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Beth Armstrong 2014.5.02 10:37
Hi Maria.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful jackets. Can't recommend the experience highly enough, arrived the next day, excellent customer service and the jackets are so well made. My 10 month old Bengals got used to wearing them quickly and we're learning to explore the garden on leads already :) Will post photos once we brave the 'real outside'.
Thanks again,

Maiei McWilliams 2014.4.26 12:37
Hi Maria.
Our cat jacket came yesterday and i couldn't resist putting it on our kitten Charlie! He didn't seem to mind it, it was more the lead he didn't like surprisingly. I took him around the garden, familiarizing him with the outdoor (he has never been outside by himself before) I will get a photo of him with it on and post it on asap!
Thanks again for the affordable yet practical tartan jacket!

Annie Cotton 2014.4.26 11:38
Hi Maria. Thank you so much for making and sending Peters harness - it arrived on Thursday morning. Petes worn it a few times to get used to it and has been out twice ...... but can't turn corners and just flops on his side - side splittingly funny poor thing!!!! Still it'll get better the more times we use it and when successful, we can get 3 others for our other furries! Great design and really well made you clever lady.
All the best and thank once again. Annie & Graham X x

Michelle 2014.4.20 18:39
Thank you for finishing the jacket so quickly! I cant wait to get started training my cat on it. I found your website very easy to use and I also thought the videos of other cats were really interesting. Many thanks

Debbie 2014.4.17 20:09
Hi Maria I wanted to say a big thank you for Percys first jacket he loves it and so do I! I watched the video on how to put it on him and after a few goes he sits as good as gold as he knows the delights of the garden are waiting for him! He is one very Norwegian kitty.
Best wishes Debbie

Crystal Foley 2014.4.17 15:38
You're so welcome, Maria. Finn's jacket is wonderful. He took to it like a fish to water. We put it on the day it arrived in the mail and out we went, no problems what-so-ever, and have been putting it to daily use as the weather permits. Finn is absolutely over-joyed to be outside again.
Thank you for everything!

June Morrissey 2014.2.25 1.43
I just wanted to thank you for putting Windy &Stormy'photo on your website. What fun to see it tonight. I am so happy with the cat jackets that I put the picture of them on the bulletin board in the Veterinary office with your website so others can order from you.
We are planning a 3 month cross country trip in our little Caravan and will be walking the cats each day in their cat jackets. I am sure we will get a lot of attention as it is not a common site in the U.S. to see cats on leash.
I think the jacket and leash probably saved Windy today when a large hawk spotted her in the garden with me and I was able to get her quickly in the house as the hawk swooped down!!!
Very scary!
June Morrissey

Tracey Dyer 2014.4.13 1.58
Fantastic! Ordering and making payment for my jacket order was quick and straightforward. I am so pleased with the jacket and so is Billie - my 9 month old Siberian cat. She is so good and patient and has adapted so well to the idea of wearing her jacket and going outdoors on a lead. Thank you Maria. Will definitely be ordering again in the near future. Will forward picture to you.
Best wishes

aileen jones 2014.4.17 8:49
Hi Maria,
The jacket you made for Sonny my sphynx cat is perfect,he looks great in the leopardskin and the jackts perfectly with lots of room to grow. He is perfectly happy to have it on and the velcro fastening makes it so easy(no struggling to put it over his head). I will send a photo when I upload one.
Thank you again for the prompt service.

Ella 2014.3.21 10:09
Hello Maria,
Great news. I really like your website, it was super easy to pay with paypal. And also I really like the way the pictures are displayed, i.e. i click on the picture to make it bigger and to make it "go back".
I will upload a photo of our boy Ollie as soon as he gets to wear the vest, we already have him leash trained - did it last year and he was very happily trotting along when we took him to Regents Park here in London, and he developed a great habit of running towards trees (me trailing behind) and then he ran up the tree, as high as the lead would permit him! The funniest time was when he could not make up his mind between three trees and ended up trying to run towards all of them. That was hilarious!
Have a great day, thank you again

Nikki Ponsi 2014.4.10 9:40
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for finalising the order so quickly!
I found your website through Instagram.. I noticed lots of people posting pictures of their Bengals in your amazing harnesses and asked a couple where they got them and was told of your site. Your website is really easy to navigate and simple to understand. I especially appreciated the diagram and instructions on how to measure my cat.. I would have had no idea! I'm so excited to receive it and will definitely send you some pictures!
Thanks again!

Laura Mahar 2014.4.2 22:16
I received the jackets yesterday and I can't thank you enough. I am so impressed with how fast your service was, especially for two jackets of different sizes, completely made to measure. The quality of the jackets is fantastic, so much better than the harness I had originally. The Velcro is very strong and there's plenty of it to allow for growth and for it to still remain secure.
I will certainly be recommending them to my kittens breeder as I'm sure lots of her customers would be interested.
The boys are not too happy with them, but it's still very early days. The youngest and boldest has taken to it much better than my older kitten. He is extremely wary of it and becomes completely subdued once it's on. He is reluctant to move (which is highly unusual as he's usually 100 miles an hour everywhere being a bengal). They both act quite strangely when they are on, almost like they a drunk! I'm hoping this is just because it's something very strange and they will eventually get used to them. I hate having to keep them indoors as there's so much for them to explore outside. I will certainly persevere. I have taken some photos but they aren't that great so I will try again at the weekend.
Thank you so much for your fabulous service.

Jill London 2014.4.11 08:31
Hello Maria
Many Thanks for the Jackets. They are Beautiful and so well made I will send you some pictures of the cats wearing them in a few Days. At the moment they are not sure about them. They walk low to the ground with them on and the younger one rolls over. I know they will be get use to them very soon.
Kind Regards

Eve Morris 2014.2.14 21:15
Thank you for making the jacket! She did manage to get her head out of it at first, when she was just wearing it around the flat, but I think my boyfriend hadn't done it up quite firmly enough, and it was fine after that. We were quite surprised at how long the velcro strips were, then realised that it's why the jacket is so secure.
I must say, she did look funny at first when she was trying to convince us that she was a poor abused kitty who couldn't walk. One glimpse of the birdie-on-a-fishing-pole toy and this ailment was miraculously cured. Hopefully there will be no protests of any sort the next time. I reckon she'll figure out that harness = walk pretty soon, as she's a smart kitty. She's also pretty laidback and absolutely fine being handled, which is why we decided to try walking her so quickly. I can see where a lot of other cats would need to take it slower.
We're thinking of taking her to my communal back area again tomorrow and perhaps Friday, with the fishing pole toy, and then trying her in the places near my boyfriend's flat. There's an old kirkyard just near him which we were wandering about on Monday. Assuming it continues to go well, we have all sorts of plots to take her further afield, either in a basket on Robin's bike, or with me in my wheelchair. Meanwhile, what do cats on leads tend to be like when it comes to roads? If we take her to Canongate Kirkyard, it's just a short walk up the road, no roads to cross as far as I recall. And is there any particular length of extendable lead which you'd recommend?

Donna Sosko 2014.3.30 5:53
We got the vests and they fit. Thank you for being so prompt. The neck is a bit long but I appreciate all the Velcro.
We had a walk and that went well, she laid down in the grass to get some sun but then thought she would take off on a sprint. She is very smart and clever this gal. When she hit the end of the line she flipped in the air. Not good but THANK GOD THE VEST HELD. We then spent the next 1/2 hr in the sun cuddling, purring, shaking and meowing. Unfortunately we in California are in the 3 year of no rain. But wouldn't you know it is raining for the next week so we have not been out again. I just put the vest on her and we wander around the garage. I figure anything is good practice.
As soon as we get sun again I will take a picture for you. She is a Ruddy Abby, kind like a Mink color, so the blue looks good on her.

Dawn Jones 2014.04.11 16:33
Hi Maria,
Thanks so much for Janie's jacket which arrived today. It's beautifully made and looks so much more seems so much more comfortable and secure than the ones you can buy in pet shops etc.
I'm not sure how long it will take us to get Janie outside but I'll be sure to send a picture when she is. I found the website very easy to use, pay for the jacket and loved all the photos of the different cats wearing the different jackets. I'm not sure I can really offer any tips for improving the site other than I would maybe have chosen a different colour scheme (if I remember it was a darkish green and I would maybe go for something brighter and more colourful) but it was recommended to me by someone on
Best wishes and thanks again. Dawn

LAURA MANNING -JONES 2014.02.23 12:20
Hi Maria,
Yet again, two fantastically crafted Mynwood Cat Jackets have arrived in the post for my RagaMuffin and Siberian cats in time... They are brilliant and the cats took to them straight way.
The jackets made the school presentation easier so that I could control the cats and also not have to keep picking them up at the same time as demonstrating other things.The cats also integrated with the children better for strokes whilst on the lead. Thanks Maria for being able to get them out for me in the post as such late notice...
Regards LAURA,
Few pictures to follow...x

Kay Holden 2014.02.18 19:35
Hello Maria
Thank you for Marleys new jacket that arrived today it is a perfect fit and he looks very smart.
He has been out in it tonight for his evening walk and I am sure it will be as good quality and as secure as his previous jacket(bought from you ).
In the summer both cats go out for up to an hour and a half crossing streams,climbing trees and their jackets have held fast and kept them safe.
I found your web site easy to use it was straight forward ordering and paying. The choice of fabrics are good and the jacket arrived in 2 days.
I will get some photos of the cats in their jackets at the weekend in daylight and send them on to you
Thank you again
Kay Holden

Zam 2014.02.19 21:01
Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the jackets, we received them a couple of days after placing the order.
Fantastic service! We have two 10 month old indoor F6 savannahs and they have been lead trained for 8 months.
We were using cheap cat jackets which meant the cats escaped many a time! As soon as we got your jackets the cats were excited about their walk.
The jackets are an excellent fit with very sticky velcro and no chance of them escaping! There is also lots of growing room, which was a concern of mine.
I am rubbish with websites and I found yours easy to use, really well laid out. PayPal was fine as we already have an account.
I can’t think of anything to improve, seemed all good to me!
Thank you for these fab jackets, I can relax on walks now! I will take pictures of the boys when they wake up.
Kindest Regards

Jamie 2013.11.10 07:29
Hi Maria Jacket arrived safely and faster than Amazon Prime -= awesome service.
I accessed your website via my iPad and had no problems viewing or paying for the item.
It was easy to navigate and examples of cats wearing the jackets very helpful.
Ollie at present takes to hiding under the bed with his on - will take time I feel.
Once he is wearing will happily send images (I am a specialist pet photographer as it happens ;-) )
Kind Regards

Sandie and Spike 2013.12.04 07:29
Hi Maria
The postie brought Spikes jacket today I'm over the moon just delighted thanks for all your guidance on how to put the jacket on and how to get Spike used to it. Felt as if I was skipping to work today !!
Will send you photos once we have got him wearing the jacket.

Sending a million thanks and hugs
Best wishes
Sandie and Spike xx

Sara 2013.12.04 07:29
Hi Maria
the jackets have arrived today, so many thanks. The older cat seemed ok when I put it on him for a couple of minutes, but the younger cat was hilarious and just rolled onto his side each time and lay there waiting for me to rescue him! I will keep popping the jackets onto them for a very short time each day until they are confident to have the lead attached. I’m really happy to send you photos of them wearing the jackets, but may wait until Frodo has stopped playing dead in his! Feedback on my shopping experience to date is as follows:
• nicely presented website – very clear information and easy to navigate around. The pictures are very good and the advice is good
• ordering the jacket was very easy and the ‘how to measure’ guide was very good
• payment was fine
• your communication has been excellent and I appreciate the link to the lead training instructions being attached in the note below
• your turnaround times on the products is superb and you exceeded my expectations
I really hope that helps.
Kind regards

Deanna 2013.11.10 07:29
Hi Maria...
Just a note to let you know that the jackets work like magic. My Houdini cat has not escaped (it temporarily infuriated him but he is adjusting). Molly Meowy is happy with her jacket... I think it makes her feel secure. Thanks for solving my "traveling cat" problem! I will recommend you often:)

Sandra Vazquez 2013.10.25 07:29
Of course I will send you pictures of my cat Pumyra wearing the jacket. It took me a while to find a harness that I felt would be comfortable yet secure for Pumyra. I travel a lot with my daughter and Pumyra so I need to find something secure for her and something that would be comfortable too. So when I came upon your web site I started to look at the videos you had and I found one of a cat that was pulling herself away from her owner with her jacket on and for me that was the deciding moment that I had to buy this jacket. The video showed me that the jacket was secure even if the cat is pulling away from you, the jacket did not move or come off. That is exactly what I was looking for your video really helped me in my decision. I found your web site great it is informative, to the point, and you have many videos and pictures of all kinds of cats and that gives you great examples of how the jacket fits. I have not received the jacket yet but I am so excited to get it you have no idea. I know I will not be disappointed and I would gladly share pictures with you of Pumyra wearing your jacket.
Thank you,
Sandra Vazquez

Laura James 2013.10.06 17:24
Hi Maria. The jacket and lead cam really quickly thank you. It is a lovely blue jacket and fits him well. We have been out in the garden today with it on and he is slowly getting used to it.
Although it has only been 4 days since we got it, so great progress already. I haven't got a picture yet, but I will send one when I do.
The website was great, and easy to use. I love the 'catwalk' section as it helped me decide what pattern to choose and to reassure myself I wasn't the only person doing this with a cat!
I paid with Paypal so found it very easy to use. I researched your jackets before I bought one and was impressed with the comments on different websites and your attentiveness to the customers.
Please feel free to quote any of this on your website.
Hopefully a picture will be along shortly.
Laura James

Laura 2013.09.21 07:17
Hi Maria, Just letting you know that my lucy is now fully converted to the harness. She is happy to walk on a short lead with me out and about ...I just can't believe it! I am convinced some of my muffins will adapt too.
I will send some out and about pictures for you to add on your gallery if you like.
I am so thrilled...we were going to buy a need now.
I will get a flexi lead next to increase her experience.
Thank you for designing such a safe cat harness!
Best regards,
Laura x

Abbie, Jasper & Delius 2013.09.25 21:03
Hi Maria,
I just wanted to thank you...
I bought jackets for my 2 darling Ragdolls a couple of years ago and was so impressed with them that I ordered another two for them to wear against their original ones. A few days ago whilst I was out walking my boys on their leads they were unfortunately set upon by two vicious dogs. It was a very distressing and upsetting experience but thankfully my cats were ultimately unharmed. I can not explain the force with which my boys tried to escape the scene, but their jackets remained firmly in place and as a result I managed to get them home safely. I am amazed beyond belief at the strength of your jackets and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I know that this played a HUGE part in them still being with me today. Kindest Regards,
Abbie, Jasper & Delius

Reply from Maria at Mynwood Cat Jackets 2013.09.25 21:09
Bless ya thankyou so much for your email. I always find it an absolute honour to have made jackets for such beautiful creatures.
Im really sorry though, to hear about the dog attack, thats really quite worrying, how on earth did they manage to get to your cats? Where was the owner?
I do hope it hasnt put you or your cats off walking though because this is quite rare- on the whole dogs dont usually attack cats, cats can usually hold their own - maybe its because there were 2 dogs and the pack 'thingy' kicked in Im going to add your feedback to the website if that's okay with you.

Response from Abbie 2013.09.25 21:20
The dogs were on their leads but the mother (in her 70’s) was walking them both together for the first time and had not realised that she was not strong enough to hold them back (they were 2 Staffies). Although my boys are incredibly shaken by the whole thing it has not put us off our walks – they are indoor cats and their time outside means so much to them. We are just taking things slowly and at their own pace. Honestly though, if last weekends attack can withstand your jackets, absolutely anything can. I just felt that I had to take the time to let you know and to thank you - I live with just me and my boys and they are my absolute world.
I am more than happy for the feedback to be added to your website – I simply could not recommend you enough.

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