. I ordered the adult then and after trial size on our largest bengal who didn't used to be harnessed and I thought it would be now impossible after several vain attempts: with the mynwood cat jacket, no problem. In short, they love and so do we: different models make compose them a wardrobe! AWESOME... Thanks for the share of Ninho and Odin

Jo Pettigrew September 2018
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of our cat jacket, it arrived safely last week. We have started trying our cat Niska, wearing it for a few minutes a day while we play with her and she hardly seems to notice it at all. The most difficult part is trying it put it on a long haired cat! We have attached the lead to it for a while and she seems happy enough so it’s looking promising. Once we venture outside I’ll take some pictures to send you!
Thank you!

Helen Kyte September 2018
Hi Maria
Fantastic job we absolutely love Bobby’s walking jacket and he has taken to wearing it in virtually no time at all. Very well made and designed to allow plenty of growth also which is brilliant. Ordered it on a Sunday evening and was blown away when it arrived in the post on the Tuesday to Belfast. Super product and super service also 10 out of 10. Thank you so very much.
Helen, Scott, Adam and Bobby of course

leonard September 2018
hi maria,
jacket and lead arrived today.its lovely and well made as is the arrived at 2pm, and my savannah had it on and outside by 5pm,she loves it!.shes taken to it like a duck to water. i let her smell and explore it then tried it on her and that was her ready to go.ive attached some pics for your website.i will be in touch again when shes ready for a bigger size as shes just over 4 months at the moment.
thanks again leonard

Joe August 2018
The jacket for Elvis arrived yesterday.
He has "accepted" the jacket much better than any other harness/vest that we have tried. I left the vest on for about and hour including a short time outside. He either could not escape or didn't try to escape. Any other harness he has been out of within a few minutes. I'll send some photos later.

Ann August 2018
Hi Maria,
Firstly thank you very much for the wonderful little jacket. It has worked a treat - no problems at all with fitting it on him and he took to it and the extendable lead immediately. He even caught a mouse while we were out yesterday! Only problem is that wherever he goes I have to go too so I will have to cut down some vegetation in our garden so I can follow him a bit more easily. Also at long last I will find out where some of his secret pussycat places are. So altogether a great success and both he and I send you our heartfelt thanks.
When I get a chance I will send you some photos.
Very kind regards,

Stephen August 2018
Hi Maria,Thank you for the harnesses ,they turned up today and fit puuuurrrfect and really well made.I will send you some pictures when we are on holiday next week. kind regards Stephen

Cliff Self August 2018

Just to let you know the jackets arrived safely today. We weren't expecting to receive them so quickly so thanks for the quick turn-around. You made one for us a few years back which is still going strong and these are of equal quality. Each of our six cats now have their own jacket. I will send you some pictures but not until we are reunited with them when we move to the Netherlands next month.

Many thanks
Cliff Self

Barbara August 2018
Dear Maria,
Beau loves his new jacket! It is a beautiful shade of caramel and looks good with the color of his fur. Beau had never worn a harness before, and we were skeptical that at 14 years old he would refuse to learn this new trick. Well as you can see he looks quite comfortable! We believe it is because of the design of the jacket. With no rubbing or pinching, he still has freedom of movement, and can still do "cat things" like bathe, and stretch out. Beau thanks you...and so do we!

Elaine Carter Walker July 2018
Hi Maria.
The jacket arrived yesterday thank you very much. We’ve had one try on already and it was so easy to get it on him compared to the harness we bought that had to go over his head. Once he’s a bit more used to it and will sit still I’ll send a photo. Really pleased, thank you.

Elaine Mantle June 2018
Thank you so much for your swift response to making pixie her harness, we ll very pleased with it, she actually seems calmer in it. It’s everything your advert claimed, a friend who’s a vet called by last night & was most impressed with the harness & will be recommending it to clients. Many thanks Elaine Mantle x

christine June 2018
Hi Maria Just a quick email to tell your potential customers how good these jackets are. My Bengal has used hers for 7 years now and now a little warn it is still working perfectly. The design is really excellent preventing the cat from harm if they get caught up in anything, due to the fitting in two separate areas. I have ordered another jacket today for a new rescue cat we have. With thanks Christine

christine May 2018
Hi Maria,
you were very helpful when I ordered our first jacket for Polly and needed help getting her comfortable wearing it.. She is a rescue cat and hated it! Still doesnt really like it but tolerates it now and as she comes everywhere with us and wears it, it keeps her safe.
It also identifies me as the mad cat lady that walks her cat! We are older now and not able to travel the world as we used to - good thing as Polly wouldnt have been able to come with us, whereas we now travel all over Ireland and the UK - she has been to cat friendly hotels in Connemara, Dublin, Donegal, Coleraine to name but a few and she has walked safely everywhere. We are buying her a new jacket as the original is a bit faded on the pink side. On the blue side with the pink trim showing and me with my new Sketchers trainers in navy with pink laces and trim we look like me and mini me!
Thank you for designing and manufcturing these lovely jackets that are keeping so many cats safe.

Madelene Sutcliffe May 2018
Hi Maria
Thankyou for the jacket, Leon CANNOT slip out, he loves to be outside but he is likely to wander. It upset me as he cried like a baby when my other 5 cats went outside 3 Ragdolls a Norwegian forest/Sphinx and a small Ginger moggy (sold to me as a maine coon) ha ha no more a Maine coon than me, Rupert is 6 months and weighs 2 kilos, I was so conned. Some people are blatant liars and me so gullible. Leon is a beautiful ginger and white Maine coon and the apple of my eye. I will send you pics when he is used to harness. I had tried 4 other harness and they were off within a minute. Hooray for yours.
With grateful thanks
6 cats
3 poodles
1 macaw
And our human Madelene

Chris Beales May 2018
Hi Maria.... First of all thank you for the lightning speed delivery and the excellent service received from yourself! The jacket is very well made and a great fit on "The Ginger Houdini"..... it does a mighty fine job of keeping Chester exactly where he should be (on the end of the lead and not running free up the street!) After the initial dress up.... he seemed comfortable .... after fifteen minutes he thought he would try his luck at escape by rolling around and reversing out of the jacket. How I chortled at his futile attempts at freedom ..... he now knows he is beaten!! Keep up the quality work Maria!!

Hazel Keatinge February 2018
Hi Maria,
Just emailing you to say thank you for the jacket we received yesterday. (Blue cotton for seven month old ragdoll). We have been so pleased with the original one that we thought we’d better order another in case you ever stop making them. The quality of the jacket and the speed with which you dispatched it are really outstanding. Freya’s little jacket is making a huge difference to the quality of her life – she is outside once or twice a day and it is the highlight of her day. She really co-operates with me to get her jacket on, often rolling on her back to get the straps fixed round her tummy!
Thank you very much.
kind regards
Hazel Keatinge

Nicky March 2018
Thank you so much for the quick service and wonderful quality jackets. Our cat was already used to going outside on a simple harness but was slowly outgrowing it and we were not happy with how secure it might be. He has thankfully taken to the new jackets and we feel much happier and with the strong velcro there is no way he can escape. He also looks very smart! Every indoor cat should have at least one!!

Judith Ramsay February 2018
We have a 16 years old cat who was abandoned by a neighbour, over 2 years ago. We took her in and have, with the help of a fantastic vet, gradually been able to reduce the effects of starvation, insects and several medical problems. She is now, sadly almost blind. For a cat used to roaming freely, this is hard for her. She must now be kept safe and free from many dangers. The result of this was she was quite depressed. To find your little cat jackets was wonderful. I bought one which arrived after a week. It is well made and very adjustable. It is simple to put on her, secure and she has taken to it without a problem. Her mood has improved as has her physical movement. I am really pleased and would confidently recommend it. Just as a note: I too am a Bengal cat lover and have one who is nearly 19. Yours are beautiful!

Caroline February 2018
Pippa loves being able to go out for an explore around the garden. The harness is really secure and I feel so much more confident letting her outside.

Laura Dodgson February 2018
I love Tanuki's harness. Velcro is very secure and doesn't seem to bother him even though his hair gets caught a little bit. Great fit, his Maine Coon body and rapid growth made finding a harness a challenge.

Kim from Tampa Florida November 2017
Our Bengal, Izzy, hates being in a carrier. She throws herself against the side of the hard ones and escapes through the zippers of the soft-sided ones, so this jacket has been a godsend. She loves being on a leash rather than in a carrier when she goes to the vet. Thank you for making such a great product.

Mary Lou Cotton October 2017
Hello Maria,
Just wanted to report back on the custom jacket you made for our tall, lanky kitty. She is now fully accustomed to it and loves going outside! We live in an area of the western US that is quite wild, with coyotes, eagles, hawks, bobcats, etc., so not a safe place for cats to be out on their own. So the jacket is a great option. We have a new kitten who's about six months and I'll try fitting the original size small I bought, to see how it might work for her as she grows. I'll also tell our neighbors about you in case they want their kitties to be able to go outside.
Thank you!
Mary Lou Cotton

Nadine Clark October 2017 We received Tia's new chocolate jacket yesterday and decided to give it a try today. We went for a walk to our local woods and she had so much fun running around with our Goldendoodle. The jacket is so well made, allows her to move freely but feels secure. Thank you - it is just perfect!


Melissa September 2017
Hi! My name is Melissa and I purchased one of your jackets through Amazon a few months ago.
I just wanted to let you know that my cat Loki and I both love the new jacket! He'd slipped out of his old harness fairly easily, and it made it hard to take him outside for fear of him getting out. It didn't take him long to adapt to the new harness, and now he actually 'assumes the position' for me to put the harness on him whenever I pull it out! We're both very happy that he gets to safely explore the outside world. It's sturdy and well made (I actually pulled him up by it once when he got stuck behind a fence, and it supported him well for those few seconds). I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their cat outside!
Melissa Cannell

Alison September 2017
Hi Maria I have now purchased two harnesses from you and I have to say they are absolutely fantastic. We recently put one to a real test. Archie (6mth male Savannah) was out walking when he got stung on his paw by a wasp! He leapt in the air like a cat possessed, leaping, flipping, pulling - everything! We were by a road and my first thought was, is he going to break free from his harness? He didn't! These harnesses are fantastic and now we've tested them to the extreme I am so much more relaxed walking Archie 9Which is good as he loves his walks). I'm now on the look out for another harness as the lil bugger is growing (as kittens do). Keep up the good work xx Alison

Victoria Rivers 2017 August 2017
Hello Maria,
The leopard print jacket arrived yesterday and we immediately bag training Tiger Lily. She was afraid of the velcro sound at first but the lure of freedom was so enticing!
By this morning she was out and about, cautiously at first and then ever more brave.
Thank you for making a product that really works for Bengals, due to the high shoulder cut. When Tiger Lily is fully at ease, we will send a photo to you. Thanks again.
Victoria Rivers

Received the jacket yesterday and I am amazed how well made and beautiful it is.
Smidge my long haired tabby is desperate to go out although he is a rescue cat and very nervous so up to know he has been an indoor cat. I am hoping that with this jacket I can be out in the garden with him and allow him some outside space. I grabbed the bull by the horn yesterday and having let him sniff the jacket on the floor for several hours I finally put it on him. I was amazed he didnt struggle at all and I took him outside my front door and a while. At the moment he just sits down when outside but when he gets braver and actually stands up I will definitely take a picture of him and send it to you.
Thanks again for an amazing jacket.

Kate 2017 June
Hi Maria
Jacket received thank you very much, it looks great. I would just like to say your jackets have been a godsend to our cat Charlie. He had a diagnosis of hip dysphasia back in November and had a hip replacement and knee surgery in February. I made a decision to make Charlie an indoor cat when he had his diagnosis and managed to train him on his jacket and lead before his surgery. The jacket is amazing and has given him outdoor freedom and security he otherwise wouldn't have had.
Thank you very much

Penny & Sasha 2017 May
Hi Maria
I've received the blue jacket I ordered for my baby girl (Sasha) and it's looking good so far! She's had it on twice now in the house and apart from one or two unsure movements, she's walking about and trotting upstairs and acting surprisingly normally! Getting it on her the second time was a bit more difficult as she knew what was coming so there was some wriggling involved, but once it's on, I've been pleasantly surprised by how well she took to it. Of course she's getting plenty of treats each time and I'm putting it by the cat flap in between times - she likes to watch out of the cat flap so hopefully she'll start associating the two. A few more times then I'll try the lead, then it's time for the garden! I did take her outside before I found your website but only briefly, watching her like a hawk and not relaxing for a second so this will be better for both of us! I'll definitely try for a video and/or photos once we've got the hang of things - if you'll excuse the current state of my garden :-)
Thanks again
Penny & Sasha

Trevor & Tracy 2017 May
Hi Maria,
Firstly thank you for your correspondence regarding this order it has been superb. I can confirm that we have received our cat harnesses & flexi leads. Upon opening we both were vey impressed with the quality of the harnesses & especially the personalised names. the real proof of the pudding came when we introduced these to Purrdy & Coco. Again good news as they passed the “don’t they look like grant spiders that we can claw & bite to death “ test, they then passed the” what are they like to wear “test. This produced the three step fall over shuffle & also the i am walking backwards results. Both Purrdy & Coco already do not mind the harnesses being put on, but they are in the early stages of getting used to being outside hence they do not venture far from either my Wife or I. When they get more confident with being on leads I will forward photos for your site. Thank you again for such a great product & being such a pleasure to do business with.
Best Regards,
Trevor & Tracy.

Katy Duncan 2017 May
Just received your jacket and lead !
Amazing fabulous product!
I have a handful of pictures.. should I email them to you?
She's already had a walk in the garden!
I am thrilled with the jacket it's the ONLY harness she has taken too!
Thanks so much - most grateful to you!
Kind Regards
Katy Duncan x

Curt & Kay Moriyama & Tora-cat 2017 April
Hello Maria, We received our Harness vest for Tora-cat today! he had some problems walking with a vest, but in about 15 minutes, he started running and chasing with the vest!
I take some more pictures when he learns about walking outdoor!
Thank you from the United Kingdom
Curt & Kay Moriyama & Tora-cat

sharline xenofontos 2017 April
Thank you for my amazing cat jacket Gizmo loves it so easy to put on him and very safe and comfortable for him.
He was an outdoor cat for a year but he had an accident and very nearly lost his back leg but with a wonderful vet at the pdsa and a year of treatment he can not bend it at the ankle but he can run and jump and he still has 4 paws, so now I do not let him out so it was wonderful to be able to take him in the garden worry free.
You have a wonderful product thank you once again and for your next day delivery
Yours sincerely
Sharline and Gizmo xx

Joanna Woodrow 2017 January
Ah Maria thank you soo much for this, really it is lovely to see! As I mentioned before our special little cat 'Che' was seriously ill when I brought the jacket, and we were totally devastated being told he may only have a few days, week left. But very happy to say he pulled through and is now back to his lovely little self, scamping around and thriving. It is a complete miracle that he is still here.... we truly do have a very dedicated vet. I also believe the therapy walks in the garden had a big part to do with his recovery, it seemed to give him the spark he needed to start eating again and keep going. I cant thank you enough for sending the jacket so quickly and for your wonderful service. Many kind wishes to you and your family Jo and Che xoxo

Jo Towers 2017 January
Hi Maria,

I have received the jacket, thank you.
You have done a great job, I can't believe how well you have made it, it is so much better than the ones in the shops and such a quick delivery.
I will send you photos when I can and will definitely be ordering another one when he has grown out of this one as quality is best.
The lead training you have on your web page I have printed off and will be following the instructions.
Best wishes


Pauline Syms 2016 July
Hi Maria, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We thought you'd like to see some photos and video of Moonshine in his jacket.
He was a rescue cat and had never been outside so it has been quite a struggle but eventually he gave in and now enjoys a daily wander around the garden. Thanks ever so much for the jacket, really nice quality and we love the Black Watch colour. Hope you enjoy the photos!
Kind regards,
Pauline Syms

Christine and Oscar and Albert 2016 July
Just to let you know I received the jackets this morning.They are lovely. I took the leapord Print straight round to a friend who has my big cats brother. He looks very smart in it. He isn't S use to harness walking as my Oscar is so might be a little while before I can get you his photo. I also forgot I has given my retractable lead to someone else so need to get another! Will send pictures soon .Thankyou again Maria for the lovley safe, comfortable harnesses. Priceless.. Also awesome speedy delivery .
Christine and Oscar and Albert.

Marius 2016 July Marius

Connie Dixon 2016 July
Hi Maria - cannot thank you enough for making holster - Taj is on second day and completely adjusted to wearing it - will take pics outside in couple of days and send to you - am so surprised at how quickly Taj adjusted to wearing it - I am so pleased to have a halter/holster that he cannot escape - will make it so much easier to transport, knowing he cannot slip out of it. A millon thanks -

Pauline Leeper 2016 July
Dear Maria,
May I order one more jacket and extending lead, same size and colour as before please. We have three Birmans. Two neutered male one years olds George and Timmy and one retired breeding female Loula who is five years old. Originally I ordered the jacket and extending lead for George, one of our one year olds. It has turned out to be very successful with all of the cats. Whilst we adopted them as house cats and they are clearly very happy to be indoors, our house is very large anyway, we also have a large garden ideal for kitties. However, my husband and I are too well aware of the dangers around and thought we would try your jacket. Initially I took them all out (one at a time) in my arms on warm and pleasant days. They snuggled up to me and were not sure, but after a short while they seemed to enjoy it. Then I put your jacket on George in the house. His natural reaction was to roll around on the floor as he wasn’t too sure of this appendage! I too didn’t want to upset him, but told myself that if it worked, he would enjoy the garden. So I persevered with George to begin with. Short periods of the jacket indoors to begin with. After about a week, I thought I would take him out on the lead, even though he was still rolling around indoors with the jacket on. I feel now this was a good step to take as once he was out he was so interested in everything that his jacket was much less of a problem to him. As Loula was five years old and had been a show cat and breeding cat, she had never been out, nor had she worn a jacket. I was expecting her at five years old to not take to the garden or the jacket, but I thought I would try. In fact, she loves it, as indeed George and Timmy do. I only take them out one at a time for anything from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending as to when they want to come in. My husband has volunteered to take one while I take the other hence my order for another jacket. They truly enjoy this new dimension to their lives and all I have to do is call their name and say GARDEN and hold up the jacket and they get so excited and gallop full pelt to the garden door. I have found the jacket very easy to put on and off, they are completely comfortable with it and are an absolute delight to accompany in the garden. The extending lead allows them to race around freely, and yet I still feel confident they are safe in my hands. The jacket remains in place and they do not appear to be aware of it. I would say beginning to end about three weeks for them to become completely settled and would recommend your jacket heartily. Birmans are a very gentle laid back breed of cat, it may be that has helped them adapt. You may have had similar results with other breeds or moggies, but for us your jacket has worked and we are thrilled to bits. The jacket is very adaptable size wise and fits them all comfortably.
We have not yet worked out how to put pictures from our phone onto the computer showing them in their jacket, but we are working on it and will send you pics once we have mastered it.
Meanwhile, would appreciate hearing from you so that we may pay PAYPAL or whatever for our new order.
Bests wishes.
Pauline Leeper

Kathy 2016 July
Hi, Maria.
Just got the jackets today and they fit Loki & Kala very nicely. The previous jackets/vests that we had seemed to restrict their shoulders quite a bit but yours gives them freedom for movement in that area. I will get some pics and send them to you soon. We've been taking the 'kids' for outings the last 3 months or so. Started with our back yard and then moved to a big school field (with a chain link fence around it in case anyone decided they needed to dash off) and then around our block. Our little girl (Kala) took to it like a duck to water. She just trots along, head and tail held high, stopping to explore sometimes but she seems to relish moving along. Our little guy, however, (Loki) seems to get very distracted by any and everything. He takes about 5 steps and stops. I've always thought that he was the type that needs time for processing so we just accommodate his lolly-gagging. Unfortunately this weekend he was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and evidently stress is one of the triggers. So now we're going to do our best to stabilize him and then we'll see if the walks were contributing to his stress or if we can continue. If the walks are too much for him we might consider one of those pet strollers so we can walk Kala and let Loki ride. Anyhow, didn't mean to chat your ear off but I figure that you are a fellow cat-lover so would probably be interested in our story.
Thanks for the quick response to our order and I'll send pics soon of our 'babies'!

Bob Shingleton 2016 July
Now as an online article with link to you - -
Bob Shingleton

Julia 2016 July
Hi Maria,
Very happy with the jacket! He'd managed to wriggle out of the previous two, but this one is keeping him nice and secure. My mum is much more confident walking him now so he gets twice as many walkies a day with an extra human to take him :)

Lena 2016 May
Received the Mynwood cat jacket Pink today. I was so exited about it! After a couple of minutes the jacket was lying on the chair, the jacket has woken up Stellas interest. She started playing with it, so i decide to put it on. I wanted to thank you for the jacket. This was the first Thing (after her little pink collar) Stella was not trying to get rid of. I'd sent some pictures, right after our next step: Trying to walk with it. Today she just decide to take a few steps over the floor and then go sleeping with her new jacket on her favorite place. She even don't let me pull the jacket of :D. Greetings from Germany. :) (And sorry for my bad english :D)

Eric 2016 May
Hi Maria
Just to let you know that Junior's jacket arrived safely a couple of days ago. It fits him beautifully, and he loves it. Thank you. This is the fourth one that you have made for him and they always get admiring comments when we go out walking. I walk him for two hours every day, and your jackets have made this a pleasurable experience for him - he is able to run and climb as though he were in the wild. I will send you some photos when I get the opportunity to take some - not easy with an energetic Bengal boy cat! Kind regards Eric

Amelia 2016 April
Hello Maria,
Thank you very much for the gorgeous jacket you made for Jacob which I received on Monday. He was eager to try it on straightaway and it fits great with plenty of room for growth (which is just as well as I think he is going to be a large cat). He looks wonderful in the jacket, definitely the smartest cat in the neighbourhood, and he seems very comfortable in it plus it is a lot easier to put on unlike my previous harness which had a fiddly buckle clip. I also feel reassured that he is unlikely to escape from the jacket while he is out and about on his lead. I have attached pictures I took in the garden for you to have a look at and put on your website if you would like to.
Thank you again
Best wishes

Helen 2016 March
Hi Maria,

I received my walking jackets today - that is so fast!

I have put one of them on Jeremy (the kitten) and after he spent some time walking backwards he started walking forwards. I gave him some Kalm Aid and then started playing with him with his laser beam toy. As soon as he started playing with the laser beam he forgot all about the jacket. tomorrow I will put the other one on Harriette (the mother) and hopefully we can go into the garden over the weekend. Thank you very much,


Susanne and Lukas 2016 March
Hi Maria,
Please excuse my poor English..

It has arrived and it is perfect!! Can't say my cat thought the same about it though :) But we will train and hopefully we can go outside this summer.

About the feedback on my ordering experience,
I thought it was very easy to move around on your website and I found what I wanted.
I haven't been able to find something in his size anywhere so I'm very happy!
I'm use to pay through PayPal so I found it very easy.
Your website is lovely and easy to navigate and I would recommend you to any of my friends :)

Thank you so much!!

Susanne and Lukas :)

Charlotte Osborne 2016 March
Wow the harness is amazing! We have used it in the garden so far to test it and I can see it is pretty much escape proof. At least far more secure than any harness I've ever seen for a cat! Your a genius! I will take some photos later today of him in it. Also I plan to take him on the beach so when I do I will take some then too. Website was good! And very easy to pay. Have no complaints at all. I liked the layout too, it's simple but very effective and easy to navigate/see what is available. Charlotte xx

Mark Walker-Barnett 2016 March
Hi Maria
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the cat jacket that we shall be letting little Zachary to use. I'm sure you get plenty of feedback from happy customers, or fellow cat lovers depending which way you look at it, but wanted to let you know why this cat jacket is kind of extra special for us. I hated cats growing up and not a fan of dogs, even to this day, but my partner wanted a cat and I wanted a rabbit. The compromise was done, I get my rabbit and he gets his cat. So I went out secretly to get a cat, a customer of ours had a litter and was giving them away about 6 years ago. I went along to see the kittens and she had two little girls left. Well, not a cat lover at the time, I didn't know if they were cute, nice, well behaved, in fact knew nothing about them, just that I wanted a rabbit. After seeing them cuddled up though, I just couldn't separate them, so there went my rabbit and along came my very fast introduction to two beautiful little kittens, which I soon found out from the vet that they were what were known as naughty torties. And so our journey began and my love for cats materialised. Our new born girls were named Harley & Quinn (like a harlequin clown due to their face markings. The following year I popped into my mums house after work and there was a kitten in the garden. A little skip rat as I called him at the time. He was dirty, cover ding leas and had ear mites. Off to our vets I took him to give him the once over, and they basically said that he would be put down after 7 days if no one claimed him. I think they were playing on my emotions a little, so we looked for the owner and they never claimed him, so we then had little Sammi-Deane as part of the family. Fast forward two years later and a family friend had a litter of kittens one which was born deformed. We went to have a look, BUT, standing firm that we would not have any more cats as three was enough. I took one look at the poor little disabled kitten and instantly started to mother him. He had what they have called a lobster claw deformity. His eyes were not open either after 3 weeks. The local vets gave him some eyes drops, but didn't want to force them open in case he was born without eyes. So, guess where the kitten ended up, no not with us, as it was too young to take away from his mother, but daily I went over for a couple,of weeks to help to clean him up, feed him (he was the runt of the litter) and nurse his eyes, which luckily opened a few days later. Then once old enough, I took him in. The other three hated him, and to some degree Quinn still does, but he is a very little boy. 6 months in we had him X-rayed as you could literally feel his heart beat under your finger when holding him. The X-Ray showed that he was born with no sternum meaning that his rib cage hadn't fully formed. We were told they didn't know how long he would last given his deformities, but they would operate to either use metal or a strip to close up the sternum the best they could to protect the heart. The operation day came and when they opened him up, it wasn't all about his sternum and his little lobster claw. His heart was not contained in his heart sack, his diaphragm was free floating, his intestines were wrapped around his lungs and this meant that one of his lungs had not fully formed. The vets did what they could in a massive life saving operation, and I'm glad to say that this week he had the all clear. He will always have his little lobster claw, and the metal meshing will always protect his ribs and organs the best it can, and we could lose him at any time as there is nothing else that they can do, but each day that we have him is a miracle, and the prognosis for his future, although not fully known, is the best it can be. He has now just been chipped too, however officially the vets have said that he shouldn't be allowed outside at all. If you have managed to read this far, the I'm sure you know where this is going now. Yes that's right, your excellent cat jacket will allow little Zachary to enjoy time out with us, in a controlled environment whilst his brother and sisters are also outside. The normal type of leashes that you see could hurt him, where as your excellent jacket is more than comfy and although he managed to Velcro himself to the carpet on the first attempt, he doesn't seem to mind having it on. I have added a few pictures for you to see the little guy, and we shall of course send you some pictures of him in action when the weather is a little better and we take him out. The latest one of him is the cat tree one! I do have one little request for you, should you ever get the material. We have nick named him Moo Moo, as he has cow print like markings on him. So if you do ever have any cow print material in black and white, we would love to buy one of those from you also :-) Sorry for the long email, but just wanted to say thanks, and to show how what you are doing has gone far beyond the security of looking out for some expensive cats, but has helped to give this little disabled guy a potential new lea of life! Thanks again
Mark Walker-Barnett

Ashleigh 2016 March
Thanks very much, I'll let you know how we get on. It is actually for a rescue kitten who had to have the lenses of his eyes removed due to a rare eye condition. This has left him partially sighted, but he is desperate to be outside. Walking him would be the perfect compromise. I'm from a small charity, so we're always looking for people with cat contacts to help spread the word about current appeals. I've attached the info on Wally, a bit about our charity and some recent special case cats. If you could share Wally's appeal in any way that would be great, his treatment costs ran into the thousands of pounds, a lot to take on for our tiny charity.
I'll let you know how Wally takes to his jacket and hopefully get you some nice pictures.
Best wishes,

Jane 2016 March
Hello Maria
Thank you so much for the coat you made for Kitty Kitty! It is absolutely wonderful, I had tried for a long time to take her out for walks (as she is an indoor only cat) and she always managed to escape, I would die if I lost her!! The jacket you made for her is perfect (it took a couple of tries to get it on just right, nice and snug) and I have tried pulling really hard the wrong way and she can not get out of it, she is very comfortable with it on! We have now been venturing out in our garden and she is now keen to go down the road to check things out. I feel I now have total control of her and with an XS extendable dog leash it is the perfect combination. The service all round with you was excellent, the ordering process was easy, payment was easy and it didn't take long to get from UK to Canada! I have now been asked and have given your website information to a few friends! I will send some photos from my phone.
Again thank you so much.

Sue Harris 2016 March
Hello Maria, Hope this email finds you well. Apologies for the delay in sending this testimonial to you. I had intended to do this much sooner after purchasing a jacket from you back in July / Aug time last year, but time seems to have run away with me. It's quite wordy as I wanted to be clear of the circumstances in which I used this jacket and to give an example of how the cat reacted to it, but feel free to use as little or as much of this testimonial as you want. "I purchased a Mynwood jacket for my old cat Safty when I decided to move from one region of the country to another. He had been a rescue cat, initially a feral cat, who slowly over time became less feral. However, he was one of several feral cats I adopted and they were happy to live in a shed that was set up like a penthouse for cats. Cats who didn't care to be handled or be indoors, no matter how much I tried. Due to illness or age, my family of cats reduced until I was left with my cat Safty, the first one I adopted. This had been over a 16 year period and finally Safty allowed me to handle him and eventually I was able to teach him how to use a cat flap so he could come in or go out at his leisure. He did not trust anyone else, he is a free spirit and if I tired to put a collar on him he disliked it with a passion. After 16 years of only knowing one life I knew it was going to be difficult to settle him into a new home, I read what you needed to do to get a cat to settle into a new environment and I knew I was going to need a really good, unescapable cat harness, so that I could take him out and get him use to a completely new environment. I came across Mynwood Cat Jackets and read why Maria started making these, so I decided to order one from her. I took the measurements as per the instructions and received the harness shortly afterwards. I knew getting Safty in a harness would be hard work and I was right. Initially I just left the harness by his bed so he would get use to it. When I was fussing him I would play with the velcro straps so that he could get use to the noise too. Eventually, with a bit of perseverance I put the jacket on him and it was like someone had put a lead weight on his back, he didn't move and wasn't happy, he dropped to the floor. I persevered, just leaving it on for a few minutes at a time to begin with and brushing him or giving him treats to distract him. Then I would try and get him to walk indoor for treats, initially he walked like he had a neurological problem, but his walking in it got better over time. Then I introduced the lead and practised this in the house too. Once I had moved I did the same whilst he was settling into his new home. Then I decided first to take him into the garden wearing the jacket attached to the lead, it was slow progress and I just had to be patient. Finally I took him outside the garden. I tried to pick a quiet time of day (cats prefer dark to day but knew I needed to vary it just for him to get familiar with his surroundings). That first time out he was ok to begin with, but then he spooked himself and he went nuts, he was like the Tasmanian Devil, and this happened quite a few times before he got better. I am absolutely convinced that he would have escaped any other store bought harness, but because his jacket was specifically made for him with extra long velcro straps I'm convinced that made the difference. He never got completely use to it, and now it will only be used if I need to take him to the vets (he wore the jacket whilst being micro-chipped too), and though I am pleased to say that he does now happily wear a collar, I think given his age and character I doubt he ever will get completely use to the jacket, but I am sure I would have struggled so much more, or even lost my cat whilst out on a walk, had I not used this product. I would recommend Mynwood Cat Jackets without hesitation. Thank you Maria and Best Wishes, Sue Harris"

Lea Field 2016.02.19
Hi Maria,
My husband forwarded me your e-mail – I used his paypal account.
Firstly, thank you for your follow-up, really great customer service.
I was originally looking on amazon and ebay for cat harnesses. After reading reviews of your product on amazon, I decided to visit your website, which I found easy to navigate Purchasing was easy, though I found it odd that once I clicked add to cart, I was directed straight to payment. This didn’t bother me as I was only ordering one product but I don’t know how this would have worked had I wished to order multiple? As postage is included on your website prices I don’t suppose it matters much to make multiple purchases but as feedback I think it would be helpful to be able to add to cart on different products, and then choose when to check out with all items in one cart. I will certainly take some pictures for you and give you feedback on arrival. As a bit of a background as to why I was looking for such a product, we have had issues for in excess of 2 years with a neighbour down the road taking a liking to my cat (1 of 5). Cinderella went missing and we had reports that the neighbour down the road was feeding her. Despite leaflets and the such, she didn’t stop feeding her. In the end (in 2014) the police (much to my surprise and thanks) acted to bring Cinderella home – she was found inside the neighbours home. Under advice of a vet we kept her in for about 2 months to recondition her and on letting her out all was fine. Until about a month later (early Summer 2015) she went missing again, along with our other tortie. The neighbour in question, would be very ‘helpful’ in bringing Cleo back, but only ever reported as to having ‘seen Cinderella in the area’. As I frequently saw Cindy and she appeared healthy, I resided myself to the fact that she had left home. Then in December we found that 2 of our girlies have a heart murmur. Cinderella is their mother and so I was concerned for her and put out leaflets again. Low and behold the neighbour ‘found’ Cinderella and she was returned to us on 2nd February this year. Thankfully she is fit and healthy but I don’t want to lose her again. She’s mostly happy but would rather be outdoors. I thought if I could find a suitable product that would secure her but not cause her injury (like the ones that are just straps), then I would invest, and your product seems ideal. I will read the instructions on training.
Kind regards,
Lea Field

Lid Arthur 2016.02.19
Hi Maria,
Here are a few photos I hope you can use in your gallery, if you have a problem downloading them, please let me know.
I love your jackets; they are secure which gives me confidence, comfortable for the cat and look trendy! We take him out in our Mazda MX5 for a drive with the roof down, which he really enjoys, and we visit friends and even go to the pub! Thanks to your jacket! Keep up the good work!
Best regards
Lid Arthur xx

Sharon Thiessen 2016.02.02
Tuxie's Experience (and ours)
Maria, I just wanted you to know that we received the jacket last week- even much earlier than I neede. The quality is beautiful and durable. I haven't sent you a picture yet as he isn't used to it yet and all he will look like is he is about to take off in space. It took my husband and I both to get him into it. It looks beautiful, just matches his eyes. I had checks due me mailed in from the US that didn't come to me as fast as your package. I thank you so very much. When we first put him into it. We told each other not to laugh as we wanted him to not be embarrassed (OK, so we are goofy pet parents) but let me tell you, I have a 1000 office with furniture, his cat tree, a little hole for him to go into the office beside mine and, I have never seen an animal go so fast. In-out-through-over. He almost could not believe that the vest kept up with him, there was not way he was going to shake it off. Doug and I laughed so hard we had tears running down our faces and when we looked at each other we would start laughing all over again for about a week. Our trip starts this Sunday and I know he will be safe (that is the main thing-and he will learn to like it). We are going to love it, and he will learn to love it. Whenever I see him standing wearing his jacket without the look that he is going to die, I will send you a picture. I so appreciate your prompt help, I was so upset about my older dog dying and afraid I would literly lose Tuxie because he is so shy of everyone but us, and will only come to me when called by his name. I love him so. I swear that someone was watching over me that day when I was looking for vests/jackets for cats that were inexcapeable. Thank you so very much, I know I chose the right jacket, he proved that it is inexcapeable. And it fits so adjustable so can adjust it for comfort on him. I love every thread and velcro of it. Thank You,Sharon

Anneka Shale 2016.01.19
Hi there,

Loki is getting used to wearing his new jacket and hasn't stopped purring since we put it on him...Many thanks, it is lovely!!!

Cynthia Williams 2016.01.18
Hello Maria,
Belle’s jacket arrived Saturday and she and I love it! I thought she might need to adjust to a new jacket but she slipped into it right away and was ready to go out. I have sent a few photos. I’m the world’s worst photographer. Regarding your website, I found it to be easy to use and overall a good shopping experience. The one suggestion I would make, though, is to consider moving the embroidery option to the jacket ordering page. Having it under Accessories and Toys was not obvious to me. I had to search a bit to find it. Thank you very much for the beautiful and well-crafted jacket.
With best regards,
Cynthia Williams

Sandra Srebacic 2016.01.16
Hi Maria,
I have received your jacket today, and I am delighted! It's beautifully done, very neat and excellent finish and it's very sturdy. Perfect! The jacket just arrived, and Bella is just recovering from a very nasty UTI, so we will try out next week, and I'll gladly send you photos of Bella wearing it. Also, today is a rainy day, not ideal for recovering kitty's 1st walk. Since now I've seen they're very adjustable, so I'll be ordering another one this week - it's a gift therefore I can't get measurements of my friend's boy Siberian, but I am sure now it can be adjusted. Ordering on eBay was seamless, very easy and straightforward, drop down menu offered me available models and I've received it super fast, so overall I am extremely happy.
Your customer service seems excellent, I really enjoyed receiving your personalised email. I like your website, liked the photos of kitties wearing jackets and I appreciate that you have a lead training video. I am not sure if your web site is optimised for mobile, but I don't know even if that is relevant to your business. Keep up the good work, and I'll be sending photos of Bella (she is a white Maine Coon) in her Royal Stewart soon!
Best wishes,

Maria Duran 2016.01.15
Hi Maria,
I ordered two more cat jackets last October when my cat’s first jacket went missing. I knew once the new ones arrived, I’d find it, so she has a total of three of your lovely jackets. I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of Luna Blue, my Russian Blue cat out and about in her jackets. It’s been very cold and snowy in my part of the USA but she’s looking forward to going out and playing anyway. Having your jackets gives me the comfort to know she can go outside and I don’t worry. Thank you,
Maria Duran
Santa Fe, NM US

Murray & Cherie Barker / Davis 2016.01.13
Hi Maria,
just want to say thanks so much for sending this so fast. The walking jacket is fabulous and is very escape proof! The first time I tried it on Jasper she tried everything to get out of it - I'm absolutely rapt and feel very confident about walking her in it as soon as she's ready. All the best for this year, cheers, Cherie

Margaret Coomber 2016.01.02
Thank you very much Maria for the exceedingly prompt dispatch of the cat harnesses .
They look so smart and are going to suit our purpose very well.
I am in the process of finishing packing for our big move to Portugal . After we get there I'll be in touch to let you know how the cats coped with the ( 3 day ) journey and will send you photos , All best wishes for Happy 2016
Margaret Coomber

nancy.haughey 2015.12.25
Dear Maria,
Please find attached a couple of pictures of Ninja Ginger & Silver Fox in their new outfits!
The Harnesses are perfect and room for them to grow in. I did make a mistake in the length of the leads as I probably would have gone for 10m leads but they will do for now.... Looking forward to their walks Best regards

carole 2015.12.23
Thank you Maria for your lovely email, I have a 6 month old Norwegian forest cat called Teddy. he wont be going outside till spring so I've ordered the kitten size as well as the adult size, not knowing what size he will be then, I may take him out before spring if the weather is nice. hence the 2 orders. here is Teddy

Nancy Nordheim & Percy 2015.12.21
Hi Maria,
I receive the jacket last week and am pleased as punch at the quality and workmanship! I am taking Percy to my Fingerlakes home in NY today where I will be trying it out for the first time. I will be taking photos too, which will be shared with you. Your videos are terrific and very much appreciated. Your product is very well done. With appreciation and thanks,
Nancy Nordheim & Percy

Emiutin Arcadia 2015.12.15
Hello Maria,
How are you doing?
Last time I bought the batman jacket for my kitten it fits him perfectly and he looks so polished with it ^^ We love the beautiful jacket but unfortunately for a while the weather was so gloomy to take him out and take nice pictures. I have some photos now that can be sent to you. Please find the attached files. Thank you and I look forward to the lovely spiderman jacket as well!
Have a nice day.
Kind regards,

Belinda Spruce 2015.12.08
Hi Maria
Many thanks for the quick make and dispatch of the jacket. I bought two from you in 2013 for my 2 cats and decided to purchase another one for Christmas! I will send you some photos early in the new year. The jacket is exactly as expected, well made etc. I have recommended you to a couple of my customers (I run Drymere Lodge Cattery in Norfolk ). I think a couple of people have said they will look at them and a couple have purchased! I am hoping to have a shop later as I develop my business so may come back to you on that one! Best wishes and thanks.
PS you have one of my cats on your ‘cat walk’ as Drymere Lodge puss – her name is Cosmo wearing black skulls!!!!!! :o)

Lucy Wheeler 2015.12.02
Hi Maria!

Thank you for this....…Kiwi’s jacket arrived yesterday - thank you so much! As she’s a very nervous (rescue cat) old lady, I’ve sprayed it with Feliway and left it on the settee with her favourite brush so that she can get used to it! Last night, I laid it across her back and very gently fastened the straps (but loosely!) so she could get the feel of it. She didn’t turn a hair lol! She just lay down, rolled over on her side and went to sleep! Once we can get her upright and walking, then I’ll certainly send you some pics...…they will also be going up on the Birman Cat Facebook page so there should be some more advertising for you!
Thank you again and watch this space!!

Layne Kirkpatrick 2015.11.24
Hi Maria,

I found your website very easy to navigate and place my order for the jacket. The only difficult part was looking at the "cat walk" and then choosing a colour/design for the jacket I was about to order. So many wonderful choices!

The jacket arrived in Friday's post and we got to try it on Buddha yesterday. Buddha is a working cat and lives in our bookshop.

Because Buddha is not at all accustomed to wearing anything like the jacket we decided to fasten it somewhat more loosely than we would for taking him out in it and to let him wear it for a little while each day until he feels comfortable in it. He was a "frozen kitty" and not certain he could move around after we had put the jacket on him. It took several chicken treats to convince him that he could move and that the jacket is to be liked because it means chicken.

We will begin working on leash training him once he is comfortably moving around in his jacket. I will try to send you more photos as we progress. Buddha has his own page on our website if you would like to know a bit more about him. I am planning to post photos of him in his jacket on our Facebook page as he has quite a fan club.

Kind regards,
Companion Book
4094 Hastings
Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2H9

tel: 604.293.2665

Tatjana Pöschke 2015.11.23
Hi Maria,
we just received our mynwood cat jacket! Our cat Coco looks really cool in it, although he’s not yet that convinced about wearing it (; He walks a bit drunk and acts as if he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, but with every try he’s doing better. We let him out on our front balcony and when he’s sniffing around it will distract his attention to the jacket. Thank you very much, we will send you some photos when Coco got used to his jacket!
Best wishes,

Mirre Svea Jensen 2015.11.08
Dear Maria,
you were right. The jackets are not too large. Compared tot he small ones you’ve made for us one year ago, they are relativly sturdy, so I had to learn to put them on correctly. I’ll learn it. The cats got used to it right after they noticed wearing them means going outside. I’ve attached pictures from today. Please feel free to use them for your shop or facebook page. Are your „normal“ long jackets less sturdy? Then I’ve got to hink about getting two for not rainy days.
Have a nice Sunday, best wishes,

Rachel Young 2015.11.06
Hello again, received it today! Thanks for the speedy delivery :)
I've tried it on her, and took it off straight away, didn't want to scare her, I've left it in the floor for her to sniff about, and it was fastened loosely, but she's already climbing in it...! Fingers crossed this is going to go well :) Her name's Norma, and attached is a pic.
(I've also put it on my big boy cat Tittens - possibly a bit snug, but hey, he's in touch with his feminine side! Have attached that pic too!!)
Kind regards and have a great weekend!
Rachel :)

Maria Kenny 2015.11.03
Hi Maria
just to let you know that I received MacKenzies' jacket this morning and we are both delighted with it. He let me put it on without a fight and went off with my for a walk as if he had done so a thousand times before - the only downside is that he wants to be out and about at every opportunity. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and excellent service. Best regards,
Maria Kenny

Iliana Mebert 2015.11.02
Dear Maria
I apologize for my late response! Everything went well, the ordering, payment and receiving of the package. We were thrilled about the jackets! They fit our cats very well; in the beginning, they refused to walk, but now they have adjusted to the jacket and walk around easily, discovering the new things outside. Thanks a lot! All the best for the future!

Eric Gilroys 2015.10.29
Hi Maria
Junior's new jacket arrived today, and I am very pleased with it thank you. It looks very smart and fits him beautifully. I put it on him straightaway and took him out for a walk. He took to it immediately and ran about and played happily. I am so pleased that I bought the new one as he had obviously outgrown his old jacket. I will try to take a photo of him in it when I can. Thank you once again
Eric Gilroy x

Lindsay Willis 2015.10.27
Maria obviously the cat jackets are more substantial and therefore suitable for ongoing prolonged use but just to let you know I used the collar to travel Moses to the Supreme show on Saturday so his fur wasn’t disturbed. He came out of his carrier and walked about on the train and didn’t seemed distressed or uncomfortable at all. The benefit for me over the jacket was that it enabled me to get a grip of him with a lead to enable me to do the more detailed body grooming. He knows when he has it on its no use walking off ha ha(I travelled him back with one of his super jacket’s ) . I’ve yet to try it with Sassy she’s another kettle of fish (forgive the pun, a naughty tortie as one judge put it). He won his class again and is now a champion !!!. i will try to send you some photos . They will be staged as I couldn’t manage him outside his pen at that type of venue and snap shots at the same time but it will show a happy puss cat wearing his collar . I know I am completely biased as we all love our cats but hes so lovely natured and beautiful as well ha ha ,. They are as gentle as you cud get around the neck area and very comfortable, i could tell (unlike the jacket), he didn’t even register it was on, until he walked to the full extent of the lead . I suppose the only criticism some may have is that there is no fast safety release if they are worn by outside cats day to day , but for supervised cats and for the purpose of show cats and grooming they are excellent . I will be using mine for every show now . Hope this helps and thanks again for a fabulous collar . x :) Lindsay

Vicki Forest 2015.10.21
The jacket arrived today and I'm very pleased with it. Webster will need lots of practice with it but it looks comfortable on him--he's just not used to wearing anything.
I didn't use your website, purchased through ebay, and found everything very easy to deal with.
I volunteer with Lothian Cat Rescue and get so depressed reading their FB page--so many cats killed on the road. If only everyone took the trouble to take their cat out in one of your harnesses, they would be alive today. Regards,
Vicki Forest

Lisa Davis 2015.10.18
Hi Maria.
The vests arrived yesterday and they are adorable! Thank you so much. I took Tango out in hers today and she is obviously much more comfortable and at ease. Tutu will get her chance tomorrow. Looks good! I left the vests out so they could get familiar with them. Tango came in from her walk and curled up on the floor next to her vest! Very cute. I will send the pic. I am hoping for one of them together in their vests very soon. We leave Wednesday. After we return I will post on their FB page. I don't give public notice that my house will be empty!
Thanks again for your super prompt attention and for such a well made vest. Yours are definitely the best to be had.

Shirley Knapman 2015.10.15
Hello There,
Thank you so very much for the lovely little red cat jacket. It fits beautifully and my dear cat, Kizzy seems quite proud to be wearing it. I am happy that it is snug, safe and secure which wasn't the case with other harnesses I have purchased. Thanks MARIA and I won't hesitate to contact you again when this jacket becomes too small.
Kind regards,
Shirley Knapman.

Samantha Bickford-Sawkings 2015.10.03
Hi Maria
Your jacket was excellent for Clive. Very secure and he got used to it in 3 or 4 days following the advice on your website. It has enabled me to take him for walks in our local woods, which means he now knows were to go to keep safe and away from the nearby road. As you can see in some of the pics, our other two cats enjoyed walking out with us too. I am sending you a few pics so you can use them on your website if you want to. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly. You have a great product and your service was excellent.
Best regards

Andrew Rudge 2015.09.30
Hello Maria.
Your jacket turned up yesterday and we put Moo straight into it, i can can confirm that Moo was not impressed!! but we were. It fits and it covers her wound and it is indeed escape proof. I'm sure she will get used to it. I'll send some images when she looks a little less hacked off.
I'll take this opportunity to say thank you, the jacket is well made and delivered in record time, your e-mail responses couldn't have been quicker if your were stood in front of me, but the best part is your willingness to produce a bespoke product for a special need such as ours, your not just a retailer, your a manufacturer and i wish you the very best for the future. Thanks again
Andrew Rudge.

Emmalee Bradbury 2015.09.26
Hi, it arrived today it's lovely, an extremely well made my cat daisy loves her little jacket she seems to prefer it to a standard harness which she was using before she looks lot more comfortable an it's a excellent fit thankyou we are both very pleased shes had fun exploring in it took to it straight away I thought she may of had to get used to feel of a jacket rather than just harness but no she was well away I have taken some pictures would you like me to send them to this email address, many thanks jenny an daisy kitty

Irene Tsimos 2015.09.14
Ahhhhh! So cute! She tolerated the jacket immediately and the fact that the leash clips to the back instead of the neck really helps to prevent panic. We could never get the harness on without being scratched to bits, but with this vest, all you need is a treat for distraction and it's on in an instant. The embroidery was so cute too. I like the way it's made; it seems super secure and I trust Olive in it. So far she has been too scared to venture outside, but we've made it as far as the bottom floor foyer. I'm sure with time she will grow more and more curious and step out the door.

Sandi 2015.09.14
Hi Maria,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you (a very long story!). I just wanted to say thank you and that we are really happy with the Kitten Jackets. The kittens are only just starting to use them and I will take some photos for you over the next couple of weeks. The design is so much better than the previous ones I had for my 2 older cats; they are secure but also safe and support the kitten correctly. It has been a great way to start introducing my kittens to the outside world. Thank you so much!
Kind regards

Juliet 2015.09.13
I have received and given the jacket for Spook a brief test run in the garden. Fits a treat with oodles of adjustment for when he gets bigger (which he is doing at an alarming rate!). Will forward a picture when I get a good one.
Thanks. Lovely bit of kit!

Jennifer 2015.09.08
Dear Maria,
Just to say that the jacket for Topaz arrived safely and fits perfectly. It is comfy and secure so she can come for walks without me worrying that she'll get away (she is an outdoor cat normally but is on medication and the vet recommends that she doesn't go out on her own). She looks very smart and I will try to take a photo that shows off the jacket and email it to you. Thanks for the brilliant service.
Best wishes,

Jess Reynolds 2015.09.01
Hi Maria,
You may remember that I had one of your excellent harness jackets for my blind cat Bertie? Well, I now have another cat with an eyesight problem, who is sadly having an eye removed on Thursday, hence my just placing an order for another harness jacket, so that once she has recovered from her surgery, I can take her out for the first time. The jacket has been such a godsend with Bertie, so hopefully it will be for little Katie too.
Hope all is well with you.
All good wishes,

Sara Cook 2015.8.31
Many thanks, they love going out in the jackets, especially Maverick. Maverick & Goose are now famous as I have just self published a children’s book on Kindle. -The Awesome Adventures of Maverick & Goose - Top Gun Kittens. Kind regards Sara Cook

Marion 2015.8.30
Hello Maria
Just a quick email to let you know that my ordering experience was fine - straightforward and easily carried out. The jacket fits my Singapura Milo perfectly and he does not object to wearing it. He has been for a few small walks and into my next door neighbour's house, which he found fascinating. I've only one problem. One of my other Singapuras is absolutely terrified of a Milo when he has his jacket on. She rushes upstairs and hides under the bed and won't come out for ages. She does this as soon as she sees the jacket coming out of the drawer. Apart from that, all is well!
Kind regards

Sam & Harry 2015.8.28
Hi Maria,
Thank you very much for the speedy turnaround for our cat jacket. I really didn't expect to receive it so soon. I will happily send you some photo's of our cat Harry wearing it once he has become used to it. He was always an outdoor cat but has recently had a blood cot in one of his back legs and doesn't have use of it at the moment. Our vet has advised that we only begin to let him out under supervision and so I thought that once he is ready to begin going outdoors a jacket would be perfect in case he tries to run off. I ordered through Ebay and found the checkout system and instructions clear. I will check out your website on lead training. Thanks again!
Kind regards
Sam & Harry

Tracy 2015.8.03
I am very pleased with the jacket,thank you.
The previous two harnesses I had, restricted his movement, and he was unable to jump up onto tables and chairs.In your jacket he has complete movement, and comfort. Additionally, when it is fastened snugly into the jacket he is unable to reverse out of it.He easily got out of his old harness, despite it being quite tight. I will be buying a fleece jacket from you when the weather turns colder.
Thanks again

Samantha 2015.8.01
Hi, I received the jackets yesterday, they are fantastic, thy are better than I could have imagined and the cats love them. One of the kittens took to it straight away no problems. The other kitten keeps walking like he's drunk or just flops down and refuses to move. We've been following your instructions so just need to wait until they adjust. The harnesses are so easy to put on and the Velcro makes it a quick process. Your website is very nice, easy to navigate around, lots of useful information. Paying was easy, I used Paypal so it was really fast and simple. My ordering experience was also good even though you was on holiday and I still received my order quickly. I've even recommended you to friends and family. Do you have a facebook page? I will send photos when the kittens have gotten use to the harnesses :) Kind regards, Samantha

Bethany, Emma and Lily 2015.7.30
Hi Lily-rose's jacket came today, it's brilliant. Although Lily-rose doesn't like it I'm sure she'll get used to it. I love the pattern, it fits perfect and enough room for growth (if she does Grow) it was very quick delivery to say I ordered it on Tuesday night and it came this morning, Thursday. Have to say you have an amazing talent carry on. Now our dog and cat can enjoy walks together, as best friends should. I rate it 5/5 stars. After all of my hassle through email I finally made my mind up. I will send some pictures by Facebook as I have low memory and can't send it due to low memory. Thank you so much Bethany, Emma and Lily

Susie Phillips 2015.7.14
Hi Maria,
Thank you for your email.
I was not sure actually how our Snowy (Habib) - my daughters name for our cat as she came from Dubai, would react to the harness as we have tried traditional harnesses and she has hated every one on them and desperately managed to get out of them. I am so glad to tell you that she absolutely loves her harness from you. The minute I put it on it was like 'WOW - this is great, let's go for a walk' which we did as she had an amazing time. There was no 5 minute warm up or practice as she was adamant that she was going out for a walk. She is very calm and so loved being outside with my other two other cats. Its definitely a great big hit with us. Many thanks
Susie Phillips

Armin 2015.7.08
Good morning Maria,
I just wanted you to know, that the cat jacket has arrived last week. The cat jacket is absolutely amazing!!! We love it and our cat too. She loves to go outside in the garden with the new jacket. Also the quality of the cat jacket is awesome - keep it up ;)
I definitely will write a review on amazon, so that other customers see how great this product is.
Greetings from Germany

Eleanor Louise 2015.7.07
Hi Just the received the jacket, very impressed with the fast delivery and it looks excellent quality, very good value for money, far better than any others I've tried. She's just getting use to wearing a jacket so can't send photos through at the moment, but will happily send you some at the end of the week when she is more comfortable and use to wearing it if you'd like. Kind regards Eleanor Louise

Andy 2015.7.03
Dear Maria, we have already purchased a red fleece from you about a year ago. In the meantime our cat leaps onto my writing table when I just show it the jacket and purrs when I put it on. It works perfectly. We are buying the second one now in order to be able to wash them interchangeably. They are really good. Regards Andy

Marilyn (and David) Cutting. 2015.6.29
Hi, My husband ordered a jacket for our Siamese kitten last Thursday evening, and it arrived on Saturday morning. Excellent service, and great little jacket. We have introduced it to her and had her outside. She is not too sure at the moment, but when she has is used to it and is happy, will send either video or photos. Such an excellent idea. Thank you very much. Marilyn (and David) Cutting.

Debby (NZ) 2015.6.18
Hi maria - looking forward to receiving the cat jacket - I have stiff fingers due to arthritis and am finding a clip harness difficult. Will send you a photo of Bodhi as soon as possible - he already walks in a harness so I am quite sure there won't be a transition problem! Best regards, Debby (NZ)

Eric 2015.6.18
Hi Maria I've just taken Junior for a walk outside in his posh new jacket, and he loved it! He has been happily running around the flat today in it, so I thought that I would try going out this evening as it was quiet. Next time I will use the long lead, as he was bounding about in excitement. I am so pleased that we are now able to enjoy the outdoors together, thank you so much. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to try walking their cat. I will send you some photos when I get some good ones. Thanks x Eric

Audrey and Jim Wooten 2015.6.18
Good woman who's name I've misplaced and can't remember because my old brain doesn't work so well anymore, we received Grumpus's jacket promptly and in perfect shape. Grumpus gives us no trouble when we fit it on him and allows us to follow him about in the back yard grass. We've had a bit of rain lately here in Cleveland, (Parma, to be precise.) so we haven't had a lot of opportunities to get out and about with him, but the sun shall return I'm sure. I DO want to tell you how thoroughly delighted we were upon seeing, holding and examining the extremely high quality of your artistry and craft. Rarely can you send your money away for a product and receive said goods actually exceeding the quality you hoped for. We thank you so much for such a nice experience. Being among the few true honest and skilled entrepreneurs left on Mother Earth should make you quite pleased and happy. Your delightful Cat Jacket has left us in a similar mood. If you wouldn't mind, could you send us your name again. We'll put it in our phone book so as not to lose it again. I imagine we'll be wanting another in the future. May you prosper from your creativity and bring much enjoyment to many thousands of people and cats as you have to our family.
Audrey and Jim Wooten

Eric Gilroy 2015.6.17
Hi Maria
Thank you for sending the jacket and leads. I've just picked it up today, as I was out when the postman tried to deliver it yesterday. It looks very nice indeed with Junior's name embroidered on it, and is very well made. There is plenty of Velcro on the straps, and so I'm sure that it will last him a long time as he grows. When I took the jacket out of the packet Junior immediately began to bite and play with it, and ran off with one of the leads. So I thought that I would try to put it on him as shown in your helpful video. I did this while playing with him, and he took it in his stride with very little struggle. He is a very confident little Bengal, and doesn't take food treat bribes for anything! Junior is only 12 weeks old and although he obviously found the jacket strange he was not stressed and continued playing. I put it on him a couple of hours later and he now tolerates it very well, but will need more familiarisation before I attach the lead. I am certain that within a short while we will be out walking with the jacket. One thing that I have done a few times is to take him out for a 'walk' in his carrier - that he can see all around him. I think that this will prepare him for all the sights and sounds that he will experience when on the lead - so that it will be not too much for him all in one go. And yes it does look a bit strange wandering around with a carrier, but plenty of people stopped and chatted to him - which he enjoyed. He usually fell asleep in his carrier on the way home. I found the ordering process very straightforward, even though Junior was biting and clawing my iPad at the time - as he is now!! I will send you some photos of him wearing the jacket when we start using it properly. Thank you once again for a very quick service and a lovely jacket. I am very pleased with the quality and style of the leads also.
Best wishes
Eric Gilroy

Jess 2015.6.17
Hi Maria, I just wanted to let you know that your fantastic jacket is continuing to be a godsend, as Bertie, really loves to be outside in the sun. He had seemed to be deaf, as well as blind, but I’m not so sure now, as he always gets excited when I get the jacket out of a drawer, and can hardly wait to get it on! I hope all is well with you. With all good wishes, Jess

Paul 2015.6.17
Sorry for the delay, I have been meaning to respond for a while, but there are lots of things to distract me.

First of all, thank you for the cat harness, it is clearly very well made.

Initially, Archie didn't like it much, he would flop over on his side and be a bit useless. We tried a smaller, lighter harness we got from Wilkinson's and he seemed a little less bothered by it, however, he was able to wriggle out of it.

We have started using the Mynwood harness again, and he appears to be more comfortable in it now, and paying more attention to the garden, rather than the harness.

When we get a nice day, and he goes exploring again, I will see if I can get a couple of nice pictures for you.


christine harpur 2015.6.14
Hi - you made a jacket for me late last year as I was taking kitty away for Christmas and needed to know if we let her out she would be safe. She hated the jacket and froze each time I tried it on her for the several weeks before Christmas. I put it on her once during the 4 days away and again she froze so I gave up and let her stay in the cottage. She was much happier! The first 5 months of this year have been grim - husbands health etc., so did no more than leave jacket on Polly's favourite chair so it is covered in her smell (and pet hair!). Two weeks ago as husband was feeling so much better we decided on a last minute 4 day break in Donegal, 3 hours away. We had a beautiful garden suite in a castle hotel and even though I had not tried on the harness and lead, I put it on to take her out and while she is clearly not impressed with it, she at least walks around and doesnt freeze - so surprising success. I thought not having gone through the wearing a few minutes a day would have been a problem but clearly getting used to having it around did nearly as well. Kept her safe which is the main thing. Have told at least 1/2 dozen people about the jackets so hopefully you will get some more orders from Northern Ireland. Thanks again. Christine

Daphne 2015.6.13
Thanks Maria. So far my buying experience has been fantastic. I will definitely let you know how I get on with the jacket and will send you some photos of Mischa with it on. I'm still nervous of taking her out in the jacket because of the fear that the Velcro will open if she makes a sudden dash and exerts too much pressure on lead and jacket but I have to take your word that it escape proof. To date I've been using the kitten harnesses with a snap slaps at neck and behind front legs. Anyways thank you for your really friendly and prompt service Regards Daphne

Sarah-Jayne 2015.6.10
Hi Maria The jacket arrived yesterday, Kev waited for me to get home so I could open it. Twiglet had a good look at his jacket and I left it on the living room floor for him, he laid on top of it and I opened and closed it so he could get use to the little noise and I even laid it across his back when he was on the floor he didn't take any notice of it, so I am hoping this is a good sign. We shall leave it for a couple of days, lying around and play with Twiglet and his jacket then onto the next step. Photos etc will follow in due course. :-) Sarah-Jayne, Kev and Twiglet pussy cat

Joanne 2015.6.04
Hi Maria Thank you for your email and the speedy response. Julie from Summers Pride Bengals suggested your harnesses, they look great. The website was easy to use, it would be good if you could choose the jacket and lead at the same time and then update, but this is only a minor comment. I'm really impressed at the speed you have turned the order round, thank you so much. I will gladly send you a photo. Many thanks Jo

Fiona 2015.6.04
Hi Maria
I got the jackets today and they are fantastic. Both fit well. Your website was easy to navigate around and payment was seamless with paypal. The website was also pleasing to the eye! I will sent photos of Charlie and Lilly once the realise they can walk with them on and don't have to just lie there or walk backwards!!
Many thanks

Sue 2015.5.30
Hi Maria,
I have ordered a made to measure jacket from you before and it is a tremendous success. He wears it out 3 times a day...I dare not let him off the lead as yet as he has a well honed killer instinct and goes after my chickens and doves. He has no fear...well why would he as he is a Bengal. This time I will try & take a picture of him on my iPad as my iMac gets sniffy about sending out photos saying that I will compromise my security, would you believe. I have also recommended you to my son & daughter-in-law who have 2 Bengals, so hopefully in due course they will place an order with you as well.

Keep up the good work.
Warm wishes

Lynn 2015.5.24
Hi Maria,
We received the jacket. After the first outing I could tell your jacket will work much better than the cat harness we were using. The jacket is much easier to put on although our cat isn't as cooperative as the cat model in your video but I am sure Miss Kitty will eventually become more comfortable with the process as time goes by. She is still a kitten with lots of spunk. The jacket is definitely more secure and a better method for leash training a cat. Nice well made product and you provided such prompt delivery. Using your website was a positive experience. You have a lot of colors/patterns to choose from; I stayed with the basics as I didn't know what to expect. Paypal order process is easy. Next time when I shop for a different color/pattern, I will critique the site to provide you with more private feedback about the process. Take care, Lynn

Sharon 2015.5.21
Many thanks Maria, jacket arrived safely yesterday. Great jacket exactly as described, pleased with the design/quality. Very speedy delivery, ordered Monday, received Wednesday! Your website is very easy to navigate around, to order and pay, so no suggestions there. You have a fantastic choice of products available, some very useful tips and videos on the site. I am now beginning the training period and hope to send you some photos soon. Sharon

Ros 2015.5.19
The jacket arrived in this morning's post and is a good fit and very secure. It will be ideal for the job of stopping Toby running/jumping/climbing as we start the rehabilitation process. It will take a while for him to get used to it - I am introducing him to the idea slowly. At the moment he is not at all keen, especially as he has only just got rid of the collar that was protecting the stitches. I will send you some pictures when he is happy wearing it. Maybe other people whose cats have had othopaedic surgery would also be interested in the jackets for rehabilitation - just an idea. I found the ordering process and payment very straight forward and excellent communication and customer service. My only comment would be that the 'message' box below the measurement box allows only limited number of characters but I overcame this by sending a message with the Pay Pal payment. Many thanks - I will be in touch.

nikki desborough 2015.5.07
Just to let you know the coats arrived today. We did manage to try them on despite the looks of horror they soon forgot they had them on.
I did take some photos and I'll get them sorted for you in a day or so.
Many thanks

Barry Sidaway 2015.5.06
Hi Maria, Many thanks for your speedy turnaround with our order; the two jackets arrived in the post this morning. They look great and we are already following your instructions on how to start the training. Our two cats are very different in being handled. One is very relaxed and easy going, whilst the other - although very affectionate and loving in his own way - is like a 'bag of snakes' when picked up. It could be fun, and lots of patience, getting him used to the jacket and lead! I'm glad I took your advice, some 6 months ago, on waiting to order the jackets. They have certainly put on a lot of girth since! It had been 7 years since we last had cats, and had forgotten how they grow in the first year. Our previous two boy Persians were 19 and 21 years of age when we lost them. The whole ordering experience was very easy and straightforward; as was payment, via Paypal, which is my preference anyway. I think your website is excellent and I really have no suggestions to make. My thanks again for your advice and excellent service. I will certainly let you have photographs of the two boys wearing their jackets once we're up and running! Best regards Barry Sidaway

Virginia Garibay 2015.4.28
I received the jacket yesterday. It is wonderful. I am so excited to try it. It is beautifully made and with the written and video instructions you provided I'm confident my Bengal Earl is going to have many safe and exciting adventures outside. He is my first Bengal and kitten in 20 years. (My Dusty lived to 20 years). It was inspiring to see how many Bengal cats were wearing your jackets. I have laid it on his back twice and he doesn't seem to mind. Hopefully this weekend will mark his first outside expedition. I can't thank you enough for the terrific product and website. I will keep you posted. Virginia

Glenis Wykes 2015.04.21
Hi Maria
Kip's jacket arrived today, thank you very much. As you suggest, he has worn it for about 5 minutes and didn't seem to mind it very much but he pretended he couldn't walk at first, he wasn't upset at all. I don't think it will be long before he accepts it. I am looking forward to being able to take him in the garden and will send you photos as soon as I can. I was very impressed with your website and found it very informative.
Kind regards

Rona Daniels 2015.4.19
Hi Maria, The jackets arrived a few days ago and I wanted to let you know how wonderful they are. We have tried several harnesses before and our cats were miserable and one of them always managed to wiggle her way out of it. But our problem kitty (the wiggler) took to her jacket like a fish in water – she is totally not bothered by it and has been out on a lead, wandering around for the first time ever! We didn’t even have to do any training! She just was off exploring! We live in New York City and so we haven’t taken them out on the street here (way too dangerous) but we drove out to the suburbs with them and she was out of the car on her lead in a flash. Our other cat seems pretty ok in his (it looks very handsome on him) although he is still “adjusting” (we have a bit of backwards walking going on) but he is the more timid of our two cats, so this is not unexpected. I will send photos soon. We are delighted with the jackets!!! Your website is very easy to navigate and I found what I needed immediately and the payment system was very easy. I would recommend your jackets to anyone – they are well made and sturdy and I don’t worry about them coming off the cats. They work well with the lead as they don’t directly pull on the neck, so it’s quite easy to control the cat’s movement. Thanks again, and I will send some photos soon. Rona

Jeni England 2015.4.30 01:59pm
Hi Maria
Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you but I was very ill in hospital at the end of last year and it is taken a bit of time to get anywhere back to normal. Anyway, please find attached some photos of Magpie going for a walk round the garden in his jacket and lead. He is not very well as he has a nasty lump in his mouth that may or may not be benign and it made it difficult for him to eat properly for a while so he lost quite a bit of weight although he is eating better and is on anti-inflammatories now which is good. The jacket fits him well even with his recent weight loss.
Jeni England

Tiina and little Bella-cat 2015.4.16 03:16pm
I want to say thank you for providing me this amazing harness. I have this very jumpy little rescue cat, who has been able to sneak her way out from four different style harness before. I want to give her chance to explore outside world, but since she is really scared of everything and gets easily in panic mode, it's been really stress full for both of us, instead of having fun. But we got these amazing (and beautiful) harness two days ago, and we've been now out four times wearing these, and she is much more relaxed, and I am not scared that she sneaks her way out of these. We are finally starting to enjoy of our trips outside, and little by little she gets more confidence (and so do I, 'cause I can trust to these harness). I just wanted to say huge thank you for giving my little girl chance to enjoy her life even more. Have a great spring time. Tiina and little Bella-cat

Heloise Karpetas 2015.4.16 02:34
Hi there, I just wanted to email you to tell you how fantastic your cat jackets are.I bought the red tartan jacket from you a while ago and have just bought the skulls jacket. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and just a great quality product. My Ragdoll Boog loves it too! Many thanks, Heloise Karpetas

Helen Roxborough 2015.4.05 19:50
Hi Maria,
This arrived today - thank you. Once Stripes is used to it, I'll take some photos and send them to you. Stripes is three years old, I had her as a rescue cat a year last October, and this year on January 2nd she was hit by a vehicle but managed to get herself home with a badly broken leg and various traumas. We had two months of vets, operations, lots of cage time, and six weeks of wearing a cone, and she's fine now. Her leg has a metal plate and a pin in it, and she's been grounded for life! I'm so pleased to have found your website as now I feel sure that with her jacket, Stripes will be able to have some garden time this summer. I will let you know how we get on....!
Many thanks,

J OLIFF 2015.4.02 16:30
Dear Maria,
The jacket arrived today - very impressed both with speed and quality! Molly has already tried it on and, although we have had several instances of moon-walking (!), I think she will get used to it quite quickly. I don't have a digital camera but when my daughter comes to visit I will ask her to take some pictures and pass them on to you. Kind Regards

jess 2015.3.31 12:47
Hi Maria,
Just thought I’d let you know that Bertie’s beautiful and perfectly made harness jacket arrived safe and sound this morning - thank you so very much, it is lovely, and although I haven’t got a lead yet, and it is too blustery for a first foray into the garden anyway, I put the garment on him, thinking he could acclimatise to having it on for a little while.
It was fantastically easy to put on, and although he very briefly seemed a little puzzled, he soon forget about it once I gave him a little of his favourite grub, after which he instantly returned to his basket for an after snack snooze. I am hugely impressed with the design and workmanship of the harness, and will most definitely sing your praises far and wide, to all cat loving friends and acquaintances. The reviews I read about conventional harnesses, really put me off the idea of trying one, so I’m so glad that I discovered your wonderful ones! Bertie is settled happily, still wearing it, and I shall send some photographs later on.
I am so happy with the harness jacket, so thank you very much again.
Kindest wishes to you,

Hi Maria,
Sorry, it’s me again!
Just let Bertie out with improvised lead, and, well, ooh er …I’ve made a rod for my own back - he liked it so much that he hasn’t stopped complaining since we came back inside. My instinct about him was right, for unlike other blind or partially sighted cats I’ve had, he didn’t gingerly explore the garden, marking it as he went, he simply rushed off in all directions, and I think that left to his own devices, he would have left the garden, which would have been extremely concerning. Anyway, all in all, it wasn’t a bad start, even if his plaintive whining is somewhat distracting.
Thank you for sending the lead …I can see I am going to be at Bertie’s beck and call throughout the warmer months! Due to the nature of my garden [ a path runs through it, used by each cottage in a terrace of three, mine being the middle cottage], I can’t make it secure, so will have to be on my guard, so thank goodness for the harness. Sorry to bore you with a blow by blow account of life in a crazy cottage!
‘Bye for now.
Hi Maria,
Just off out, but wanted to thank you very much for the lead, which has just arrived. It is exactly the one I had looked at in a garden centre, where it was being sold for the princely sum of £7! Hoping for brighter weather soon, so that Bertie can have his second excursion in the garden.
I’m so pleased with both jacket and lead, so many thanks again.
Wishing you a very happy Easter,

Laura 2015.3.28 17:50
Hi Maria
Just to let you know the jacket arrived and its lovely. Thank you so much. I will get a photo of Indiana wearing it in the garden as soon as the weather clears up here, and I will email it to you. Will probably make another order soon for a replacement jacket for his big brother Aramis :)
Thanks again

Sue Leeke 2015.3.26 21:48
Hi Maria,
Just to let you know the cat harness is great.
I am slowly getting my cat used to it, the quality is very good.
I have taken some photos so will send you them when I have downloaded them from my phone.
I work and live on a holiday camping and caravan site and I have had a lot of interest in your harnesses, and I will recommend them to campers bringing their cats on site. Best wishes
Sue Leeke (and Abbi) x

Janina Atanasov 2015.3.22 13:07
Dear Maria,
I received the jackets on friday, everything in perfect order.
I'll post photos as soon as we manage to put them on :)
currently our cats are rather on neutral terms with the jackets as we have just placed them on the floor amongst all the other toys and use them to play a bit with Rocky and Lotta (our cats' names). Concerning our ordering system:
we found everything alright and everything was explained quite well, so no troubles there.
Just keep running your shop, 'cause the jackets are really beautiful and look exactly as described.
everyone said they're excellent!
I'll keep you updated on our progress and send you some pics very soon (as I hope :) )
Many greetings,

Kay 2015.3.20 18:56
1st class product. 1st class service and with a little effort my kitten learned to love her 1st class mynwood cat jacket! Now she very much enjoys her adventures out in the garden and forgets about the jacket keeping her safe. We are soon to let her out alone... I feel so happy that I have been able to sucurely show her her surroundings. Gradually allowing her to leave her scent and make her feel comfortable in her own space before letting her go it alone. Thank you. I would definitely recommend this site. X

corrina mergel 2015.3.04 18:21
Hi Maria.
I would like to thank you for the fab jacket you made me for Gizmo.
Gizmo is my nearly 2 year old very special moggy.
She is special because she now only has 3 legs. After being hit by a car last November she eventually had to have her front left leg amputated. After discovering your website, and contacting you directly with some concerns as to weather one of your jackets would be suitable for Gizmo, you reassured me that it would be fine. I found the ordering process very simple, and so ordered on a Sunday late afternoon. It arrived less than 48 hours later. Fantastic product made to an extremely high standard.
As soon as I got home from work I put it straight on to Gizmo and took her outside. She was very comfortable and didn't bat an eyelid at her jacket!! She also loves her catnip mouse ordered for her as well!!
I would urge all of you to order from Maria, especially if you have an amputee cat. Don't hesitate.
I like the idea of having the option to send your own choice of fabric, so I am currently on a mission to find something really funky to have another jacket made!! I'm so glad to be able to finally have Gizmo outside again after all she has been through.
Thank you again Maria.

Anna 2015.02.19 18:21
Dear Maria,
The handsome red jacket, ordered 36 hours ago, arrived today. It was laid across the cat's back and she trailed around with it without any sign of concern. As she has been quite spooked about other harnesses I take it as hopeful that she will shortly be wearing it . The jacket is a lovely garment, well designed and strongly made. Yours is an admirable service from the ordering stage to swift receipt and you are to be congratulated ! Anna

Samantha Corder 2015.02.16 14:38
Hi Maria,
It's really lovely to receive such a personal email following my order. I found the ordering process simple and was able to find all of the information I needed on your website. I chose your product as I was concerned that Luna's current harness from P@H would rub due to the thin straps and was tricky to get on and off with the fiddly little buckles. I will say that I did almost order from someone else who had a greater choice of fabrics but ultimately chose you because they look to be a higher quality finish. The other site also had a way of making it easy to select an alternative lining to the plain black. After reading your front page I found that you are also happy to use a different fabric on the reverse but perhaps this would be clearer if there were an extra option when ordering to request the reverse colour. I would be happy to post a review of my experience once the item arrives and will definitely take pictures! Thanks,

rosie.kessick 2015.02.13 22:20
Thankyou so much - the harness is great. Indie went straight out in it then took fright and the harness and lead were well and truly tested. Kept him safe and now he's desperate to go out in it again! I'll send a picture asap.
Have a good weekend.
Rosie x

Lyndal 2015.02.06 20:13
I just wanted to let you know the jacket is perfect for my Bengal Nevada. I've tried others and she hated them and was able to get out of them. She can not escape from this one and after a little of bit of training each day for the past week we passed a new milestone tonight when she actually walked around the front of the house and sniffed and played with the plants and finally seemed to enjoy it!
Thank you.

Helen Brown 2015.02.06 8:41
Hi Maria,
We received the jacket the next day, thank you so much! It is perfect for Bucky and he already comes running when he hears a velcro strap tear!! Your product is high quality as is your ordering and customer service. Are you looking for outlets? We live in Tonbridge, Kent and have a very good local pet shop. The owner is very enthusiastic about his business and really engages with his customers, talking about his products, and what he can/can't get hold of. We have had a conversation with him about kitten-sized harnesses before finding you, but he couldn't help us, and we couldn't find anything at all to safely fit our lively little Buckaroo. You really have a niche there, and I wonder if he might be interested in your product. I think you should definitely be looking to sell more broadly!!!
The jacket fits him beautifully and we are gradually getting him used to balancing and playing while wearing it. The reversing action is already diminishing! It's a bit too cold for him to be outdoors more than 5-10 minutes at the moment but now he knows he can go out, we are getting a lot of meowing and crying to go back outside again when we bring him in. The jacket has opened up a wonderful new world for him and our other cat Joe (a keen outdoor veteran) is loving having a play companion in the garden, and plays hide-and-seek (or hide-and-spring-out-of-the-bushes) with Bucky. I will be advertising your product on my facebook, and send you some pics very soon. Thank you so much, and I wish you all the very best with your product. Kind regards,
Helen Brown.

Nadia Jaber 2015.01.29 12:24
Good Afternoon
Just want to say thank you very much.
Lucky despite being poorly with her amputated tail was thrilled to be outside in the fresh air.
I genuinely believe it lifted her mood and made her feel quite secure.
Thank you

Lynda Smith 2015.01.28 12:04
Hi Maria,
Cat jacket arrived safely. Very impressed with it. We are just letting Beau sniff at if for a few days and then will be starting to put it on and see how she gets on. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Will email photos to you as soon as we take them.
Your website was really easy to navigate and ordering was a doddle, paying couldn't have been simpler. We had no problems at all.
Kind regards

brbr rolo 2015.01.27 00:50
I received Layla's jacket. Thank you so much Maria, I really appreciate it, and it looks great on her.
I will be taking a picture of her so you can put it on your site, but only when it's a little warmer out, after all I am in Canada lol.
So thanks again, and I will be ordering from you again soon for my Diablo xo

Helen Rogers 2015.01.24 15:53
Hi Maria
We received your order today...Thank you it looks great!
I’ll get back to you with a picture when we get it on our cat Thomas Smile
I had no problem at all with the ordering process, all the tips on measuring etc were really good.
We especially felt very encouraged by all the great videos of cats walking around in their jackets.
All the best...we’ll be in touch soon

rowena hodnett 2015.01.24 14:27
Hi Maria
Thank you so much for Zarars beautiful walking jacket.She went outside today for the first time. It is a good fit and after 4 weeks of your instructions she is very happy to wear it .......will send photo soon ....... THANK YOU once again ...ROWENA X

Sophie Cresswell 2015.01.19 15:44
Hi Maria
Thanks for Teddy's jacket. Here is some feedback for you :-)
The jacket is really well made and secure. The shape of the jacket fits Teddy's stockey & chubby body to perfection.
It looks really smart and the service as very fast and reasonably priced.
You were really helpful and informative on the phone and offered a great personal service.
The "design your own harness" using my own fabric & velcro was great. I dont know if you point out the design your own service on your website.
You could publicise that more - and also tell folks about the velcro being black? I didnt want black which you kindly pointed out could be changed.
You could offer a few more pastel colours - which I probably would have chosen in favour of my own fabric if i saw one i liked.
But i dont know if most people even like pastel colours. In short, i would definiitely recommend you.
You should try taking a stand at the GCCF shows to exhibit your wares as i'm sure the cat-lovers there would be really interested in the jackets!
Have a great week.
Sophie x

simone hogan 2014.11.11 16:44
Hi Maria
Thank you so much – love both the jackets. I appreciate you taking the time to put the main Christmas tree in the centre of the jacket. She is going to look very stylish! It's dark in the mornings when I walk her during the week but will try and get photos if the sun comes out this weekend.

Stella 2014.11.11 14:51
Hello Maria
Baz's Super Cat jacket arrived this morning - thank you.
The fit is great and the generous amount of velcro fastenings means he can't escape like he did from his other one.
He looks really great in it and I'll send you some photographs shortly. I've taken him out in the garden with it and I don't think he even realises he's on a lead.
I've left you good feedback on eBay.
Thanks once again.

brian boehmert 2014.11.09 21:40
The ordering process was extremely easy and Maria's customer service is great.

Michelle Egan 2014.11.09 17:32
Hi Maria,
This is the second time I've ordered from you and the experience has again been a pleasant one. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quick work you've done.
The first jacket I ordered four years ago is still in perfect shape. I've referred many people to your site since I get a lot of questions about walking my cat. Your jackets are by far the best cat harnesses. Thank you, and I look forward to sending you more pictures.
Michelle Egan

Lindsay Willis 2014.10.23 15:31
Hi Maria just to let you know I got the cat jackets, they look fabulous, great quality and detail on them and the cats absolutely love them (much better than the ones I ordered from the USA, which will now probably spend their lifetime suspended from a scratching post). They had their first trip outside on external balconies this morning(I live in a city centre block of flats), with leads attached. I think I am very lucky because in the main they trotted around like little dogs, unphased by either coats or leads. I had to get the coats off them once they had flaked out, they were perfectly happy in them from the moment I managed to wrap them onto their wriggly bodies. Photos will follow of their magnificent attire but I think I might have to enlist some help for someone to catch their attention to hold them in one place while I snap them . It would be good to get them now while they are comparative babies, (nothing better than a kitten for advertising a product ha ha). I will be back for more but just a thought, do you do a cat woman to go with the batman theme ha ha ?.
Thanks again , from a very satisfied customer Lindsay

Barbara Johnston 2014.10.23 5:30
Hi Maria,
Benjamin's 2 jackets arrived late yesterday - Thank you.
He was due for his annual protective injection today and on arrival at the Veterinarian's office, the receptionist saw his Superman jacket and called out the 7 staff to look. They all loved it and said it suited him to a Tee !!
Soon I will take a picture and send it for inclusion on your website if you would like it.
Barbara Johnston.

Brenda Pollock 2014.10.14 14:07
Received my superman harness for my bengal BInx and he looks absolutely stunning in it, we have used another harness on him which was ok but he seems more comfortable and confident in the harness I have bought from you. Thank you

Brenda Pollock 2014.10.14 14:07
Hi Maria,
I received my jacket today and it’s just beautiful. Thank you very much. Freyja (the kitten) is playing with it at the moment but as soon as she’s used to wearing it, I’ll take some photos to send to you.
Ordering and paying for the jacket was really simple especially being able to use PayPal. The hardest thing was choosing which jacket to order J. You’re website is very easy to navigate and I spent hours looking at all the cats, so proud in their jackets.
Hopefully Freyja will be going for little walks with her best friend Elli (a Labrador) soon and I can send you photos.
Thank you so much again – it’s just purrfect.
Best regards,

Paula Andrew 2014.10.11 10:45
Just an update on my previous review.....I cannot believe how FAST the whole process has been ! From placing my order on Thursday night to receiving the jacket this morning (Saturday) !! Absolutely fantastic ! Other businesses & companies could take a leaf out of your book. Thank you so much Maria ;-) one very happy customer. Photos will follow.

Paula Andrew 2014.10.10 21:10
I've ordered my bespoke Mynwood jacket in black denim with a Batman logo for my special warrior furball. Maria is amazing & is absolutely on the ball with communication & special requests. I placed my order last night & got an email first thing this morning letting me know the jacket was complete & on its way. Cannot wait to see how it looks & take photos of my special boy. Thank you Maria !! Top notch !!

Paula Andrew 2014.10.10 21:10
Just an update on my previous review.....I cannot believe how FAST the whole process has been ! From placing my order on Thursday night to receiving the jacket this morning (Saturday) !! Absolutely fantastic ! Other businesses & companies could take a leaf out of your book. Thank you so much Maria ;-) one very happy customer. Photos will follow.

Liz 2014.9.29 23:01
Hi Maria,
The jackets arrived today. I was so excited to get them on the cats. They didn't appreciate them very much but progress has been made. I will send pictures as soon as they are standing proudly in them. They've already been harness trained so they should be up and out very soon. Your website is well laid out and easy to get around. Paying was a snap.
I'm really glad that someone has made something more secure for cats then the little harness's they make. One of mine escaped from his which is why I came to you. Thank you, pictures to come,

Carolyn Toufexis 2014.9.26 23:24
Thank you so much for your personal, prompt response. We have had a wonderful ordering experience with your website and we will certainly recommend it to all of our cat loving friends! One recommendation that I do have is with regards to the video "how to put the jacket on". I came across that video by accident while I was looking through your entire website. Then I had a very difficult time finding it again.....but I knew it was there somewhere :) my recommendation would be to put it either as a tab at the top or add it to the videos tab that you have. Otherwise your website is fantastic!
We can hardly wait to get our jacket, I will certainly send you pictures once it arrives.
Thanks again, Carolyn Toufexis

Agnes Hwong 2014.9.25 20:29
Hi Maria!!
Just wanted to let you know that I received Monty's walking jacket today! He looks so fabulous!!
What wonderful quality! I will write you a more detailed review when I have a moment, and of course I'll be sure to add pictures of Monty in his jacket when I'm able to take them :) Your website was very easy to use! I liked that I could see a picture of the actual materials and photos of how it looked on the different cat models. My only suggestion would be to add a bigger "comments" section. I know that you have one for the measurements/cat breed, but I was confused as to where to put in other details like what other material I wanted (eg. The batman material with the grey suiting). So I crammed it into that little area haha... I didn't realize that PayPal had a comments section when you pay. Monty has already taken to the jacket (he previously had a walking jacket from another maker, but your quality, selection of materials and easy to use website far surpasses his old kitten one). I will send pictures and a better review soon! Hopefully this weekend I can get to it :)
Thank you so much for the wonderful jacket! Monty still has it on (He's "Bruce Wayne" at the moment!)
I'll write back soon!

Barbara Murison 2014.8.25 07:22
Hi Maria
The blue Jacket for Barney arrived some days ago and is absolutely perfect.
Unfortunately just before it came I broke my wrist (and did some other very unpleasant things) when I trod on a step that wasn’t there. With my arm in a cast I just haven’t been able to email until now or to start using the jacket properly. However, he has had it on for about five minutes every day around the house and tonight we ventured outside into the big garden with bushes- with lead.
I have to be honest and say he wan’t at all enthusiastic but suffered it stoically! We will just work up to it and he will come to associate the jacket with the opening of the ranch slider. As soon as we are really in business which won‘t be long I will take a couple of photos for you.
He does have a back garden (the veggie garden) where he goes outside but this is something else again.
I was so impressed with the speed of the whole operation and that it came through customs with no problems. I didn’t even have to sign for it as I do for the books that arrive from UK and USA.
I will be in touch.
Barbara Murison
New Zealand

ann 2014.8.22 19:33
Hi Maria...
Many thanks for your brilliant response to my order.. it arrived this morning and Max has already had his first experience of it... comical reactions to watch as i'm sure you'll guess..but after a few minutes he realised it wasn't coming off and decided to 'suffer it'.. his face was a wonder ! Still..its all for a better outcome..he'll enjoy his holidays so much more and if I find anyone whilst we are on our journeys whose interested in where I got mine ..i'll pass on your many thanks for the jacket and i'll get some pics taken of the 'boss' whilst we are away and then send you some on..
best wishes ann

mel leech 2014.8.22 18:01
Hi Maria
Sorry for not contacting you sooner. The jacket came super quickly and it’s lovely! I was very impressed. Molly has escaped from every harness I’ve previously bough her in one swift movement.
Your web site is great and I found the information very helpful. We are still in the early stages of training but Molly is now happy for me to fit her jacket and crawls along on her belly out in the garden. She is a funny little girl, very nervous and prone to fly off if spooked so I have not wanted to let her out alone. We are all weather outdoor people and want her to be outside with us. We have had her out in a network of large fabric pet pens which are great when we are off and weekends but take a while to set up. Your jacket allows us to make the most of the mornings before work and evenings in the garden with her.
I am hoping her confidence will grow and she enjoys all the new things to investigate. I will take some photos when she’s mastered walking
Kind Regards Mel

Elissa Cook 2014.8.22 9:40
Hello Maria.
The jacket arrived in today’s (actually yesterday – Thursday) mail. So, from date of ordering to arrival at my house – 10 days – not bad. They were long days – I was anxious to get the parcel.
I wasn’t sure how Cricket would respond to it being put on him and it being so “:snug” against his body, but to my delight he didn’t even flinch. I thought, as per your video, that we would have to do some “training” or “adjusting” to the jacket being around him, but not the case. I attached the leash and he walked with me to the back door. That part of the experience took about 3 minutes – tops! I was very pleasantly surprised. When we got to the back door, I went out and he waited inside (because he knows that he is not allowed to go outside on his own). It took about 45 seconds to assure him that he had my permission to come outside with me and away we went. We walked around the back yard once and then he walked to the side gate and we went out to the front street. He rolled a couple of times on the cement sidewalk – not in discomfort, but obvious pleasure, and we tootled off down the street. He was in front – completely comfortable in the jacket. When he would want to go on a neighbour’s grass or up their sidewalk, the gentlest nudge on his leash would redirect him and we would continue. He was a bit nervous – it’s been 7 years since we’ve done any walking outside, but certainly the jacket gave him absolutely no concern whatsoever. When he was ready, about 10 minutes later, he turned around and we headed home. He walked directly to the back door, obviously wanting to be inside again. About 3 hours later he went to where the jacket was - obviously asking to go out again. The same procedure followed, only this time we toured the back alley and then home again.
I am absolutely thrilled with the whole experience and know that this will probably be a daily routine now. Once winter and the cold and snow come, I don’t know if he will be OK with the walks; he doesn’t like extreme temperatures – hot or cold – and I assume his feet get very cold. We will see – worst case scenario, after a bit of walking, he will ask me to pick him up and we will come home that way. While the temperatures are still mild, I will be able to sit outside with him, read a book and he can be with me because I know I will have the control to keep him beside me.
All in all, it was a total success – no training, no reaction, no problem – it was as if we had been doing this forever. I am a total believer and thank you very much for assuring me about the safety of the jacket. We have not run into a cat yet – he has (or did have when he was a youngster) cat rage and it would become very difficult and not only would he get out of the harness but the rage would be turned on me – something the vet (who is known in our city as a “cat whisperer”) said was normal – they go in to a zone and don’t even recognize their owner but must release the rage and whoever is closest will get it. It was terrifying for me, and dangerous for both of us, so we stopped walking altogether, something I have regretted ever since for both of us.
I can assure you that I will “advertise” your jackets as often as possible. I forgot all about taking pictures today, but will take my camera with me tomorrow and get some pics to you as soon as possible. It will be very exciting for me to see my boy on your website!
Again, much appreciation.

Lottie Davis-Browne 2014.8.07 12:31
Hi just to let you know that Willow's jacket arrived today, thank you! I wanted to make sure it fit ok (it does) so put it on her and she started acting very odd. I didn't put it on tight to begin with and she managed to pull it off! But I did it tighter the second time and she just laid on her side and wouldn't move then started walking backwards. It is now undone laying on the floor for her to sniff and I put some treats on top of it which she has taken so hopefully after the weekend we can look at wearing it for so many minutes a day.
Will send you a photo when we get to the outdoor stage! Looking forward to it!
Hopefully Willow will come to enjoy the jacket and the trips outdoors which she has never had before.

moira bardsley 2014.8.06 10:26
Hi, Thank you for making Charlie’s Mr fox jacket, he looks very smart in it, I can see this being the 1st of many.
Late yesterday I took him into the garden and was surprised at him walking around exploring the garden so fast without playing up as it is new to him, I was so relieved that he was safe and secure in it, I did take some pictures but will try take some better ones later and send them to you.
I am a member of a few cat groups and I think once I post pics of Charlie modelling his new jacket people will be asking where I acquired it so be ready for enquires and orders.
Thank you

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