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Beth Jordan 2011.6.15 00:31
Hi Maria, received the new jacket yesterday and couldn't wait to try it but had guests in the house. Tried it this morning and Marlowe took to it instantly! He didn't even mind me adjusting the strap around his belly, which is usually a cause for squirming with his old harness.
Jacket is beautifully sized and made, and I took loads of shots with my iphone which I'll email you later after I'm home from work. I've already posted shots to Facebook of him in the harness, and had inquiries so I linked to your website from there. A friend just got 2 new Bengal kittens and will definitely need some of these!
Cheers - Beth J., Boulder, Colorado

Angela 2011.5.28 16:41
Just received the jacket today. Absolutely love it. Found the usual harnesses too easy for my cat to wriggle out of but this harness is so secure. No problems putting it on and my cat took to it straight away. I don't even think he realised he was wearing anything he seemed so comfortable and was able to run, play and roll over in it as usual. Really excellent quality and so reasonably priced. Best item I have ever bought for my cat. I can't praise it highly enough. I think you could even charge a bit more as it's such good quality. I'm surprised it was so cheap. Thank you . Angela

Jennie Young 2011.5.25 22:47
Hello! Jacket arrived in record time. Beautifully made and fits purrrrrfectly. Paddington looks beautiful in it. it didnt take him very long at all to get used to it and we can now walk without fear of the harness slipping off!!! Will be ordering another one soon for his sister.
Love Jennie & Paddington.

Robert Knecht 2011.5.23 19:40
Hi this is Robert from Idaho USA. I just recieved my cat jacket and can't tell you how pleased I was. My cat took to it like she had been wearing it for years. The quality and ease associated with this jacket is going to make both my cat and myself very happy. Thank you for something that really works.

Karen 2011.5.22 07:22
Hi, I've had one of your jackets for a while now and they are fantastic quality. I'm on a bengal forum on facebook and have read many recent posts about people wanting to take out their cats safely, so I;ve posted and told them about your fab product. Hope they come your way, they will be as pleased as I was with my purchase.

Molly Sue and Kiwi Drozda 2011.5.16 22:04
Dear Maria,
Now that we have a nice place to go prowling, our Mynwood Jacket is seeing more action. It is so much more secure than ordinary cat harnesses. Kiwi the escapee hasn't slipped it yet despite big dogs and loud buses. The link includes photos of Kiwi in her jacket. Thanks again!
molly drozda

Alice Nicholson 2011.4.21 13:34
Hi Maria -
Thanks so much for making and sending Pitch's new cat jacket so quickly. As we expected he's objecting to it - just like he did to the harness last summer. But he loves to be outside with us and I'm sure all will be fine. This jacket is much more secure for him, and makes us feel better about taking him out. Can't wait for good weather to take him out. We are putting the jacket on him every evening to get him used to it. He keeps playing 'paralysed cat', but when he thinks we aren't looking he stands up and runs to another location. He's so funny! Can't wait till he sits like your cat does and doesn't even flinch when putting it on. Thanks again.

Aidan Cree 2011.4.9 11:27
Hi Maria,
Both items arrived today and are fantistic both of quality and fitting, within half an hour both cats were roaming round the garden and had even forgotten they had the jackets on, really really pleased thanks ever so much.

mariaharrison 2011.4.5 19:40
Thankyou all again for your lovely comments. My jackets are going from strength to strength - going worldwide.

Donna, Australia 2011.4.5 07:46
Have just received the two beautifully made cat jackets. My two ocicats were both lead trained but one especially was constantly escaping from the H-harness. No problems there any more! I opened the parcel and put them straight on and, apart from the initial scare from opening the velcro, they had no problems at all and seemed very comfortable and unperturbed by the jackets. The D-ring works much better than the H-harness as it moves around over the top of their back as they walk in a circle or dart in and out. They are easy to see in the bushes too! Very happy

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