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mariaharrison 2011.11.1 21:33
Hey Tracey, thankyou for your feedback. Hmmm actually I do make longer jackets for special orders like for injured cats etc. If you ever want another, just let me know when you order and i can sort that out for you - no problem.
Best wishes and happy walking.

Tracey 2011.10.31 20:10
Hi Maria,
Just to let you know i am pleased with my mogs jacket. It only took him 2 days to get used to it and is now out for walkies when nice weather, to see the world. My only minor criticisim is coulb be a bit longer, inch or 2 along the body, but otherwise very pleased, and mog is too, he runs to the door to go out when i call, so must like it.
Many Thanks
Tracey+Yum Yum(the mog!)

Jan Harte 2011.10.18 19:42
Lovely jacket, well made, fits really well. I am pleased it is reversable. Ollie has worn it already today, his second jacket so I can wash his original one now. The velcro is very strong and I feel confident when I take Ollie out, that he will not do a Houdini act and escape. Great website, very easy to order, good choice of fabrics and great to see photos' of all the other cats modelling their coats. Thank you Maria.

Rhiannon 2011.9.14 11:01
Hi, fabulous jacket really does the job little miss wont be escaping from this jacket, really good quiality easy to put on will prob be back for another at some point :)

Jackie Jones 2011.9.10 18:12
I was so pleased to finally find these lovely jackets - they are so comfortable too - my cats took to them straight away and ask to go outside in them. I had trouble with the old sort of harness with them escaping and poor fitting so now that's all a thing of the past! I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived too - in a couple of days - fabulous and the website is easy to use and ordering easy too - I will certainly be recommending them to all my friends!

Elling Amundsen 2011.8.31 15:27
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for a fantastic product just what i`m looking for. The harness fits perfectly and have a lot of space for my Somali to grow in. She was a bit confused the first time i put it on because it`s wider and felt it a bit more compakt to the body than the ordynary harness i used. But after a few minutes she walk like an angle in it :) This new harness does not have the tendency to slide on her body it`s staying at the same position all the time.
With the ordynary harness she have to lift on her leg all the time to avoid the lead. But with this harness she only have to move her head left or right to avoid the lead. She`s running, climbing and walking with no problems. So in all this harness is PERFECT!
PS. Will add some pictures.
Best Regards,
Elling Amundsen

Naomi Rose 2011.8.30 13:05
Hi Maria,
I just wanted to say thank you for the jacket I received a while back. The summer has been brilliant for little Benji as he has been able to go walking usually twice a day in his fabulous jacket. He hated the traditional type of harness and escaped several times - much to my horror. This time he hasn't tried to escape at all, and loves going out.
We're both very happy and I have recommended you highly to several friends and colleagues.
Thanks for a great product, good service and prompt delivery.

mariaharrison 2011.8.24 13:25
Hi Sally, I was so excitied to see pictures of Poppy in her jacket. She looks gorgeous and really suits the Eastern print. She is now a model on the Mynwood Cat Walk and also demonstrates the Eastern Print on the ordering page too.
Thankyou so much Sally

Sally Goddard 2011.8.23 16:09
Thanks Maria for the second jacket. Poppy and Daisy are very pleased to be able to go out safely in the garden.
Best Wishes

mariaharrison 2011.8.22 21:27
Hi Barbara
Thankyou so much for the feedback, sounds like Charlie has settled down quick and Abbie is just being a woman - she knows her own mind ;). She will get used to it im sure. Please keep us posted on how they both do. Charlie now stars on the mynwood cat walk and also the ordering page too - thankyou for the pictures of him - What a STUNNING PUSS!!! xxx

Barbara Evett 2011.8.22 20:48
Hi....Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how very pleased I was with the cat jackets that I ordered for my babies....Charlie loves it but Abbey is not so sure...
They are just brilliant, I love them...Thank you so much....

mariaharrison 2011.8.18 13:05
Hi Sarah, I bet that was sooooo scary. Please remember to put her jacket on quite snug, you can practice inside first. Love and best wishes and happy walking

Sarah Ray 2011.8.17 02:41
We love the walking jackets that we bought for our two cats! Our kitten absolutely loves going on walks already, though our two year old is not such a fan... she prefers concrete. ;) Unfortunatly, she did get out of her jacket going crazy and jumping/twisting around in the air on her first walk, and thankfully just ran straight back to the house. She was just over her walk! We will make sure to put it on more securely in the future.

mariaharrison 2011.8.15 09:17
Hi Nicole, thankyou so much for this, i love to see updates. Fantastic to hear about the shopping expedition experience.

NICOLE DRING 2011.8.14 23:00
Hi, just a quick update, took my bengal in her cat jacket to pets at home today, she had great fun in the shop, she was completely safe in her cat jacket, Thank you so much...Nicole....

Nicole Dring 2011.8.11 13:33
Safara my snow spotted bengal, runs to the front door every time I get her new cat jacket off the hook! She loves it! :) This is the safest harness i've bought, as Saffy has escaped out of all of the others! I truley recomend it! Thank You!

nancylou pinto 2011.7.28 16:55
LOVE IT! I was so excited to get the Mynwood Cat Jacket! It is just the best and yes it is escape proof as Mr. Tibs did try and could not do it he has extra toes on all his paws and thought it woulfd be easy,,ha, now he is content to just meander with me. I will say he had such a great time wearing it the first day that he got it very dirty playing in the yard! Am telling and showing my other cat friends this jacket as it is simply worth having. Thank you!

Revell Thompson 2011.7.28 06:51
Jacket arrived quickly and was exactly as described! My cat took to it right away!Thanks

Kara Peck 2011.6.28 11:58
All I can say is AMAZING!!! Our little Mrs. Beasley (aka Houdini) absolutely LOVES her jacket, she instantly starts to purr as we put it on her as if she knows its time to play outside. I'm so happy this has worked for her because literally every other harness we have tried she has "backed out" of. She feels very confident in it, and it has actually helped to sooth her on a very long road trip/move. We cant thank you enough for a fantastic product!

mariaharrison 2011.6.15 20:37
Thankyou everyone for all your lovely comments, please keep the photos coming and I'd love to see some videos to add too. Also I'd love to add you on facebook.

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