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Cheryl Collier 2013.09.20 19:55
Hi Maria,
Please accept my apologies for my delayed response.
I have received the cat jacket and it is perfect! My kitten accepted it immediately with no fuss.
I love that there is enough room for him to grow yet it's also secure at his current stage.
I feel confident in the jacket construction and appreciate that you took care in it's design and production.
Hopefully I'll get a picture of him wearing it soon and will forward it to you; he looks mighty handsome in his new attire! Your website was easy to navigate and being able to pay direct was terrific!
I have no suggestions at all because I found it all to be quite satisfactory.
Thank you for a great product, timely service, and I truly appreciate your emails with purchase/posting status updates.
I wish more businesses had your professional manners!
Cheryl Collier

Jennifer Darton-Bigg 2013.08.23 21.56
Dear Maria,
I adore your website!
My family is moving abroad and my free to roam boys will become house cats and I can't tell you how guilty I feel and how much I want to make sure they don't think they're being hard done by. When I found your jackets I knew I had an answer. They are handmade by someone who clearly loves animals and knows how awful it would be to have a lost cat because of a poor quality harness.
I have shown your site to everyone! I found the jackets on ebay originally and was thrilled to find the different designs on the website. The PayPal system was absolutely fine for me but then I have an account already, I can see it may be an issue for those that don't have it but then you do take phone and mail orders, this could perhaps be rewritten next to the 'add to cart' button, but can't imagine it would put people off, they're not going to find the same product anywhere else!
There are so many personal touches with your own cats and all the pictures and videos. And you clearly update it regularly which is more than most sites. Very grateful for the lead training page, I've found very little literature on it. Pictures of all the jackets on cats would be wonderful, I look forward to sending you a photo to put next to the navy suiting so people can see it modelled! (Not that you have to use my George as a model!)
Sorry, gone on a bit there but there is so much good to say :)

Roz 2013.08.20 11.22
After spending several days looking round for a decent cat harness I came across your cat jackets which looked secure strong and comfortable and decided to order 1 for Jazz. I have to say the quality, strength and security of the jackets is great and Jazz took to it straight away with no problems it is obviously comfortable to as he is happy to chill round the house in it. Now as soon as I get his jacket out he howls at the door to go out and enjoys showing off when wearing it. I would definitely recommend your jackets. Thank you

Vicky 2013.08.30 14.28
Thank you so much for making our kitties their jackets. They are indoor cats but your jackets have made it possible for them to join us outside in the garden and along country lanes. We will be taking them to the beach soon!
Once again thank you.

Shannon Morley 2013.08.06 15.04
I liked the first cat jacket you made for my cat Hecuba so much that I am ordering a second for my other cat, Randy. His neck measurement is 9" and his chest (under his front legs) is 16 inches. I ordered the checkerboard black and white.
I am still trying to get a good picture of Hecuba but so far haven't been able to get a really good one; however, once I do I will send it as promised. Perhaps I might be able to get the two of them together in their jackets. The fit on the jacket you made is excellent, as is the quality of the construction and fabric. Very easy to get on and the cat took to it right away. Great job!

Kevin Hanley 2013.08.08 13.28
Dear Maria
Received jacket today (13.30 8/8/13) delighted with the product. Now for the fun part as the kitten seems to be hitting the cat equivalent of the terrible twos! Will e-mail pictures when he gives in.
Yours faithfully
Kevin Hanley

Mark & Samantha Naylor 2013.08.15 14.58
Many thanks for the excellent service and harnesses.
These have to be by far the best cat harnesses we have ever seen.
Our three are currently getting used to them, and once they are settled and happy wearing them (won't take them long!) we'll e-mail a couple of photo's.
We can now take them on holiday with us, happy in the knowledge they will be safe and secure in their harnesses.
Your website is a joy to navigate. Easy to use and see the variations available, especially with the photo's of other cats wearing the harnesses, and the payment system is also very easy to use.
Thanks again for an excellent product and service, something that is very rare in this day and age!
Best Regards,
Mark & Samantha Naylor (& Isis, Re, and Humphrey)

Donna Cullen 2013.08.15 14.58
Hi Maria
I took Froglet to the vets today for her booster injections - he was so impressed with her harness he asked for the details so he can recommend your jackets to other clients that walk their cats.
When I got home and went to the site, I spotted that she's now the poster girl for "pink flowers on royal blue". Thank you - she looks lovely.
I also tried her in the car in her jacket clipped to the seatbelt for the first time, which worked really well - no wailing at all, which is constant when she's in the car in a carrier, and is both distracting and distressing. She was quite happy being able to move about a bit and look out of the window, although I think that the driver of a car at traffic lights was a bit surprised.
Donna Cullen

Connie 2013.08.11 15.40
I ordered two jackets from Maria Thursday afternoon. Not only was I kept up-to-date by Maria but the jackets arrived yesterday morning. The jackets are of outstanding quality and are easy to use. Maria's selection of designs is just awesome. I needed the two jackets because we are moving to Germany and I needed some safe harnesses for walkies during the breaks. I was not able to find anything that would have been fit for purpose until I found Maria's website. The moggies and I now look very much forward to our big adventure and I am sure we will have people commenting on their stylish 'outfits'. Thank you, Maria. I have no hesitations to recommend your products and service. Looking around Mynwood's website and selecting the product I wanted was easy and the pictures of the cats wearing the jackets helped a lot. Maria, I wish you much success with your business and I would order from you again. All the very best. Connie, Whitey and Betty

Andrea 2013.07.08 21.11
Purchased a chocolate fleece jacket for our boy Bengal x Simba due to him going missing for 15 days and now wanting to venture out again, but he doesn't seem to have very good whereabouts of his location as he is only a youngster. Fits perfectly, great quality and fantastic first class service. Found this very easy to fit and Simba is extremely content with his new jacket. We also found the videos on the website very helpful making Simba's first experience on his harness stress free. Would definitely buy from Maria again and would recommend to friends or anyone who enquired about this jacket. Thank you ever so much!!! Andrea

Daniel Astrand 2013.30.07 23.37
One year ago we bought a cat jacket for our male cat. It fit him perfectly and we also liked it, so when we got a young female cat this year, we ordered a cat jacket for her as well. Both of them have rather quickly become used to wearing the cat jackets and now enjoy walks outside! Thank you very much, Maria! Daniel Astrand

Anji & Samwise 2013.06.27 23.37
Hi Marie, Samwise is very pleased with his lovely green jacket. It makes his visits to our caravan near Dolgellau in Wales much more fun for him as he can get out and about more. Much better and safer than his harness, and more comfortable I think from his reaction to it. Hope you like his pictures. Best wishes Anji & Samwise

Rachael 2013.07.17 07.29
Hi Maria, How are you? Just to let you know I received the cat jacket it's amazing! It's fit perfectly and I have taken him outside for a walk he loves it and got used to it so quickly. It also looks really stylish, it's perfect. So nice to find a product that at lasts allows him to walk / go outside without getting away its been so long. The communication and delivery was superb, top notch. I will send over some pictures now. Thanks Rachael

Susan & Mr. Kitty Denver, CO USA 2013.07.08 18.49
Greetings !
Yea...Mr. Kitty and I received his new walking jacket on Saturday, July 6th ( that went fast!). I am giving him the opportunity to play sniff and smell, plus he loves the sound of velcro ripping apart... and I've put this javcket one him now about 5 times... for about 5-10 minutes at a pop. He usually purrs... but of course I put this on him during our morning and afternoon bonding times when I brush him and play table top games with him. So far so good....Once he starts walking around with it on I'll snap a few pcis and send them to you. Ordering from your web site was a breeze... very easy to pay with credit card too. I'll be passing on your website info to a number of freinds and family... hopefully they too will consider making a purchase. Until then...Best Regards, Susan & Mr. Kitty Denver, CO USA

Vicky 2013.07.17 22.52
Hi Maria. Thanks so much for prompt delivery of montys cat jacket. Monty and I love it-fits perfectly!. It may sound dramatic, it will change his and my life as I feel so guilty for keeping him as a house cat!. I have a nylon lead for him which is awkward to put on and I always need help putting it on him, the mynwood jacket took me seconds which will benefit Monty as he will get far more outings!. Thank you so, so much.. I will forward you some photos!. Vicky. Xxx

Mara 2013.07.30 17.48
Hi this is Mara from Nuremberg, Germany. I just recieved my cat jacket and can't tell you how pleased I was. My cat Floeckchen took to it like she had been wearing it for years. The quality and ease associated with this jacket is going to make both my cat and myself very happy. Thank you for something that really works. Mara

Belinda Drymere Lodge Cattery 2013.06.28 11.13
Hi Maria
Very pleased with the jacket, not only did it arrive quickly it is extremely well made. It's strong, sturdy and my cats can't reverse out of it like they did with the harness and lead I was using before. They have been used to being walked on a lead, but your jacket has made this more comfortable for them and they have taken to wearing it well, really quickly. I have concerns about road traffic since moving house, and this is a good way to enable my young cats to enjoy outdoors safely. Would thoroughly recommend the jackets to anyone, and the website is excellent. Hope to order another jacket for my other cat, as at the moment they are sharing one! Belinda

Amos 2013.07.06 22.40
Got our new cat jacket today. We are so pleased. It is super easy to get on and goes on quickly. Amos has little to no patience with my fumbling with the harness. It is light weight which is good for the heat we have in the south USA. Affordable and received very quickly after placing the order. We could not be happier with this jacket. Thanks so much! Amos

Chantal Miramont-Romany 2013.05.25 12.48
No other harness fitted my kitten until I found this website. Thank you to Maria I can now take Belle out in confidence. Belle likes it, it feels very comfortable,it fits like a glove and it is very secure. I like the idea it is made to measure. I am thoroughly impressed with the high standard of the product and the service I received. The website is easy to navigate and looks professional. I am very pleased. I am going to order another one today. I will recommend your business to the Barnet wood street vet hospital. Well done! Chantal Miramont-Romany

Carol Macmillan 2013.05.04 17.06
Dear Maria, Thank you so much for the harness - it arrived on Friday 3 May - great service. It fits great. The reason I wanted one of your harnesses was because it seemed to offer the best support for my cat. She had a stroke several months ago and is almost blind as well because of it. She sits at the front door every day and is afraid to venture further now. She has an extreme loss of confidence. Only to be expected. She used to be such a wanderer that my heart aches for her loss every day. I thought if I could take her out for walks it might strengthen her leg muscles and give her back a bit of confidence. She started trying to chew the harness yesterday, but does not seem averse to it apart from lowering her body a bit when I put it on. This may be an interesting case. I will keep you posted. It is exactly what I was thinking she would need. A lot of cat stroke forums on the net advocate making a harness out of a towel to give support. This is much better and if it works, I will certainly let these forums know about your site. I am sure there is some life in her yet, because she eats well and is still very loving and does not seem to be in any pain. She is just a bit wobbly and walks into doors a lot - she appears to have a bit of dementia and cannot remember her route to the kitchen, but she gets there! Your site is great and I am following your instructions on introducing her to the harness. Will send photos ASAP if you do not mind pictures of a disabled cat on the site! Thanks again. Wish me luck. Carol

Ron Zigler 2013.05.06 22.55
Hi Maria, We just received our jacket, and Weezer really likes it. She appreciates the color, believing that she will blend in with the grass and other foliage. She doesn’t realize that her face nearly glows in the dark. Weezer has had several other harnesses, and none have been anywhere near as easy to put on as this one. And it seems to be comfortable, and very secure. I doubt that she will be able to wiggle out of this one. Thank you for such a fine product! Ron Zigler

Christy Mackay 2013.05.10 13.09
Dear Maria Just received the two additional cat jackets I ordered! Love them. I wanted to let you know that your jackets have pretty much changed my cat's life. She now spends about 4 hours a day outside in the yard running around catching flies. She is very happy. I will possibly be getting a second cat in a few months so I will definitely be back for more jackets. All the best Christy

Liz Sander 2013.05.08 17.20
thanks so much for the beautiful well made jacket,, lizzy can now go outside and I have been tested several times with her trying to run away, the jacket is secure and I am so relieved as she got out of all the others. I will send a picture of her soon,, thanks again Liz Sander

Shannon Cole 2013.04.22 09.54
He loves his outdoor adventures! I have recommend you to everyone I know that has indoor cats and even for replacement of carriers for people that travel alot with their cat! Simba uses his for vet visits, family outings and trips to the country parks in our area! I love the feel of our first harness and as it was a kitten one it has grown with him saving me money! Simba took to the harness straight away, I like the way it gives support but isn't constricting on his movements. As I have a PayPal account payment was easy, no problems at all. Thanks again and we cannot wait for our next harness! Shannon Cole

Joanne 2013.04.18 12.10
Dear Maria
I just wanted to say thank you for my order which I received yesterday. I am thrilled with it and Esra took to wearing it straight away!! My main aim was to buy a type of harness which was quick and easy to put on him so this really is perfect! I am thoroughly impressed with the high standard of the product, the service I received and thought your website was easy to navigate and looks professional. Kind regards, Joanne

Tanya 2013.04.10 20.03
Hi there
Thank you so much for our bespoke cat jacket, as you will see from the pics, our Purdy loves it! Beautifully made, and very speedy delivery. She looks the part in her skull and cross bones Jacket but is actually a scaredy little princess. She was totally fine with her made to size jacket, and it didnt worry her one bit when putting it on. (she has been use to a jacket). We will be looking to build up a little wardrobe :-) Will certainly recommend your site to my friends and family. All the very best Tanya

Abigail & Ebe the Sphynx 2013.04.10 02.14
Hi Maria,
I received my Sphynx's jacket today & I'm so pleased with the results! It didn't take her long to get used to it & I love the fact that it is adjustable, it makes it easier so the jacket can be worn with or without a jumper, which is perfect for summer/winter weather changes. It's a beautiful design too. I got the red Indian design. I've posted pictures of Ebe in it & she looks stunning! Very happy & would recommend to a friend! In fact I know a Sphynx breeder with a lot of connections so will be passing your name on. :) Regards Abigail & Ebe the Sphynx

Helen 2013.03.29 08.59
Hi Maria,
The jacket and lead arrived Thursday afternoon and I am very impressed with the quality. Marty our Burmese is already getting the hang of walking around outside in it and he has only ever worn it three times. Not bad for a cat about to turn 12 and pretty set in his ways. Your website was informative and easy to use. Payment via Paypal went smoothly and I will recommend your business to any human friends who are owned by cats. I will try to get some pictures of Marty wearing his jacket outside over the Easter break and send them to you. Kind regards, Helen.

Alecia 2013.04.08 16.03
Hi Maria,
First may I say Curtis loves his Mynwood Jacket It is the first time he has been outside and he was very excited. He goes with me in the garden now twice a day and loves it. I found the website easy to use and loved the photo gallery All instructions are clear and it is easy to pay. Thanks again I have attached photos of Curtis for your website he is a real “poser!” PS if these are not clear etc let me know Regards Alecia x

Sue 2013.04.01 18.26
Dear Maria,
I have just ordered a third jacket from you as Sidney just keeps on growing! I have attached a video for you of him in the snow, he wasn't that keen but you can see how the jacket doesn't bother him at all. (He was in between jumpers at the time, its the first video we've taken where you can actually see the jacket) It's funny how some people comment that it is far too small for him, then stroke him and realize that he is 80% fur, and the undercarriage is all fluff, and actually there is surprisingly little cat at all. When we visit Granny we just take his lead off and he pootles around in just his jacket, not at all bothered by it. Our vet is most impressed with the jacket, although he admits to thinking the whole concept is quite bonkers. He had never heard if people taking their cat to Bridlington before. I like the longer jackets for winter, we will definitely be getting one for next year, right now Sidney has a hand-knitted hoodie that goes over the top with a designer hole for the D-ring, but he's already growing out of it... Thanks again, and now the weather is warming up we should be able to get you some good pictures of the new jacket when it arrives, Sue

Ali and Tango 2013.03.30 20.47
Hi Maria,
Many thanks for the jacket for Tango, which arrived really quickly. It is a lovely colour and perfect fit and looks very comfortable but strong. Tango is a 12 year old cat and loves going outside but unfortunately he has been getting in through next door's cat flap (even though he does NOT have the magnetic collar that their cats have!!) and peeing all over their cooker, because they have 6 cats and one of them is a tom. Soooo, poor Tango has to stay in but is meowing to go out and trying to break out through the closed catflap, the window etc. I thought it would be great to take him out and he often comes round the block with me and our dog when we go out. So I am hopeful... Today I put the jacket on him for the first time ( I think he looks very handsome in it) and at first he started to act like a teenager and to climb right inside one of our houseplants, but then he calmed right down. I will follow your instructions for slow introduction to the lead and will send you some better photos if I get him to go outside successfullly. Happy Easter, Ali and Tango

Helen 2013.03.29 08.59
Hi Maria,
The jacket and lead arrived Thursday afternoon and I am very impressed with the quality. Marty our Burmese is already getting the hang of walking around outside in it and he has only ever worn it three times. Not bad for a cat about to turn 12 and pretty set in his ways. Your website was informative and easy to use. Payment via Paypal went smoothly and I will recommend your business to any human friends who are owned by cats. I will try to get some pictures of Marty wearing his jacket outside over the Easter break and send them to you. Kind regards, Helen.

Shon 2013.03.22 15.20
Hi Maria,
Thankyou for sending the jackets out so quickly, Scribble, has cheered right up, He is an absolute nutcase,and the softest cat I have ever owned, he does the most incredible stuff it's hard to believe he is a cat. We thought we may have had to have him put to sleep after a horrible accident 1 1/2 years ago as he would not leave a wound on his back alone, it is now a large bald patch that if he gets to it his tongue rips through his skin and causes a bad wound. It is thanks to your jacket that he is with us now and enjoys a full free life both going outside on his own and living here with us. Thankyou again and i will now leave positive feedback, have a nice weekend Kind regards shon.

Robert Sykes 2013.03.20 17:11
Hi Maria,
Thanks for very fast response and delivery of our Zoeys walking jacket. The main reason we decided to buy jacket and train her etc,...was she went missing..for 11 days and someone had taken her. ...thankfully who did...kindly fed her. our zoey...we bought her from a farm......we have had about 4 years...she is naturally an out door cat...and she always comes home...until she went missing...which was upsetting. NOW...we go walkies...! It took 2days for her to get used to the idea...i had to walk with her...has she was used to her freedom to go to her teratory etc. She was easily trained...due to her gentle personality...and knows her JACKET and leash mean walkies. ...our Zoey...seems to accept the fact...she can go out...with me at her side...and seems to not mind...being more of an indoor cat...! Maria...your care and design of these Jackets...are CAT thanks for your excellent service, ...yours sincerely Mr robert sykes.

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