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JG Castela 2011.3.28 19:45
Nice Jacket - what a dapper gent Travis looks in his new coat. He will be so pleased he can go outside again. It's no fun keeping an ally cat indoors - especially when they are unwell. But now he is on the way to a mend, and ours for the looking after, his adventures have just begun.
Gracias from Spain

Janette McCool 2011.3.19 10:00
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for Molly's jacket which arrived very quickly, it is fantastic quality and it is evident from the outset that your walking jackets are so much better and more comfortable than the usual harnesses you find in shops. We have started Molly off with a five minute per day session of wearing her jacket, and all is going really well......on day one, Molly did not react with the circus act we were anticipating although she decided she'd rather just not move at all. Day two onwards she seems absolutely fine and pefectly happy in her jacket. We now need to continue with her daily jacket sessions until we can progress to adding a lead and moving her daily going out sessions to just going out with us (though she has always seemed to prefer if we are out in the garden with her anyway, so hopefully that will go smoothly with the right patience and gentle weaning). I've emailed you some pictures of Molly taken today (which is day 3 for her wearing the jacket) so you can see just how comfortable she is in it. Many thanks again, and I'll defintely be back to buy a jacket for our new kitten who will coming home in a few weeks.
Janette xx

Kathryn Weaver 2011.3.17 16:06
Hi Maria, Twinkle's cat jacket arrived today, It is absolutely lovely,so well made and delivered so quickly too.We are really pleased with it. She has tried it on and it fits perfectly and now she is playing with it and getting used to it. sometime in the next few days we will take a photo of her in the garden in it for your cat walk.Thank you so much, we recommend you and your Mynwood Cat Jacket to everyone who wants to keep their cats safe.Thank you and kind regards Kathryn,Chris and Twinkle xx

Oksana 2011.3.13 01:54
Dear Maria
Thanks so much for the cat jacket. Fantastic quality and speedy arrival.
Our 5 months kitten wore it at home at first, and he did a funny walk ,like a marching soldier, and walking in reverse but only a little bit.
When we took him outside,and I think because he lived outdoors before by himself-was homeless for a short time, he got really excited to be outdoors and asked to put him down and had a walk from the first time.
Only occasionally he would do reverse walk but otherwise he was too excited to notice the lead and the jacket. He was so happy.Its a whole new life now for him-freedom to be outdoors and safety at the same time. Thank you so much.
He is already asking to go outside again tonight, but we'll wait till tomorrow.
Thank you
Oksana and Tonie

Pauline 2011.3.11 23:17
Thanks for the very swift delivery of the jackets. I purchased two from you a year ago when my bengal boys were little and they are growing out of. As soon as I put their new jackets on (which fitted beautifuly) they went and sat by the door to go for a walk.
Once again thanks again I cant praise your jackets enough.

Amy & My Kitten Kilala 2011.3.10 23:03
Hi we got your walking jacket you made for us! It fits Kilala very well. I'm still trying to get her used to it. She will forget she is wearing it if she is chaseing a toy or eating a treat LOL! The color of fabric goes so good with her fur colors. The one side that is reflective will be a great help when outside on a nice warm night. My Fiance' and I can not wait till she is totally trained so we can take her camping in a few months from now. I will be ordering another before too long seeing you have some more great colors we love! THANK YOU! From Amy, Greg, and "Purrs" from our kitten Kilala :)

Maria Harrison 2011.3.9 21:33
Thankyou everyone for all your kind comments - I still get a buzz from making these jackets for all my lovely customers' cats.

Rio Hollins 2011.3.9 13:06
Hi Maria .Well my super new jacket arrived and is even a better fit than the first one,I look a real bobby dazzler in it and am hoping Mum will buy me another to take to my cattery hols in June..I have asked them to take a video of me but it may take a little time ...Lots of lv RIO XX

Salia 2011.2.23 12:46
Bonnie and Tiger
We have just received our jackets and very happy!! They are beautifully made, easy to put on and fit nicely. We are going to Scotland on Saturday and will be trying them for the first time.

Noodles and Nevada 2011.2.4 14:55
We have just grown out of our kitten jackets and have ordered four new big boy jackets.
For any humans that are trying to decide whether your lovely kitties will like the jackets, please be assured they will. You will need to put in some time and effort to get your little ones used to them, but keep at it! We didn't like them at first and we thought that our legs had stopped working!! We rolled around and flopped side-ways. Our humans kept trying, just a few minutes each day with lots of treats and in no time we were running around the house in them. Once we were happy wearing them, our leads were added and finally we got taken outside. We now get really excited when we see our jackets and we sit purring while our humans put them on us! Go on... give it a try. Nose taps for Maria, from Noodles and Nevada (Snowshoe Cats) xxx

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