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Karin Hardy 2012.12.23 14:38
Hi Maria,
Thank you for a beautiful well made harness, it fits Jina really well and looks like a cat flack jacket on my lil Ginger Ninja. I have read your instructions and watched the video on putting on the jacket and gave it a try today. After using it to play with and carry on his back he let me put it on him for the first time. He rolled around and wriggled a bit around the sitting room wearing it then wanted to play with his Da Bird toy still wearing it after only 5 minutes. Im impressed how he accepted it almost imeadiatly being 3 and left to run wild before he came to me, he calmed and settled in the house wearing it and he had a brief wander outside. I will put it on him a few more times a day, as I only have a week and he has to travel 6hrs south with me in the car to our new temp home and I need to be sure he will be safe in a new area and strange house.
I haven't put a proper lead on it yet, as its the first day, I used a soft belt that he could play with before so he would recognise it and not be afraid. He will meet his lead on the 25th with his other pressys.
I have taken a couple of pictures and will email them to you shortly. Again thank you and its great that you took the time to make these harnesses so they fit and the cats cant escape from them, also that they are comfortable enough that the cats can still play and relax wearing them.
Warm regards Karin.

Ingrid and Zoe 2012.11.23 07:52
Hi Maria,
Our Mynwood jackets arrived a while ago- but I haven't gotten around to saying thanks for them! Now both cats have tried them out and they look gorgeous in them!
Leo still hasn't enjoyed his walks very much and Holly is just getting used to going out but she is getting there slowly:)
They arrived safely and much quicker than expected considering we are in Australia! They are gorgeous and even better than I expected and very safe.
Thanks so much for all your time and effort that goes into making these lovely jackets, we really appreciate it!
Ingrid and Leo and Zoe and Holly.
I sent you some pictures by email of them both looking gorgeous together!

mariaharrison 2012.11.18 21:18 Hi Andrea, Yes I can make longer jackets just get in touch and we can work together on measurements and fabrics. Best wishes Maria xxxxx

andrea sojkova 2012.11.17 22:07
Sorry for late feedback I have been busy at work and going for a walks with Lyra with her new jacket. The jacket is FANTASTIC!!!!!! Lyra is LOVING her jacket and looks cool too, I took some picture and I will post you soon. The quality and design of jacket is superb!! Lyra even managed to climb up the trees! Lyra is siammese kitten and hates cold, the jacket keeps her warm but I wondering if you can make jacket covering her body up to her back feet for a winter? I noticed when it was frost she was shivering.
Once again HUGE THANK YOU for fantastic jacket and quick delivery.I hope that you have more customers, the jackets are fantastic and good idea for christmas present for the cats.
Thank you from Lyra and Andrea

Anne Wilson 2012.10.19 04:17
Thank you so much for my cat Mirabelle's beautiful walking jacket. The quality is fantastic, it is absolutely top of the line!
Seriously, the Queen could not have a better one made! It is not only extremely well made, it is also very attractive. It is much nicer than I even expected, or what the website pictures show. I am SO pleased and impressed. Thank you SO MUCH! It could not possibly get better than this!
My cat is getting used to it quickly and the second time I put it on her I also attached a leash. We practiced walking on leash inside the house. This jacket is REALLY secure. I pulled (dragged) her out from under chairs and tables both forwards and backwards and the jacket was so secure and she seemed perfectly comfortable in it. She is very smart so she quickly learned the leash. It wouldn't be wise to rush things the way I did with a normal cat but she really is a genius and an angel.
She still is getting used to the jacket so can act a bit drunk and thinks she can't jump as high as normal in it (like onto a tall chair). She has only had it on twice now and I just rushed her right into it so she is actually adjusting very quickly. It seems to be very comfortable for her and it looks stunning on her! I will take pictures of her in it and email them soon. She looks very stylish! The shipping was incredibly fast to Canada, only one week. I wrote to Maria with all my questions and preferences and description of my cat etc when I ordered and she is very kind and a very responsive and attentive communicator. Honestly I couldn't be more pleased with the jacket, the (incredible!!) quality, style, value - and the really great personal service.
Thank you Maria. I am SO happy with it. I will send pictures along soon.
Anne Wilson and Mirabelle
P.S. For anyone wondering I got the jacket in arctic combat cotton drill material with a black lining. It is perfectly reversible too!

Lillian 2012.10.16 21:45
I have to admit I was a bit hesitant at the beginning wondering if this would be another waste of money. However when the beautiful tartan jacket arrived, I quickly logged on here to place a second order. These walking jackets are just great! One of my cats hates every cat harness but doesn't mind his walking jacket at all. He once got totally freaked out by a guy passing by during his walk and dashed back home, jumped over the fence, landed right onto my neighbour's lawn. Thanks to the escape-proof design of his walking jacket he didn't manage to run away. My other cat (who I initially bought the jackets for) loves his jackets. He now cries for his daily walk even when it's rainy or windy. To be honest we also tried other cat walking jackets but they weren't as well-made nor fit as perfectly as Mynwood ones. Now I'm thinking buying another for my friend's cat for Christmas. Thank you so much Maria. I'll send you some photos when I can.
Best regards

katharine martin 2012.9.30 14:46
Hi Maria,
Thank you for the tartan harness you made for my cat Benji.We have a motorhome and take him with us.As an elderly cat he sleeps a lot but does like to explore new places.He is getting used to the harness and loves going for his walks. Excellent quality and workmanship. Also a brilliant idea as you feel safe walking a cat with it on.
Kind Regards
Kath Martin

Jeanie Wallace 2012.9.11 13:12 Hello Maria,
Wilson loves his jacket and is starting to go outside on the leash. He is scared of the stairs to I carry him down but after that he wanders about the yard, tasting the grass.
I am very please with the jacket you made for him. It fits well and he really cannot get out of it! Amazing! I have sent my card to my sister, who has 2 escapee cats and you may hear from her, Judy Jopling, about jackets for her cats, Jazz and Ahn "Li - Abisinneians.
Thanks for a great product. Your instructions for getting started really helped to smooth the process
Jean Wallace
Black Mountain, NC USA

heide 2012.9.7 21:11
Hello Maria,
I would like to thank you for these great jackets you made for my two extraordinary large cats. I would never have had a chance to get a similar ready made product from a shop. The material is really strong, and due to the large velcro strips the jackets adjust really well. Unfortunately I don't have pictures yet, Mietzi is wearing her jacket right now but the both are still clumsy with it, but time and patience will work it out, I am sure. And I will probably order some other designs as well as I love the range of fabrics :)
cheers from reading

Liam 2012.7.31 19:47
just wanted to say thanks for the jacket.the first one was lost by royal mail,but i was sent out another jacket out right away and it arrived really quickly.i have been training my cat to wear and walk a harness with a trixie harness i got at the pet shop,but it's really too big for her and was worried she would escape she nearly did but i grabbed her quickly before she could scurry off.i saw the mynwood jacket on youtube and wanted one it was just what i needed for elynne my little snowshoe kitten i made a video of her first walk in the the mynwood hope you like it .. i will be getting another jacket i'm so impressed with it she has taken to it also,she slept in on it so it must be comfortable for her
Thank you a perfect jacket !

Ken 2012.7.25 20:57
Love the jacket and so does my Savannah.
When I get it from the closet, she sits at the door and waits for me to put it on!
It's been tested for strength on a few occaisions and held up perfectly.
Thanks for making a truly high quality product.

Mike Brumby 2012.6.25 14:45
Thanks for the catjacket it's brilliant our cat is called "Ollie" he's 1 year old and a Siameze he should have been called "Houdini" coz he always managed to escape from prievious harnes's I also like the ease to put it on, so all in all I'm very pleased
Thank You
Mike & Ollie/Manchester

mariaharrison 2012.6.19 20:41
Thankyou for your lovely posting Donna. Please though to all my customers, dont leave your puss unattended whilst wearing the jacket - I'd hate for your cat to get loose and caught up because of the jacket not coming free xxxxxxx

Donna from Wisconsin 2012.6.17 20:30
Thank you so much for making these cat vest harnesses for cats. I ordered one for a farm cat that spent all his time lying under my car in the gravel and he was not eating enough to survive. We fixed up a dog house for him on the grass, under a tree for shade and ordered a harness from you and chained him to the dog house during the day. It came in exactly 7 days so shipping was quick. He now is comfortable and can get fresh air during the day instead of living in a cage 24/7 like he was doing until the harness arived. I always know where he is so I can make sure he eats at least 3 times daily.
The first time I had seen a cat harness like yours was on a TV show called My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy who is a self taught cat behavorist. He has taught many people how to walk their cats with harnesses like yours. This is the safest way to walk your cat. The fabric you make your harnesses from is very tough. I went to a fabric store and couldn't find anything like what you use. The stitching was well done too. It was worth every penny I paid!
Anyone who lives in the US should not hesitate when wondering if they should order from you. There were no added costs for shipping and handling which was a nice plus.
Thanks again!

Patricia Fullalove 2012.6.11 10:33
Hello Maria
We, Lennie and I, love the jacket. Lennie and Annie (Lenin and Anastasia breed names, they are Russian Blue cats!), have been walking out in our garden twice a day for over a year now. Lennie and Annie joined our family after we were devastated at losing Boris to a traffic accident. So they are indoor cats but with a penchant for all things outside. These jackets are the perfect answer.
They look good, are easy to put on, and are very anti-wriggle.
Having trialed the jacket on Lennie I have now ordered a second jacket for Annie.

Vanessa 2012.6.6 13:51
Hello Maria,
A big thank you for your quick response to my order and for making up & dispatching the 2 harnesses for my savannah kittens. They are only 13 weeks old but I thought the sooner they get used to this 'mode of activity' the better. Today I put on their beautiful harnesses for the first time and considering the kittens are still so small, once I'd adjusted them using the velcro strips the harnesses actually fit surprisingly well. They walk like they're a bit drunk, there were some initial hisses and puffing up, but I persevered as you suggested. Now, apart from looking at me in a forlorn manner and pretending they can't jump, the cats seem to have got used them. In a few weeks time they'll have grown into the jackets properly and by then the kittens will be ready to tast the Great Outdoors.
Thanks also for your advice and guidance - your service has been exemplary and I wish all internet transactions were as pleasant an experience as this. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you, and when I need a bigger size for the cats I'll certainly be in touch.
Best wishes, Vanessa

Shirley Fuentes 2012.5.30 02:05
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the prompt shipment, the harness fits perfectly! Our cat "Tito" is a rescue from the island of Puerto Rico. As a street-smart cat, he was able to wiggle his way out of three different cat harness models. Needless to say, he has not been able to escape from your well-made cat jacket! Tito was very happy to walk outside again; and of course the whole family is completely excited to safely include Tito in our outside activities! This is simply the best model cat jacket available! Thank you again for such a wonderful product!
Shirle, family, & especially, Tito!

Lisa W 2012.4.9 23:04
Hi there! I just received the Mynwood Jacket in the mail. It came very quickly, which is much appreciated, thank you! I think it is a great product for a great price. My orange tabby Ziggy is just about a year old. I put the jacket on him and let him walk around the house for a bit. He does more of a jumping/running thing than walking, but I know he'll get used to it in due time, he's just being dramatic, haha. I took him right outside the door, he stood around for a few minutes and we went back inside. I'm going to work with him every day...getting him used to the jacket and the lead, and I'm sure he'll love the jacket in no time! I'll send pictures to you looks great on him. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Karen Flowers 2012.3.16 13:18
Hi Maria
Thank you so much for the walking jacket. Our 6 month old kitten Sheldon loves it. It's very easy to put on and he doesn't make a fuss. Your jacket was the perfect answer to our problem.
Mny Thanks again
Karen and Sheldon!!

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