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Catherine ALTOMONTE 2014.8.03 17:56
We've just come back from our holidays in the south of France (we live in the north east) and your jacket is perfectly wonderful ! Our young cat "Grisette" was safe and happy to wear it to walk around our studio. I was confident to let her outside with your jacket. Thanks a lot, for me and Grisette.

Jenny Barnes 2014.7.29 18:42
Hooray, jackets arrived today! Thank you. They look great. I have tried one on Cleo, who was astonished but not bothered by it until she found she was NOT going out! Usually we pout the harness on and out we go in the garden. Can’t do that till we have the all clear from the vet re wound healing. She likes the Velcro though!
They are the same size so both will fit fine I am sure. There is plenty of room for growth and I like the way that even when they are adult there will be plenty of Velcro to hold firm so they cannot wriggle out. excellent.
Pictures once we get up and running.
Thanks again

Doug Hemmings 2014.7.15 14:52
Hi Maria,
The jacket arrived this morning and fits Freddie perfectly. Thankyou for a fast and efficient service.
I am not certain how to put a photo on-line but when my son visits next I will get him to e-mail you a picture.
I found your website easy to navigate and was so pleased that you use PayPal. I have been using them for some time to pay for purchases on Ebay.
Thanks once again for the wonderful service that you provide.
Kindest regards, Doug

Kimberley Blake-James 2014.7.9 19:52
Hi Maria I received the jacket today and I am really pleased with it :-) It fits well and hopefully the walking with help with my cats large girth!!
As soon as he is comfortable with it I will send photos.
The website was very easy to navigate. Clear instructions, helpful tips on how to measure and the on line chat feature I thought was an excellent idea.
It was very easy to pay even though I am not too keen on Paypal as a company it is a very easy way to pay.
Best wishes

Jenny 2014.7.9 2:32
Hi Maria, thanks again for your help and referring me to your website. The jacket is perfect, my house kitty is able to wander all around the back garden all safe, without having to worry about her and allowing her to be able to explore and have some fresh air.
Perfect, should have purchased one when we adopted her. Would definitely recommend to a friend! :)

Nikki 2014.6.26 18:35
Hi Maria, I've received the jacket and it is absolutely adorable and it fits her so perfectly!! It's exactly what I had in mind!!! Thank you so much!! From ordering the jacket to receiving the jacket was so fast!! That's amazing!!
As for the website, it is so well done and organized and labelled and informative that it was one of the reasons I decided to go with your product! I can't think of anything to change!
As for a picture of her in the jacket, since the move she has been beyond terrified to go outside, so I haven't really gotten the chance to get a photo, but I will definitely send you one if she ends up deciding to go out.
Thanks so much!!! :)

ewa 2014.6.26 21:33
Hi Maria,
What a great job you are doing !
Rosa is wearing your jacket for over a month now and she is very happy . Jacket is extremely comfortable and easy to put it on and take it off and looks great :) Keep up good work Maria !
And again thanks a million :)

Katy Hindle 2014.6.26 10:03
The jackets came yesterday for my 2 eight month old sphinx; Pip and Merry. They are gorgeous jackets, so well made!
They had them on yesterday for a short period and when the training has progressed (using your guidelines) a little further I will post photos. So excited for getting them out and about, and also getting seat belt restraints to fit to the jackets in the car for the short journey to the vets. The website is easy to use and the instructions for measuring are simple to follow.
Lots of designs to choose from and I loved looking through the gallery of photos.
Thank you so much for your amazing service.

J Gibbs 2014.6.16 22:35
Great jackets. Feel much safer than other types. Thank you

R Stringers 2014.6.14 18:29
The jacket is amazing Iam so glad I ordered from you its really amazing quality and perfect for my bengal. I will take some pics when she is used too it which I don't think will be long as she is so inquisitive. Will definitely recommend you too all my friends as they are superb quality.

denise bowyer 2014.6.9 18:40
Thank you so much pusscat is really fed up so it will be well received I'm sure. Your website is very friendly and easy to use and paying was straightforward . I like the pictures of the cats wearing the jackets. I think I nearly missed buying as I didn't read about the Velcro. I'm a visual person not a reader so maybe that could be clearer and maybe you could put in about post op so other cats could get out and about without removing the buster collar?
I like the variety of fabric and will be recommending you
Denise Xx

Miriam Grinstein 2014.6.8 4:36
I just wanted to let you know that I received the harness today ^_^
It's beautifully made and I love the floral and cheetah prints!!
Alice is still wearing a cone and healing after her surgery, but I'll send you pictures when I try it on her ^_^

Russell Clark 2014.6.5 21:37
Hi Maria
That was quick, hope we get them for the weekend so we can start getting Lucy and Leon used to them. We found you via a Camper Van site as we cannot countenance going away and leaving our georgeous babies. We will try it and them out in July, so will need the jackets so they can be taken outside a bit. Will let you know how we go on. I liked your site and yes found it easy to navigate,it was the hardest to choose which colours to suit each cat, so the examples on different cats helped a bit. Guess its not the main point, but we want them to look nice.
I also agonised about whether to get a soft one, and did also wonder if a dayglo one side and coloured other would be good for night and day wear...
Anyway, thanks again for your speed and efficiency. Hope the jackets fit Ok, I must have measured loads of times, but still not sure I got it right...
Will let you know how we go on...
Jacky & Russell Clark

Gary M Chait 2014.6.5 19:53
Hi Maria,
Thanks for the excellent customer service. These arrived today. Susan will be taking pictures as soon as she dresses them. We have 2 Cornish Rexs - one named Ruby (she’s a redhead like Susan) & another named Twiggy (yes, after the 60s skinny model), our Twiggy is also very thin but healthy. The 2nd size is for out oldest, an Abyssinian named Pogo Bob. He’s very healthy & loves to go outside (sneaks into the garage, we don’t let our cats out. These are going to be perfect! We’ll email pics shortly.
Again, our sincere appreciation for sending this out. Have a nice evening. Best Regards, Gary

Angie Wilson 2014.6.3 17:58
I'm really happy with my cat coat for my Bengal. I feel he is more secure as He's pretty strong and the other harnesses I have bought for him have been no joy. He goes out in the garden now and I have no worry with him pulling of or out of his coat. Thank you and would definitely recommend you and order from you again :-)

Caroline Mary Hall 2014.6.1 21:00
Thank you so much - looking forward to this!
We have lost cats on the road, despite getting them in before dusk and keeping them until after the morning traffic (we live in the country, not in a town) but we now have only house cats. Mowgli (rescued as a kitten) has never been outside and is very wary of the outside - but he is desperate for grass, which we give him every day - but he really does want to pick his own grass outside. We have a large garden, enclosed at the back but no garden will keep a cat in unless there is a roof - and having researched harnesses etc. I decided yours looked safest! We keep free range ducks, hens and guinea pigs and it really is lovely at the back...I think once Mowgli becomes used to being on a tether, he will really enjoy a couple of daily outings. I will certainly let you know how he gets on and once happy being trussed up, will post you photos! We also have another cat, Cosmo, who under one year - also black and also rescued. He is extremely lively and once Mowgli has settled into things, I will get a harness for Cosmo. Cosmo will be more difficult because he is not afraid of the outside and he will have to calm down somewhat otherwise I can see him taking off like a balloon! I found your website charming and very easy to navigate. The pictures are lovely and show exactly what the harnesses look like, which is good.
I had no trouble paying with the Paypal option - it was very quick and easy to follow.
The instructions for putting on the harness are clear and the tips for getting puss used to it are also very useful.
I am not sure I can think of anything that would improve it all - I found the website attractive, easy to use and showing the would-be buyer exactly what they would be getting...can't better that! The owner's videos are lovely, too. Many thanks
I will keep in touch!
Caroline Hall (for Mowgli and Cosmo) XX

Chris Crack 2014.6.1 16:27
Hi Maria
George's harness looks wonderful and he took to it with no problem at all - I am delighted with it!!
I will certainly send you pics of G sometime soon - in midst of a house move at present - but I love taking pics of G, so you will most certainly receive some for your lovely website. I found the site very well written and presented, initutive, easy to navigate around, welcoming and visually very pleasing - the photos are delightful and the client stories. Will be back in touch
Quick query, can the harness be washed at some later stage or just sponge down - machine wash as fragile item on 30 degrees perhaps?
Many thanks again
Christine & George x

Craig Manielle 2014.6.1 15:45
Hi Maria
Our jackets arrived yesterday. The cats did not know how to react with them when we first put them on indoors but once outside they got distracted enough to forget about them... They worked brilliantly as when Higgins caught and got stung by a bee he bolted but the jacket held up very well
Thank you very much and we will be sure to recommend you to all of our friends with cats.
Thanks again
Craig Manielle

Megan Williams 2014.5.31 12:34
Thanks so much for my two cat jackets, both of my babies love it! The jacket fits perfectly and it's so secure as my marls does like to be a escape artist. But cannot with his mynwood jacket. We are looking forward to many future outdoor adventures, also your communication and delivery was fantastic.
Very pleased and greatful.
Meg, marls and franks x

scott binns 2014.5.22 9:49
great jacket well made and the best thing is that he cant get out of it so we don't have to worry that he will escape and the jacket came really fast within 2 days I think anyone with a cat should get one of these jackets :)

Tara Gibson 2014.5.25 17:28
Hi Maria,
Thankyou so much for the jacket, wonderfully made and fits great.
I bought the jacket in the hope that it would become my cats lifetime jacket and it most certainly will be. We havent ventured outside just yet but it won't be long till my indoor cat is enjoying all the benefits of the outdoors.
So Thankyou very much,

Diane Duros 2014.5.24 22:00
Thank you!
We received the jacket a few days ago, and we really like it. Once we take Batman out in it, I'll try to take some pictures of it.
Your website was really easy to use and find. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to order, even though I'm in the US.
Thanks again,
Diane Duros

Mike Rowley 2014.5.23 22:28
Maria, From the original enquiry until the speedy delivery you have been absolutely fabulous! You could teach blue chip companies customer care !
Nothing is too much trouble and you can tell tell from talking to you you are passionate about these products.
To anyone out there who is considering purchasing a harness dont go anywhere but here! You wont be sorry!
Maria we will send photos as soon as our new Boy settles down in his forever home.

Alison Evans 2014.5.07 10:39
Hi Maria.
I'm really impressed at the speed the harness was made & arrived, a couple days after the order. WOW he looks stunning in purple. It was difficult to decide which colour to have. Had a previous harness but did'nt fit as well, rolling up by his shoulders so he would stop moving as he got uncomfortable. Have moved on leaps & bounds, on the lead after 3 days, walking, trotting with the odd run when he goes to catch a fly. Piper the Bengal says thank you so much, he is a big boy so to have a fitted harness at a reasonable cost I would say if anyone is thinking about it, think no more this is the way forward to happy cat & human.
Thank you again so much, Alison

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