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Eileen Bell 2012.2.5 13:06
Maria, Thanks so much for your great jackets & service, we have emigrated to Brunei so cannot simply let the cats out on their own & we have to ensure they are safe so your jackets are wonderful. We purchased 2 from a pet shop - what rubbish - if the cats backed in the other direction they escaped!
I have had 2 from you already but now also have 2 kittens so when I am back in the UK this month I will be ordering 2 more, well made & I feel happy my precious cat is safe when wearing it, will send photos as promised shortly, would recommend you to anyone Maria

Claire Drabble 2012.2.4 16:02
HI Marie
just like to say how much i like the cat harness i purchaed from you. i put it on holly, my kitten, and she didn't make a fuss. i bought if for the spring/summer when she's a little older, as she is only 4 months old. to go into the garden as i live next to a main road and don't want her running on to it. the harness itself is of excellent quality and like i said she never bothered when i put it on her. i would recommend you to all my friends who have got cats.

Barbara Hoffman 2012.1.13 12:03
Hello Maria........I want to take this time to thank you so very much for making this wonderful walking jacket for my cat.... I also want to comment to anyone that is checking this site and wondering if they shouild order.....If you truly love your cat, do not hessitate.....The outside brings so much joy to your cat...I highly recomend that you order one of these jackets for your pet......Maria takes special time with you to make sure you are getting the exact fit and also just what you want....I first wondered about ordering outside of the U.S........But this site converts your dollars prior to your order and lets you know exactly what the price will be......Don't worry about the growth of your cat....There is so much velcro that it will expand with your pet...I live in the United States...I also have been to every pet shop in the Philadelphia area....This is not to be found anywhere....The only thing I could find was made with just adjustable strings.....They are almost inpossible to put on your pet....The jackets that Maria makes has velcro that wraps around you pets neck and also velcro that wraps around under the cats front legs....This makes it comfortable and impossible for your pet to get away.....All this along with a lovely jacket that will make you and your cat very proud.....The quality is amazing....The pattern you choose is on the top and is lined with another fabric under the jacket.......The stitching is perfect it will be something you will be able to own for years to come..... Ordering from another country and a stranger was also a concern to me....I recomend that you write to Maria and you will feel like you have a new friend forever.....All and any questions are answered immediately.......Once ordered, the walking jacket is made and mailed out to you...
I can't say enough about the kindness and patience of a woman that I have never met.......
Again to Maria, I want to thank you so very much for being a really caring person that wants to make a stranger feel so very warm, comfortable and caring......My cat says thank you also...........
Many hugs are being sent to you from the U.S.,
Barbara Hoffman

mariaharrison 2011.12.29 14:26
Hi there Kjirsten,
thankyou so much for your kind comments. If you'd like to purchase your own fabric for themed jackets for a special occasion, that is quite okay. You will need approximately 1/2 metre each jacket and make sure its not stretchy and doesnt pull threads easily as the velcro would damage it - I find cotton fabrics work the best. Jackets work out cheaper if you supply your own top fabric of course too, if you are interested just get in touch.
Best wishes

Kjirsten Hartwell 2011.12.29 12:28
Hi Maria, just a quick note to say how much Achilles and Hektor are enjoying their new jackets. They have had no problems wearing them, and leash walking is SO much easier now. They cause quite the sensation, trotting down the street with the dogs, lol. Before the jackets arrived, we would wheel the boys down to the local park in their pram, now they're so much calmer, we're able to walk them all the way from home and back. We've had many comments and enquiries from fellow cat lovers, and have passed your details on to them. I'm thinking of ordering a couple of "themed' jackets for special particular, Easter and Halloween come to mind.....any suggestions?? Thanks again, Kjirsten, Achilles and Hektor xox

Georgina Coe 2011.12.22 14:52
Hi Maria,
So close to Christmas I wasn't expecting to see Taboo’s new jacket even though you said in your home page you would make to order and would post the next day.
Well it arrived and Taboo, looks happy and splendid in it, I will send Photo’s later, Many Thanks.

Katie Mitchell 2011.12.18 19:37
Hi Maria
We received our order for 2 of your cat walking jackets late last week & we've now trialled them for 3 days. These jackets are purrrfect - Coco loves them. At the first try on she lay on the floor, got up & then lay on the floor again & then we were off - didn't really hassle her at all. I love them as she's always had the harness with those tiny straps around the neck & belly & she'd do a houdini & pull herself tight & then just slip out of them. We're all really impressed & happy with our purchase. Coco is dark brown in colour & one jacket we got was the camouflage & it suits her wonderfully. We're about to start our travels around Australia & of course Coco is part of that adventure, I'll be taking your website address with me cause I bet I'll get a lot of enquiries while she's wearing her jacket. We've been looking for something like this for ages. If anyone out there is looking for something much better than the normal harness, this is the jacket to keep your cat by your side. Thanks heaps Maria.
Take Care

BABS DAY 2011.12.16 11:33
Hi Marie
Well I have had two jackets off you now, one for missie and one for merlin. At first they played dead but now as soon as I get the jacket out Merlin starts chatting away as he knows he is going out. He feels safe in his jacket and so do I, thank you so very much I tell all my friends to look at your site.
Yes you can get similar jackets but not a patch on yours.............. Best wishes
Barbara x
P.S. If anybody reads this with ideas to buy, go for it cause it will be the best money you spend on your cat x

Pål Erik 2011.11.29 18:22
Have had my cat jacket for about a week now. it fits. first time i put it on there was no fuss from the cat what so ever. but the other times i have tried not so easy. find it a bit hard to get it on tight enough(i think i put it on to tight aswell). probably just me and my cat. she sorta gets a bitt fussy when i try putting it on. It is much easyier to put on the jacket than my regualr harness. but when i sorta found away to get on the regular harness it wasnt too much of a problem. just gotta figure out the best way to get the jacket on. and make her stand still like the cat in the video where you show how to put it on. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for a great product

sue wyatt 2011.11.26 23:21
Hello Maria,
Marmalad's harness / jacket arrived today, it's a perfect fit with plenty of room for growth as she's only 16wks old, she didn't like it to start with but soon got used to wearing it, she even followed me around the garden wearing it plus with a lead attached.
It looks great on her, when she's more confident wearing it she'll meet the 2 kittens properly, hopefully with out to much swearing and wanting to attack them but I'll be in full control, so we'll see how it all goes, were in no rush.
Thanks for making this beautiful and well made harness / jacket for her, it's "PEEEERFECT " for my little Bengal tiger
I'll send you a photo very soon of Marmalade wearing her new attire Thanks again, Sue & Marmalde the Bengal kitten xxx

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