Tinks and Fluff wearing Paw Project Tinks and Fluff wearing Paw Project1

August 2017

Hi Maria
Thank you for the wonderful jacket. Ordered Sunday, received Tuesday, out in the garden with the cats Thursday!

Have attached photos of Tinks and Fluff. Fluff is a 7+ Ragdoll and Tinks is a 7+ Ragdoll/british shorthair cross, both recently adopted from Cats Protection. They have taken to the jacket with ease (currently sharing) and have enjoyed exploring outside today.

Many thanks

Roxy wearing Blue Roxy wearing Blue1

August 2017

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the kitty harness is working out perfectly for our bengal Roxy - it is so easy to put on and I feel that she is very secure in it. We've been taking her for walks and she enjoys it so much that we took her to the Rocky Mountains for a hike today - she walked almost 2 miles on the trail.
I thought that I'd send some pictures in case you'd like to put them on your site. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer and happy cat.
Pam and Roxy

Ceefa wearing Green Ceefa wearing Green1 Ceefa wearing Green2

August 2017

Dear Maria,
It has been a while since I last wrote but now I have successful sold and moved to a retirement unit in Sydney so Ceefa for the past 3 weeks has been using his walking vest and it's been very successful. It obviously is extremely comfortable as he doesn't mind it all all. I am now living on the edge of the Garagal National Park on the north side of the harbour and am settling in well. I need another jacket so he has a change so will place an order but as you asked for some photos here they are.

Ceefa checks out the rock ledge in Garagal National Park - which is a very large green lung in the heart of Sydney as you can see from the photo. The park is actually over the edge (this is still on the Village property) as cats and dogs are prohibited from all NPs to protect the native animals. A lot of wallabies and smaller animals wander through the retirement village and cause havoc eating the young garden plants!

Typical cat he often just drops for a short rest when we're walking , mostly because he wants to go a different way!

Over the edge with my daughter - I couldn't scramble like that.

I'll now go onto your site and order another vest.
Pat McConnochie

Charlie wearing Arctic

June 2017

Hi Maria
Jacket received thank you very much, it looks great. This is the second jacket I have had. I would just like to say your jackets have been a godsend to our cat Charlie. He had a diagnosis of hip dysplasia back in November and had a hip replacement and knee surgery in February. I made a decision to make Charlie an indoor cat when he had his diagnosis and managed to train him on his jacket and lead before his surgery. The jacket is amazing and has given him outdoor freedom and security he otherwise wouldn't have had. Thank you very much

Winston wearing Black

May 2017

Hi Maria,
Thank you for the lovely jacket, my kitten Winston absolutely loves it as it means he can now go outside! The design is great and really easy to put on and take out with as little stress as possible on him, and feels really secure. Here are a few pictures, although I'm afraid they aren't the best as he just doesn't sit still enough when he's outside! I look forward to getting some great use out of the jacket and will definitely be buying another one once he (hopefully) fills out more.
Best regards,

Neo wearing Royal Stewart

May 2017

Hi Maria
Neo has been out in his new coat. We have learned to put it on snuggly or else it spin round too much. Neo is now a bit deaf, and so velcro sound no longer bothers him. I find it more robust and love how it sits around his front legs. Also when he tries to chase next door's cats out of his new territory, I am confident holding him back is secure and not hurting him. Here is a photo of the 17 year old with plenty spark left in him.
My work mate is about to order Spiderman and maybe Batman too.
Thank you
Angelina and Neo

Josie wearing Royal Stewart

May 2017

Hello Maria,
I have just received my Mynwood Cat Jacket, my human says the red tartan looks gorgeous on me (I'd agree on that - a couple of photos are attached for you) but as you'll probably imagine I am still very insecure as to what to do with it, I don't feel at ease and I am trying to reverse out of it. We've been on your website and read around al the useful information there... it might take me some time to figure the use of this jacket out. Since I am only 4 months old and the jacket is still a little loose for me, we have now also ordered a kitten size jacket for me, as you might have noticed. I get very impatient and wriggly when I have to put the jacket on, but once it's on it's not that dramatic after all, it just feels rather strange... my human seems very patient and determined, also because I travel around with her quite a bit so she says it's important I get used to this. In any case, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for these lovely jackets, which I have to say fit much better than my kitten harness which is more of a toy to me than a harness!!
Best wishes,
Josie (and owner Cat)

Apollo and Neptune wearing Pieces of Eight

May 2017

Hi Maria,
The boys have been out in their new jackets, on and off lead. They are very happy and quite comfortable in them, happily running around, climbing our tree, chasing ducks etc. On the lead they are more secure and more easily guided than in their old harnesses, which is great. I have included a few photos of them showing both patterns of their harnesses, which you are welcome to use if they are suitable. I will try to get more too. Thanks once again for supplying them so quickly and for producing such excellent jackets.

Lucy wearing Arctic Combat

April 2017

Hi Maria.
Just sharing some photos of your kitten wearing one of your jackets.
We all love it, including Pootle, who can now sit in the garden with us rather than being confined indoors 24/7.
What a difference it has made to all our lives - she loves to watch the birds and is fascinated by the ants on the patio ??
it's a whole new world to her. Often she just sits on our lap and watches the world go by enjoying the sunshine, just like a little lap dog! We will certainly be ordering more from you. Great quality and keen pricing :

Thank you so much.

Alfie Hamish and Belle  supercats

April 2017

We are getting used to our new jackets.
At first we were very cross and played dead.
Now we have accepted that this is what we have to do to go outside.
X Alfie, Hamish and Belle

Poppy wearing Purple1

November 2016

Hi Maria, I have received Poppy's jacket today and am very pleased with it. Certainly there is plenty of room for growth there: Poppy could become practically spherical and it would still fit! As Poppy has already become comfortable with cat clothing - the only difficulty being getting her to stand still long enough for me to put it on, I have had her outdoors today. She has mostly been carried as she was fearful - possibly of abandonment since she was an abandoned cat - but her willingness to be carried may increase her potential range in the way that it does for Martha. Thomas and Daisy both prefer to be close to home.
So, as you can see from the photos, there was much mewing and she's self-comforting a lot by rubbing her head against me the whole time, but overall I think she was glad to be out there and I might add that her excessive vocals indoors have diminished since she has been out. In short, I am in the living room with the door closed and she is no longer trying to bash it down to get at me...

Latte wearing Caramel

October 2016

Thanks so much Maria, the jacket arrived just in time. Latte is a very easygoing cat so he is adjusting quickly to his new jacket. It has been exactly what we needed and fits perfectly. He has always been an indoor cat so this was a bit over stimulating but fun, for both of us I think.

Findus the climbing cat Super Findus

October 2016

Hello Maria!
The Post was fast!!! I wondered about that.
The Jacket is very nice!!! Thank you!!! And Findus love his new Jacket!
"it's a Bird, or a Plane?- No! It's Super-Findus!!!!" ??
I send you the Fotos from him!!!
Best wishes and greetings from Germany, Kerstin
PS my mum put the patch from my work-shirt on the red jacket. Because at you tube is a video about netto-cats. It's so cute!!!!

Poppy wearing Black

October 2016

Received my cats jacket today. It's brilliant. Poppy has been out in the garden with a harness which was useless. It was very easy to put on because of the velcro much better than the clips which are very difficult to fasten and undo. Because Poppy has been out on a lead a couple of times I put it on her straight away. She immediately began to walk round with me while I did a bit of pruning. No sign of discomfort or stress. I had a bit of a problem getting it off because she was a bit excited and started to roll around. This will not be a problem. I am delighted with this cat jacket. I have attached three photos for you to choose from Regards Barbara

Suzannes puss wearing Grey Leopard FUr Suzannes puss wearing Leopard Fur

September 2016

Hi Maria
Received order on Saturday, thanks for speedy dispatch.
We were travelling to Ireland on Sunday morning so we were grateful as the harnesses we were using were not adequate for our Bengal girls (had a few near miss escapes). Your harnesses are the bees knees, perfect for strong, energetic curious cats!
Our Girls absolutely love their jackets & as you requested, here are some photos of them wearing them.
Once again thanks for your speedy service, we shall be visiting your website for updates, new products etc.
Sue Mulholland

Leo wearing High Viz

September 2016

We have been using the new jacket and it is so much better than our previous harness!
Thank you so much, Im really glad I did my research and found this.
Attached is a picture of Leo in the harness.
Jordan Simard

Sparky wearing Desert Storm

September 2016

Dear Maria,
Thank you very much for Sparky's new walking harness, as you can see from the attached photos, it fits perfectly and allows for any future growth. This is the second harness we have had from you, the first being Aug 2014, we have been taking Sparky for walks in our our garden (weather permitting) since he was young. He is an indoor cat, so only goes outside on a lead and harness. Thank you for being so prompt with the new one.
Kind regards
Ann & Bill Dorrington

Bella wearing Denim

September 2016

Hi Maria,
Thanks very much for the jacket, I am really pleased with it.
I had another harness for my cats but I could never fully trust it as they managed to slip out of it a few times. Your jacket was much easier to put on & it is much more secure. The cats seem to prefer that the point where the lead attaches is on the base of the jacket not the neck. I will probably be ordering another jacket soon as I have 2 cats so they will both be able to go outside together. I have attached a few photos of Bella, one of my Maine Coon's wearing it watching the birds this morning.

Charlottes puss wearing High Viz

August 2016

Hello Maria,
Thank you for your excellent service. As soon as I opened the package, my cat recognised the harness and jumped on my lap to get it on. It took less than 30 sec and off we went. Excellent design and plenty of velcro fastening to allow for growth, but still snug enough now for his present thin frame. The long straps are also convenient for his long hair. I hope you will be happy with the photos. It is quite hard to get good contrast with the high visibility fabric.
Kind regards,

Superman Corny

August 2016

Hi Maria
Just a few photo's of Cornelius in his fabulous jacket ! Feel free to use them & my review below on your website. After purchasing a GPS collar we were horrified to find out he was crossing a busy road every time he went out. I was a nervous wreck so we decided to see if we could train him to walk with a harness. After doing a bit of research I came across Mynwood Cat Jackets, I'm so pleased we did. The jackets are of a fabulous quality & there is no chance he can escape. It took us just one day for him to get used to wearing the jacket & now he knows when we pick up the lead he is going out so starts purring. He has kept it on a couple of days whilst taking a snooze. I love the jacket so much I've just ordered another one.
I've recommended you on a couple of facebook sites I use so hopefully you'll get a few orders
Thanks again Maria !

YOSHIMI Spidercat Ototo Batcat

August 2016

Hi Maria
Please find attached photos of Yoshimi and Ototo. We took Yoshimi out for a walk into the garden last weekend for the first time and Michael has put a video on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Shenton/100009739022980 I would send you the file but its too large. I hope that you can see it? If there is a way of sending the video over to you then please let us know.
Many thanks again

Lesleys puss wearing Mc Turvey

August 2016

Hi there!
Thank you for my order; I just wanted to let you know my cat has taken to his new coat and leash very well and has been enjoying exploring outside under safe supervision. It fits him very snuggly - no chance of him squirming out of it! - and he must find it nice and comfortable since after the first time I put it on him when it must have felt odd to him to wear something, he barely seems to notice he's got it on. I attach a photo of him proudly modelling it - you're welcome to use it on your website if you wish.
Kind regards

Tilly wearing Caramel

August 2016

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the quick turn around with the cat jacket, it's great, really good quality. Tilly (my cat) was a little unsure when I put it on her but as you can see from the attached photos she is quite happy and goes about her business in the garden. She had been use to a harness and lead but I always worried about their security. I feel much happier with Tilly in this coat and she walks better on it as the lead is attached a back not at the neck. My other cat (whom I had to have put to sleep a year ago) only use to go in the garden but Tilly is a different kettle of fish, she means so much to me I just couldn't let her out so a lead was the only answer. Quite a few cats have gone missing or been run over by us I couldn't let that happen to her, a woman told me about your cat jackets she has 3 her cats are pedigree she was really pleased with them. One question can the jacket be washed? Anyway thanks again, brill product, good price, happy owner and pussy cat:)
Nicky Duxbury

Maddie wearing Red Fleece

August 2016

Here are some pictures and a review for your website!
I have received excellent customer service from Mynwood Cat Jackets! The website is easy to navigate and I love how there are so many customer photos to look at, as that really helps you decide which design of jacket might look great on your own cat. Maria has been great to work with, and is open to answering any questions you might have throughout the entire process of acquiring one of these beautiful jackets. I received the jacket about a week from when it was ordered, which was very impressive as I am in Canada and these jackets come from the UK. I also love how you receive an email when it has been made and sent on it's way! As far as security, these jackets definitely seem to hold up to their high expectations! My cat has a tendency to spook and get away when outside, but with this jacket on all I have to do is stay calm and let the jacket hold him in place, so that I can safely scoop him up and carry him inside. He hasn't had a major freak out yet so whether it is completely escape proof or not, I don't know but I do believe that it's as secure as you can get! I have tried other harnesses that have had walks outside end very badly. At least now i know we've got the best chance possible to have safe and secure walks! There is only one suggestion that I could make to improve this service. I think it would be great if the length of the cat was one of the measurements required to send in when ordering a jacket. My jacket was just a little too short for my cats long body. However the second I told Maria that I thought it might be too short, She made up another one and sent it out to me. So it wasn't that big of a problem but definitely something to think about! Overall my cat and I are very happy customers!

Boy kitty

August 2016

Dear Mynwood,
Having had the Boy Kitty out a few dozen times with his Mynwood Jacket since receiving the product, I will say that this Jacket is the Best In The World! The Boy Kitty (aka: Little Houdini) has easily gotten out of his prior gear anytime he wanted. He didn't do it much, but had no problem at all in the past. Now, with his Mynwood on, he tried to escape once unsuccessfully and has not even tried since. WOW! He has become very comfortable with his Mynwood and looks forward to his "walks" (he leads, I follow. Of course) each day. Plus, get this, he has become a bonifide "chiick magnet". True. People just this it's the greatest this to see a cat out for a walk. What a stitch! He and I live in an RV, so the opportunities to take him out to sniff out the campground are numerous. He loves it. I love it. No snaps or catches to fasten. Easy to put it on. We have been on our "Mynwood walks" every day. And will continue to enjoy life in many wonder filled places as we travel.
Thank You so very very much.
Love and Blessing for you and your business!
Barry Newman and The Boy Kitty

Mr Chunky wearing Blue Tigsy wearing Red

July 2016

Hi Maria
Sorry for the late reply. I recently moved address and, although I had a mail redirect in place, you must have despatched these really quickly and they went to my old address. Luckily, we still have the keys to the old house so I picked up the jackets yesterday. They're lovely! Mr Chunky, my big tabby boy, looks very handsome in his blue jacket. The red jacket looks beautiful on my little black girl cat, Tigsy. I think they thought they were being told off a lot when they felt the pressure of the jacket on them as they often started walking then flopped over. It must have felt like a grab at the scruff of the neck. After a short while, the smells and noises got their attention and they were up and wandering around again in no time. Mr Chunky even jumped up on the fence to do some acrobatics ?? Thank you again. Denise Moorhouse recommended you and I'm very happy with the jackets and leads. I think these two are too:

Nazram wearing Red

July 2016

Hi Maria
Thank you for getting the jacket ready so quickly - I received it a couple of days ago and am really impressed at how secure it is! My cat, Nazram, tried to escape from it and after I tightened the neck strap he couldn't get his paw through it and gave up after a few minutes. Please find attached a couple of photos I took of him wearing the jacket indoors.
Many thanks

Midas wearing Green

July 2016

We have received the harness! Thank you :) It's been pretty hot outside lately so we haven't been able to venture out much yet to test it out. We've been letting Midas get used to the harness indoors because he takes a while to adapt to new harnesses. We went outside for a brief period today and had no problems. He is still a bit awkward, as he is not used to a jacket type harness yet. Overall though he did very well. He heard the neighbors dog bark and tried to make a break for it but the harness held up nicely :) I've attached a picture of Midas taking a break from the heat in his new jacket.. feel free to check him out on Instagram @catventure_bros I'm sure we will be posting more pictures of him in his harness over the next few weeks! Thanks again!

Dolly wearing Pink

June 2016


Got the jacket for Dolly in the mail today. It is wonderful in every way. Easy to put on. Dolly never had to be taught to walk with one. She just did that immediately with the first dog one we got her in May. That one, however, she could wiggle her way out of. This one appears as though that would be impossible.

Love the color too. Just overall thrilled with it. She did fine with it. Very easy to get on and off. If she had her way, she would love to just run freely but we live in the country and she wouldn't live one day running free. She fears nothing. She was abandoned very young in the cold month of January and it's a miracle she's alive. We love her beyond words. She's just an angel. Loves to go outside so thank God for this great product.

I'm on iPad so will have to send pictures separately. Bye for now and thank you for this product.


Zeus wearing Leopard Fur Zeus wearing Leopard Fur1 Zeus wearing Leopard Fur2

June 2016

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the great job you done with the harness Zeus is loving his new found freedom. I have included some photos of his first walk.
Feel free to use them as you please.
Thanks again
John Dyer

Pakito in the black watch tartan Monty in the arctic cammo

June 2016

Hi Maria,
I just wanted to say thank you for the jackets. We are in the process of moving house and wanted harnesses that would be more comfortable than the ones we previously had. Our cats have also been flat bound but moving to a house means we need to help them adjust to outdoor freedom so there will be lots of lead training to come. I have attached a photo of Monty in the arctic cammo and Pakito in the tartan.
Many thanks
Tamzin Vokes

RagBag wearing Paw Project RagBag wearing Paw Project1 RagBag wearing Paw Project2

June 2016

Dear Maria,
The jacket has worked out so well! I meant to send you pictures earlier than this, but here are a few. And here's the story behind it. RagBag the rescue Bengal arrived before Xmas 2015. His sister followed shortly after. She was a bit worse than him when they were found, and required an extended stay at the vets before she could be rehomed with me. The two lived happily together here for many months, but she was never really well. We made her comfortable. She passed in October 2015. Once she was gone, himself was alone in the house when we went out, and was very quickly desperately unhappy. He can't go out by himself, we've tried that and he's not bright enough to know what's dangerous or to find his own way back. So I ordered the jacket, really on the off chance we could at least take him out in the garden. When I put it on him he instantly hated it. I totally ignored all your good advice, I'm afraid, and just clipped the lead on and took him straight outside. He decided that if the deal was wear the hated jacket and he gets to go outside, he'd put up with the jacket. Now, of course, I only have to shake that jacket and he comes running, because he knows it means an adventure. And he has had adventures! He's a regular at our local village pubs. He's been narrowboating, canoeing, and most recently to the beach. Anywhere with us, and with his little jacket on, he feels safe. I've attached some pictures, feel free to use them on your website if you like. We're moving overseas soon, and I'm worried his jacket will be too hot in the tropics. Can you do a special order for him, made of a cool mesh or something like that? Thanks, for giving an old rescue puss a new lease of life.
Tess & Phil & RagBag RescueCat

Whiskey wearing Leopard Fur

June 2016

Hi Maria
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. My husband and I have just returned from taking our bengal camping for a couple of days. It was an interesting time! As regards the jacket we purchased from you, we are both very pleased with it and I found your website very easy to navigate and make a purchase from. Whiskey is now used to the jacket albeit we are far from mastering 'walking' him! He's a very nervy, jumpy cat and him being in unfamiliar surroundings put paid to us taking him very far. Throw in some neighbouring dogs and he simply didn't want to leave our motorhome. Nevertheless we will persist with trying to train him. He was more at ease late at night.
Many thanks
Lisa Davies

Lynx wearing black

May 2016

Hi Maria
Hope you are well. Please find attached some pictures of my maine coon Lynx wearing his lovely cat harness. As you can see from the pictures we have walked him using the lead but also attached him to a dog lead stake so that we can sit in the garden and let him run around free. I'm really really pleased with my purchase. Lynx took to the harness really well and spent a lot of time in the house wearing it before we could let him outside (as he hadn't had all his vaccinations). I followed your instructions carefully on getting him use to it and had no difficulty at all. He walks really well on a lead although as usual (being a cat) he walks me rather than me walking him. As he's spent a lot of time in the house wearing it, it's demonstrated how effective the harnesses are in that they are really escape proof! The other thing which I really liked is that they expand so much. Lynx has put on weight due to his breed however the harness has still got lots of room to allow for this. I'm sure I will make purchases in the future for more as he wont be fully grown till he is 4 years old and I also think it's only fair to give him a variety of colours to wear if he's using it regulary (ha ha!) Thanks again for all your advice. Feel free to use the pictures on your website. I will also review your product on amazon. This harness has given me peace of mind that Lynx can go on a lead without me worrying that he will escape. I haven't seen anything on the market that is as reassuring as this product!
Thanks again
Helen and Lynx

Milo wear Paw Project

May 2016

Thanks for the lovely harness which Milo wore for the first time today. He is a British Short-haired lilac and white boy and normally a house cat. He is only 13 months old but desperately wants to go into the garden which made me feel guilty. I read all about you on your website and your various harnesses and thought I would try Milo in one. He took to it very well and explored outside for over an hour. He is now exhausted and happily sleeping in the conservatory. Hopefully my photos will come through for you to see your harness being worn.
Thanks once again.
Kind regards

Eli wearing Purple

May 2016

Dear Maria, I never thought it would take me this long to send you photos of my Maine Coon Eli in his cat jacket. I just brought him back indoors and hes once again a happy boy, after his sniffing and romping tour of the back garden. Thank you so much for making these and making it possible for Eli to get outside, which he LOVES! I also wanted to tell you that although I watched your videos and was prepared for an adjustment process, guess what!? From the first time I put the jacket on him, he just lay down and purred. It was similar to the response of some hyper-active children when a blanket is wrapped around them. He was immediately ready to go!! Have you ever heard of that? One last question: what is a Moggie? Ive never heard that name for a type of cat. Just wondering. Enjoy them all, anyway. Do you ever take more than one of them outside at one time? I cant imagine that, but
Thanks, again, Maria.
Best regards,
Barbara King
Boston, USA

Cleo wearing Blue Combat1 Cleo wearing Blue Combat

May 2016

Hello Maria,
My Siamamese Kitten Cleo loves her cat jacket. The best thing for me is the Velcro fastening as she hates anything going over her head - I've had great difficulty with over the head cat harnesses in the past. That's why your jacket design is hassle free. Hope you like the photos!
Many thanks

Ginger wearing Black

May 2016

Dear Maria Thank you so much for the jacket for Ginger which arrived this morning so very quick much appreciated. Ginger took up residence with us 5 years ago after living out rough for 18 months!!! In 2014 he suffered a nasty injury having been caught in a trap in woods near us. After extensive surgery where he had a titanium frame bolted on his leg and tendon reconstruction and cage rest for several months we decided to curtail his freedom and have him as a house cat a decision we did not take lightly as he was a feral cat but we realised that with a main road outside the house he would stand no chance in the future. He has an outdoor house but we still wanted him some more freedom. Your jacket has given him that! It is well made and well thought out so we thank you very much for coming up with ideal jacket. We did not bother about getting him used to it for weeks we put it on him and took him outside and as you can see from the attachment he just loves it still a but unsure but that is not too much of a problem he even tried jumping!!! We are so pleased that he can have some outdoor life again.
With many grateful thanks
The Shingleton Family
PS is the fleece supposed to be inside our outside???? I say inside but my husband says not???

Hexs kitten wearing Paw Project

May 2016

Dear Maria,
Sorry I took so long. Photos and a video, jacket is brilliant. We have a special rucksack she sits in when we go on our adventures (mostly National Trust) but when there's no one around she likes to walk with the dogs and play in the grass.
Kind regards
Heather McCreadie

Batcat Horatio

April 2016

Hi Maria,
Thanks so much for the fabulous cat coat! Horatio loves it.... He is very happy to be strutting around in it and can move about easily in it. It's very well made and soft, it doesn't restrict his movements- thanks for making the arm holes bigger for him too! Very speedy service as well which is definitely always good! Thanks so much and hope you like the photos- I'll be recommending you to friends - people that have seen him out and on Facebook have been asking where we got it from so you might have some more orders to come! Kind regards,
Rachael x

Tilly wearing Green

April 2016

Hi Maria,
We've finally started taking Tilly outside. Here is a picture of her wearing her harness. We're very pleased with it. It was very funny when we first put it on her. She kept falling over. It was like she was drunk! She is used to it now and enjoys going out.

Alfred wearing Desert Storm

April 2016

Hi Maria, Thank you, we love the jacket. Seems to have plenty of growing room so should last him a while. Alfred seemed to lose the ability to walk in a straight line when we first put it on him, but as you can see from the photo, he soon got the hang of it. Here he is on his first ever walk outside.

Dylan wearing Black

April 2016

Thank you for the wonderful jacket! I am so impressed that it fits so well now and also has loads of growing room! It is so well made. As you can see from the picture Dylan didn't really take any convincing to wear it (just a few treats as we put it on.) He then paraded around the house showing it off and has had his first adventure outside!
Thank you again! Jo & Dylan

Nila wearing Skulls

April 2016

This is Nila on her first outing with her new jacket! She enjoys being out and I feel confident that she is secure and won't escape into the road. Thank you for offering this product for those of us that love our kitties and want them to remain safe while enjoying the outdoors. Thanks again,
Sandee Vaughn

Milo wearing Skulls

April 2016

Dear Maria,
Thank you so much for the jacket. It arrived this morning, and myself, my partner, and Milo the cat are all very pleased with it. We have been walking Milo with a regular cat harness, which worked fairly well, although there were moments where Milo would stop and try to bite off the harness straps. The jacket works much better - he barely seems to notice it once it's on. Attached are some pictures of Milo wearing it for the first time during our morning walk (it's hard to get a good photo of him, as he's so energetic all the time!). Please feel free to use them on your website if you wish. Thanks again,
James and Eleanor

Wookiee wearing Green Combat

March 2016

Hi Maria,
I promised to send you a photo of Wookiee in our MX5, he always preferred the hood down. I use the past tense because a week after this photo was taken...Good Friday no less, he was out and about and away for too long without popping home for a cuddle. By 3pm I went looking for him and to my absolute horror I found him dead around the corner from our house in a pine copse... He had been hit by a car and laid very neatly on the ground. He was very clean and perfect looking..he had been hit in the head. You can imagine how distraught we were to lose our furbaby of just 1yr 7mnth (on Easter Day!) we didn't want to get out of bed and we didn't sleep or eat as he was our baby (we don't have children). I'm just relived that it was instant &I that I found him. We decided then that any future pussy would have to stay indoors or out on a lead with us, or perhaps a catio at a later date. So we decided to start looking for a new kitten because we needed the rather large whole in our hearts and home filled, and behold on Easter Day we saw advertised, a cream Maine coon...he was still available - just. So we shot upto Essex on Easter afternoon and brought home our new furbaby who needed our love. And Maria, he is absolutely gorgeous; very chilled and affectionate and when he looks at you, he looks into your soul. We miss Wookiee and it hurts so much, but thank god for our new Ollie to save us. They are such a part of us aren't they?! I do believe in another spiritual world, and it feels as though it all happened as it was meant to, in the best possible way for a horrific experience and however cruel it feels... Our Ollie needed us. Lots of love Lid Arthur

Amar wearing Skulls

March 2016

Dear Mrs. Harrison,

Not a problem at all.
I have read very good things not only about the jacket itself ,also about how light the leash is. I would really appreciated it if you would be so kind a send me the leash, since I do not know if I will get the same good quality and extreme light weight over here.
By the time the leash gets here we might be ready for going outside for the very first time.
See, everything happens for a reason.?

Antje Loske

First picture as an attachment

Safty wearing Skulls

March 2016

I purchased a Mynwood jacket for my old cat Safty when I decided to move from one region of the country to another.
He had been a rescue cat, initially a feral cat, who slowly over time became less feral.
However, he was one of several feral cats I adopted and they were happy to live in a shed that was set up like a penthouse for cats.
Cats who didn't care to be handled or be indoors, no matter how much I tried.
Due to illness or age, my family of cats reduced until I was left with my cat Safty, the first one I adopted.
This had been over a 16 year period and finally Safty allowed me to handle him and eventually I was able to teach him how to use a cat flap so he could come in or go out at his leisure. He did not trust anyone else, he is a free spirit and if I tired to put a collar on him he disliked it with a passion.
After 16 years of only knowing one life I knew it was going to be difficult to settle him into a new home, I read what you needed to do to get a cat to settle into a new environment and I knew I was going to need a really good, unescapable cat harness, so that I could take him out and get him use to a completely new environment. I came across Mynwood Cat Jackets and read why Maria started making these, so I decided to order one from her. I took the measurements as per the instructions and received the harness shortly afterwards.
I knew getting Safty in a harness would be hard work and I was right. Initially I just left the harness by his bed so he would get use to it.
When I was fussing him I would play with the velcro straps so that he could get use to the noise too.
Eventually, with a bit of perseverance I put the jacket on him and it was like someone had put a lead weight on his back, he didn't move and wasn't happy, he dropped to the floor. I persevered, just leaving it on for a few minutes at a time to begin with and brushing him or giving him treats to distract him. Then I would try and get him to walk indoor for treats, initially he walked like he had a neurological problem, but his walking in it got better over time.
Then I introduced the lead and practised this in the house too. Once I had moved I did the same whilst he was settling into his new home.
Then I decided first to take him into the garden wearing the jacket attached to the lead, it was slow progress and I just had to be patient.
Finally I took him outside the garden. I tried to pick a quiet time of day (cats prefer dark to day but knew I needed to vary it just for him to get familiar with his surroundings).
That first time out he was ok to begin with, but then he spooked himself and he went nuts, he was like the Tasmanian Devil, and this happened quite a few times before he got better. I am absolutely convinced that he would have escaped any other store bought harness, but because his jacket was specifically made for him with extra long velcro straps I'm convinced that made the difference.
He never got completely use to it, and now it will only be used if I need to take him to the vets (he wore the jacket whilst being micro-chipped too), and though I am pleased to say that he does now happily wear a collar, I think given his age and character I doubt he ever will get completely use to the jacket, but I am sure I would have struggled so much more, or even lost my cat whilst out on a walk, had I not used this product.
I would recommend Mynwood Cat Jackets without hesitation.
Thank you Maria and Best Wishes,
Sue Harris, March 2016

Millie wearing Cream Fleece

March 2016


We welcomed our 3 year old Bengal into our home just over 6 weeks ago.
She was and still is a bit timid, and she is unused to being picked up.
The situation has slowly improved and yesterday was the first time we managed to get her harness on her. She has never ventured outside before.
The harness has been a complete success and she has had several walks around the garden over the past two days.
Our 3 year old snow spotted Bengal "Millie" is very happy to wear it and she is thoroughly enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Thank you so much."
Peter and Sara.

Dave wearing Gold Cotton

30 January 2016

Hi, this is Charlene Andrzeicik in Florence AL USA. I got your jacket the other day. If you remember I wanted it for my cat "Psycho" Dave after he had hurt his foot outside.
I said I would never let him outside again.....well....while waiting for the jacket to arrive, my sweet boy became even more psycho by not being able to go out.
He was a terror to my other cats and people who where here...so I ended up letting him go in and out like he used to. When the jacket arrived, I did as you said -
let them play with it and I put it on Dave for a few minutes. To my surprise, it didn't seem to bother him much at all.
Then I thought of one of my other cats - Jimmy. I rescued him from a pet store in December. He came with an upper respiratory infection.
The papers that came with him said that he was "unwanted". How could anyone NOT want this loving kity - the motor never stops - he's such a sweetie.
I don't think he had ever been outside. I tried taking him out in my arms - he was so scared. Well, I tried the vest on him. Doesn't quite fit him as well as Dave because he's still a little smaller, but he'll grow into it.
Anyway, he was purring when I put it on him and I took him outside and put him down. We explored the grass, the leaves on the ground....and a tree.
He didn't mind wearing it. He didn't mind the leash and the yellow vest looks so cute on my little yellow Jimmy. I'm sending you so photos of Jimmy with it on.

You can be sure that I will let everyone know about you and your vests. It's not often nowadays that you can get what you pay for.
This little vest is worth every penny. It is fantastic!! I'm also going to send you a picture of my "Psycho" Dave...you'll be able to tell he's a man who wants things HIS WAY...or else:)
Again, thank you so much.

Quimby wearing Meadow Check1 Quimby wearing Meadow Check2 Quimby wearing Meadow Check3

18 January 2016

Hello Maria!
Yes, I was the FB person that posted that picture and said I'd send more. Want to attach a few more that may have better resolution, show the fit and other terrain in case. I give full permission to use as you see fit to promote your vests. I want to share this joy with everyone I can. I am also honored to have Sir Quimby on your site! I will await to see what you put up in the end and then add my review and hopefully Photo book with other choices. I even use this vest for transport, as he really does much better not using a carrier. Sincerely
Christina Powell

Dexter Bat Cat

20 October 2015

The batman jacket is a huge success!!
Dexter who is nearly 8kg walked to the vets today!!! He's nearly blind and has neurological problems
He didn't struggle or scratch at the coat, it was a instant success.
I've told my vets and "cat people" all about your company - thank you so much!!
Jules & Dexter
Dexter at the vets door :)

Merlin wearing Black with red reverse

17 October 2015

Hi Maria
Here are a couple of pictures of the cats. Merlin the lilac point siamese loves going for a walk with his new harness. Arthur the apricot point also finds it comfortable but is very much a home 'bird' though hopefully with more practice and encouragement will enjoy going for a walk. We found the website easy to use and enjoyed seeing the different cats with their new harnesses.
Kerry and Ron

Micheles puss wearing Faux Leather

16 October 2015

Hi Maria,
The harness is great -- even better than I had hoped ! And I think he looks rather handsome in it --- although I accept that I am biased (picture attached). Thank you so much. Best regards
M A Delmain

Julies puss wearing Cream Fleece Julies puss wearing Chocolate Fleece

14 October 2015

Hi Maria,
I have previously ordered jackets for my maine coon and ragdoll and use them everyday. They both get so excited when the jackets come out. As indoor cats they love to explore outside, but are safe in their jackets as they can't run off or risk getting onto road. I attach them to a rope which gives them room to explore safely. I attach a photo of them . I will try and get some better photos to illustrate the jacket better, and also when I receive new jacket for my Baby "cow puss" I will try and get some photos of her too. There is nothing on the market that comes close to your jackets and I will try and get some decent photos to put them on some Australian cat groups with links, Kind regards,
Julie Price

Ollie wearing Red

7 October 2015

The cat jacket is so cut on my Ollie. Hes fine about wearing it now. All I have to do is show it to him and he runs over to have me put it on him!! He knows hes going outside!! Heres a photo of him exploring the back yard and discovering the fish pond! Hes never bothered the fish, though. Ill try to take some better photos for you. I wanted to send you a thank you and a cute cat photo as soon as I could. Im going to try to figure out how to leave you positive feedback on Etsy. And do it right now!
Again, many thanks!
My best,

Stellas Savannah wearing Faux Leather Stellas Savannah wearing Faux Leather1

2 October 2015

Hi Maria,
a few photos of my Savannah wearing his faux leather jacket, i followed your video advice on lead training and in just under one week he's enjoying the outside world, he still sits down at times, but dose not mind having his jacket on, he's so interested in the outside I think he's forgotten about it,
and I know he's secure and can't escape, I just can't thank you enough for making these jackets, I have added a photo of him asleep after an afternoon in the garden Best wishes one very happy customer, Stella.

B B wearing Black

29 September 2015

Hi Maria,
Many thanks for making the cat jacket and posting it out so quickly, I received it this morning, and am very pleased with it .
As our cat BB is used to wearing a harness (which he did reverse out of) we have been through the "I can't walk in this" stage already so although he was a bit strange at first settled down pretty quickly and after a few minutes was quite happy. Have enclosed a couple of photos and if they are any good you can use them on your web site.
Thank you again for your excellent service.
Marie Ellison

Marcis puss wearing Green

28 September 2015

Hey there - we adore our new vest. I had tried a couple of other harnesses, only because I was waiting for our kitten to get older and bigger. I am sad that I did because I see that your vest grows with the kitten/cat and it is so much safer. The weight of the vest fabric is perfect (not to hot or heavy) and it's so easy to put on (no little clasps everywhere). The engineering and quality of the vest really shows throughout and is worth every penny. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!

28 September 2015

Hey there - we adore our new vest. I had tried a couple of other harnesses, only because I was waiting for our kitten to get older and bigger. I am sad that I did because I see that your vest grows with the kitten/cat and it is so much safer. The weight of the vest fabric is perfect (not to hot or heavy) and it's so easy to put on (no little clasps everywhere). The engineering and quality of the vest really shows throughout and is worth every penny. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!

Batcat Merlin

28 September 2015

Hi Maria,
I am just glad that I can help spread the word and let more people enjoy your lovely jackets. We have now returned safely from our vacations and I wanted to send you some more pics. Finally he was being such a good boy that we could let him play outside even without the jacket but for the trip to and from the airport (and while waiting at the airport) it was invaluable to have it. Would not want to miss again the commodity of being able to carry him around the airport and to have him outside his box in the car. He normally hates traveling by car (a lot more than traveling by plane) and this time he hardly protested but tried to look outside the window. Thanks again for making our life with Merlin a whole lot easier :)

Ethel the Bridesmaid Ethel the Bridesmaid2 Ethel the Bridesmaid3

21 September 2015

Dear Maria,
We are back from a very magical time in Scotland, where our cat, Ethel, wore your wonderful bridesmaid coat on our special day. She looked gorgeous, as you will see in the attached photos. Note that as soon as the ceremony began she chose to climb Antony's suit and sit on his shoulder! Thank you for doing such a fabulous job of her outfit. It really looked amazing.
Warmest wishes,
Naomi & Antony

Cooper Trooper wearing Arctic Cooper climbing in his jacket

21 September 2015

Hey, Maria! I'm so excited, we just received the cat jacket in the mail! :D Slipped it on and he was falling over, which was very humorous considering he's used to wearing a different harness and I was not expecting that response from him. I called Cooper to the door and he bounded down the stairs after me. He has missed going outside since we lost his other harness, it's been at least two months of him begging to go out on an 'adventure'! And now he is overjoyed to go out regularly once again! :3
Thank you!
-Cooper Trooper

Neko wearing Skulls

15 September 2015

Hi there,
Wanted to send you a few pictures of Neko enjoying his wonderful cat jacket out in the garden. We've been out in it quite a few times ( even beyond the Garden!) and love it just as much as the day we got it. What we have not been so good at is remembering to take pictures or posing for pictures. However, wanted to send some pictures your way to show you your wonderful work being enjoyed. ( I shall also send one terribly blurry one that shows not much jacket at all, but hopefully shows how delighted he is at being able to strut about outside, my camera and photography skills were sadly unable to capture this in its full glory.) In the unlikely chance that any are good enough for you to use for anything then feel free to do so! Thank you for your wonderful service. We will be returning as customers when we think we need a winter jacket, and then a grown up jacket, and then probably a grown up winter jacket. Also maybe any more jackets we can think of the need for since we love them so much. Rona and Neko

Neo wearing Skulls

13 September 2015

Hi Maria
Thought I would send you a few piccies of Ardys first steps outside the house this morning. The coat is fab, it was a little large but nothing 2 weeks kitty growth hasn't sorted ?? he's comfy and safe. Just what I need as he's very inquisitive. The jacket is great value as it will fit him for ages, plenty of growth room. It's also fantastic quality, really sturdy and well made. A big thank you from Ardy and me x I'll send more pics as he grows x

Neo wearing Skulls

31 August 2015

Dear Maria
Neo's lead training is going well! He has already associated the harness with going outside so doesn't 'fall over' when we put the harness on him. He's very vocal anyway, but as soon as his paws touch the patio the meows start! Our friends think we're crazy... But I'm glad that other cat owners are equally as nuts!! ?? Thank you
Gemma xx

Catherines puss wearing Paw Project Black1 Catherines puss wearing Paw Project Black

30 August 2015

Hi Maria,
sorry I didn't get back to you - we brought the lead because we wanted our cat not to be stuck in the cat carrier on a 5 hour trip while we moved.
Here's some photos;

Merlin wearing High Viz

30 August 2015

Hi Maria,
the jacket arrived safe and sound and I could not be more happy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for including the Batman symbol on the other side of the jacket. It looks great on him and my boyfriend was thrilled about the surprise! Now we have a fashionable side for outings during the day and the other side with the high visibility yellow fabric for outings during twilight when safety is more important than style. Here in Spain we live in an apartment and only have a small balcony which is secured with a net so that right now training outdoors unfortunately is out of the question. We live in a city and with all the traffic and dogs, leaving the apartment would not be worth the risk. I ordered the jacket because in two weeks we will be spending our holidays in Germany with my family where we have a big garden and our cat will be able to see the real benefit of the jacket. Last time we could not let him out of the house because I was afraid he might run away, so this year he will be able to enjoy himself a lot more. Also I am hopeful that he adapts well enough to the jacket to be able to take him out of the pet carrier in the airport. On the plane (fortunately he can travel with us in the plane) he has to be inside of course, but at least he could stretch his legs in the car and before boarding. Yesterday we tried the jacket on the first time and he was not too happy but adapted way better than expected. Merlin is a former street cat and always hated anything that I tried on (collar or other jackets we tried). He protested a little bit when I tried his new jacket on but only made a few half-hearted attempts to get rid of it. Afterwards he decided that he absolutely could not walk in it and just laid down XD We will make sure to make lots of photos once we can take him outside and we will send you some to put on your website :) Right now I only have this one which shows Merlin wondering why we made him wear something like this:
Since he reacts badly to pressure we fitted it relatively loosely at first and will adjust it more and more with training. But even putting it on this way he was unable to escape which makes me confident that once we put it on correctly it will be impossible for him. Please feel free to include my commentaries and the photo on the website. Thank you again for permitting us to travel more easily with Merlin and for making it possible to give him more freedom. That means a lot to us and to him as well once he understands where this new project of ours is going :) The buying experience with you was one of the best I ever had. We ordered at around 11 pm and the next day the jacket was already made and shipped. Shipping also was extremely fast and the jacket arrived in perfect condition. That you were able to include the Batman symbol on such a short notice was just incredible. I will recommed you to anyone looking to buy a jacket and in case of needing another one I will most definitely return. Your price-service-ratio is unbeatable! Many thanks and have a nice weekend! :)

Timmy wearing Purple Slim Timmy

30 August 2015

Hi Maria, you may also like to know that Timmy has lost 1.3kg since going on his walks round the car park and being on a diet. His vet is very impressed and I gave her your details which she has passed on to the rest of the staff :) Here's a recent photo taken 7/8/15 - the jacket still fits a treat! 30 May 2015

Hi Maria
Thank you for sending the jacket so promptly. I'm very pleased with it! Timmy seems to have accepted it quite easily too :)
I have attached a photo of him wearing it in the garden. I hope to be able to take him out for more exercise in the car park with it on tomorrow when it's quiet (carried him out for a sniff today!) Timmy has a shoulder injury (bone chip under his brachial plexus) which means that if he jumps too high he goes temporarily lame (& they advise too risky to operate) so he is a very lazy house and garden cat - hence getting overweight. I'm hoping the extra exercise helps him get a bit slimmer! Your website was fine but for some reason I was unable to use my Paypal account to pay - may have been a Paypal problem though - I doubt it was anything to do with your end. I like the tips for lead training and the photos. It was all very easy to use. Hope that's helpful

Maddie wearing Royal Stewart

17 August 2015

Hi Maria
This is the second jacket I've ordered as we have adopted another cat and want to take our two girls out together. We've had the first jacket a couple of years for our savannah Maddie. Maddie had been a breeding queen and we adopted her at 5yrs old. Despite never having been outdoors or on a lead before she took to the jacket straight away. We now have Anya a choc point siamese who we also adopted at age 5yrs and she has already got used to using Maddie's jacket and loves going for walks. Standard cat harnesses are very awkward to put on and never look comfortable but your jackets are brilliant. They are extremely well made and excellent value for money. I have already posted feedback on your website but here are a couple of pix of the girls. I'll send more when we have the new jacket. Thanks a lot

Gozu and Mezu

10 August 2015


My 2 kittens have gotten use to their harnesses now and I've managed to take one outside on a leash. Even though I've tried leash training both of them they will only come towards me or follow me if I have food but I thought I'd take my male kitten outside as he's the one that's really interested in going outside. It started out slow with him just sitting or laying down and sniffing things nearby but after a few minuets he started chasing insects and that got him more active. The only problem that I have is he started making his way to the hedge that borders on my garden and the neighbors garden and its open underneath so when he gets under it I have to crawl in and get him. He doesn't respond to being called when outside I think that's because everything's new and interesting but I was wondering if there is anything else that I could do to entice him back to my side or make him avoid the hedge. My female kitten is another story, she has no problem with the harness or leash but she is scared of the outside, as soon as she is out of the house she becomes skittish and the slightest thing will make her bolt back into the house. If you carry her outside in your arms she tries to jump from your arms to get back inside. She needs a lot more enticing than her brother I think. The harnesses are great and I am so happy that they are easy to put on and take off and the kittens like them too. The white and red one is Gozu (male) and the tortoiseshell is Mezu (female). He has the arctic camouflage jacket and she has the skulls, sorry that the pics are all inside. They are about 4 months old now so lots more growing to do.

Luna wearing Cheetah

8 August 2015

I have received my Mynwood cat Jacket / harness today Saturday 8th August which was so quick as I only placed the order late Thursday 6th August. Your ordering system and information are extremely easy to navigate especially for me as I'm a complete technophobe!:) The price was very reasonable for a handmade and made to measure item and the quality is excellent. The harness I have been using (a nylon corded harness adjustable between the shoulders) was very difficult to put on as I had to put Luna's front legs through the thing and the adjustable sliding clasp seemed very uncomfortable and not at all safe. The Mynwood jacket is extremely easy to put on seems very comfortable and Luna proof!! Being a Bengal she is very active and now she can explore the garden (with me) giving her so much better quality of life for a house cat, also giving me more peace of mind whilst we are outside. I would say this is an essential item for anyone who has an indoor cat, a well made, comfortable, practical and snazzy cat jacket / harness. Thank you so much
Lou & Luna :)

Lola wearing Paw Project Black

7 August 2015

Hi Maria
Just wanted to say Thank You from Lola and myself for her lovely new jacket, she has a few different ones from you but I think this is my favourite so far! She was a rescue cat last year and, although she is nearly 9, really enjoys a walk and purrs when I put her jacket on! Best Wishes

Zynga wearing black watch Shay wearing royal stewart

20 July 2015

Hi I just wanted to thank you for the harnesses for my cats again. I know it has been quite a while maybe a year since we got the 3 from you but I am sure you remember us my cat was the cat that broke one of your harnesses before and you had to send us a replacement Im sure you remember as I bet that never happens much. HaHa well he turned out to be a big and very strong Cat. But anyway I wanted to let you know that I was telling my local vet here how much my cats love your harnesses because they get to go outside. I do believe she is going to take a look at your site to place an order for herself and spread the word at her work on them maybe it will bring you a little business! Anyway out of my 3 cats 2 of them wear theirs the other cat not so much. But my little one that broke the harness he actually got to be a big boy and out grew his but it works out perfect he wears the other one we have from my cat that wont wear his now. I might order him another one for next summer but have to make sure it is a re-enforced one. LOL. My Question is before I keep rambling is I have attached 4 photos for you I was wondering if maybe you could post them on your site? I see so many cute photos you have on there & was hoping you could add 2 of my boys? If you need their names at all the cat in the red harness is Shay & the cat in the blue harness is Zynga. Thanks so much and let me know either way. Kim

Millie wearing Black

20 July 2015

Hi Maria,
I would like to thank you for Millie's harness/jacket that arrived today. It is just LOVELY! I hope Mildred or Millie will think the same. I will include a photo of her so you will be able to see The Lady of the House! I am 57 years of age and until January of this year had never really had a pet. I was then asked if I would consider adopting Mildred. (I had been thinking of getting a pet ie. a cat or a dog ) Her owners were moving and were unable to take her with them. Needless to say, after careful thought, I agreed. Now Millie has been used to going outside regularly, before coming to live with me, but where I live I feel it is too dangerous for her to do so ....... I have a busy road at the front of where I live and at the moment some derelict houses behind my house. She has also not shown a great deal of interest in going outside to be honest. She is just LOVELY! She is very friendly and enjoys being where I am. Infact you could probably say she is a bit dog like!! She has put on a little weight so I searched the internet and found your website in order to try and get her outside in a safe way. It will be very interesting to see how she copes with me trying to put the harness on her as she has never even worn a collar before. I will keep you posted. I will most certainly send you a photo of her wearing the jacket. In answer to your questions I think the website is excellent. It is very clear and very easy to follow. I have already read the information re lead training etc. but will certainly re-read it numerous times in the coming days. I have already put the jacket on the floor for Millie to become accustomed to seeing it. She has already had a couple of sniffs. I may put a little catnip on it as well. I think all the gallery of photos is a really smashing idea, thank you. Thank you once again for the excellent item and brilliant service. I hope you like the photos of Millie which I have attached. Continued good luck with your business. With my thanks and best wishes,
Lesley and Millie Brown

Hiya Maria!
Please find attached a couple of photos of Millie wearing her jacket for the first time and also for the first time on a lead in the back garden. she did the laying down thing initially but when she realised she could not get it off she got up and began to move around. I then picked her up and walked around the garden with her in my arms showing her everything in a jolly voice. She showed an interest in going out again so I used the lead I had and then let her lead me outside. I will let you know how we get on. I hope the photos or at least one of them are ok for your website. Thanks again. With my best wishes,
Lesley and Mildred Brown

StanLee wearing Skulls

3 July 2015

Hello Maria, I received my new harness for my ragdoll cat, StanLee, today and was surprised at how quickly it came. StanLee tried it out immediately, taking a cooling wander around his nannan's garden. The design is much more preferable to the harness he had before. I love the freedom he has with the open chest area. He looks far more comfortable. The choice offabrics meant that I could add some individuality. Thank you Jill

Grohl wearing Skulls Ming wearing Red Skulls

11 June 2015

Hi Maria! I love the jackets :) Finding something to fit these 2 has been a nightmare. Everything Ive tried up to now has had to be adapted a bit, making it easier for them to get out of if they really wanted to - I think it's their scrawny necks and big torsos! You can either get the neck or belly/chest strap to fit, but not both! These are brilliant and they seem pretty happy to wear them. Ming (the black one) wasnt too impressed at first (Ive attached the glaring photo as well so you can have a laugh :) ) The ordering was fine - nice and simple - and the layout of the website seemed fine to me. Thank you so much :) Vicky, Grohl and Ming XxX

Lily Belle wearing Lilac

4 June 2015

Dear Maria
Thank you so much for the harness and also the training instructions. In less then a week our little ragdoll Lily Belle had her first trip to the garden. It was amazing! I am sending you a few pictures with our baby's first steps outside the house. Please upload the pictures you like best to your website. The harness is very pretty, also very comfortable. It is great! We have tried several harnesses before and this is the only one that works! Thank you again. We will place another order soon. Best wishes
Corina Owers

Bailey wearing Blue Lucy wearing Pink Molly wearing Lilac Poppy wearing Purple

25 May 2015

Hi Maria
Please see below the pics of my cats in your lovely jackets as promised.From the top its Bailey in blue,Molly in lilac,Poppy in purple,Lucy in pink and then Bailey again. I was absolutely amazed that within a day they were quite happy walking about wearing them on a lead.I had tried them previously on a harness from Pets at Home and they refused to budge-just sat there meowing pitifully refusing to move no matter how much I tried to train them to walk with it.Now walkies in the back garden are a regular occurrence -they sit by the back door meowing waiting for their jackets to be put on so they can go out. Thank-you so much for a fantastic product that I would not hesitate recommending to other cat owners.
Kind regards

Charlie wearing Desert Storm Willa wearing Pink Flowers on Blue Bindi wearing Vintage Rose

20 May 2015

Hi Maria
The three cat jackets arrived very quickly and we are really pleased with them all. We have sampled many cat harnesses and yours are simply the best! I have two 5 year old tuxedo kitties, Charlie & Willa (brother & sister) who have never been outside in their lives and last week they took their first steps in the garden. They now walk with complete confidence and you can tell they are comfortable in their jackets. They have darted because they have been spooked, usually by the wind but I can guarantee that the jackets are completely escape proof regardless of how much moonwalking and breakdancing they do to get away. My 6 year old tortie rescue called Bindi is still adjusting to the jacket and will only walk a few inches at a time. She is not keen on being restricted in any way but she likes to lie on the lawn in the sun and will happily fall asleep with her jacket on so she obviously feels comfy in it. I would recommend your jackets to anyone. Your website was easily navigated and the ordering/payment process, simple.
Many thanks Joanne from Warwickshire

Dana wearing Skulls

20 May 2015

Hi Maria,
I bought a jacket from you last year, I didnt review immediately as I wanted to see how I got on with the lead training first, and now I can safely say my cat loves it and so do I! I wanted to upload a photo along with my review, but my computers so old it wont let me, so Ive attached one in this email instead, I hope thats okay. I just wanted you to see how awesome Dana looks rocking her jacket in the garden! Thank you so much for making such a great product, being able to go outside has enriched Danas life immensely (shes partially deaf, so isnt allowed outside otherwise) and its wonderful seeing her happy :) All the best,

Maverick wearing Chocolate

19 May 2015

Hi Maria
Please see photos attached of our big boy Maverick, the other three will be photographed soon they just need a bit more confidence to get them walking in them. Kind regards Sara & John Cook

Mad Max wearing Black Watch

19 May 2015

Hi Maria
Thank you so much for the cat jacket. Will be leaving v posisitve feedback soon.
This jacket is for a ginger boy who has never even worn a collar, due to health problems, and is known as Mad Max! Bit of a wild temperament but he has already had the jacket on with a bit of help from some Dreamies. I will be delighted to send you some more pics when I have him walking on it nicely. My older tabby cat Holly was harness trained from kittenhood but would occasionally slip backwards out of the harness. I think your jackets are brilliant, much more secure and comfy looking. Will be happy to recommend Mynwood Cat Jackest to friends and family, particularly those who have indoor cats who like a little outdoor time on a leash. All the best with your business
Chrissy Clarke

Carlos wearing Red

17 May 2015

Hi Maria,
Thank you for making and shipping Carlos' jacket so quickly. I thought you'd like to see him wearing it on a walk. Carlos is a rescue cat and he'd suffered a fractured jaw, broken tooth and lame foot before we gave him a home. We don't know how it happened but we have realised, from the way he behaved on the couple of times that we let him out, that he seems to be more of a housecat. We thought it would be ideal to get him a walking jacket so that we could safely let him out and get some fresh air. Thank you once again and I'd definitely recommend your services.
Tracy Swanborough

Artemis wearing Black Denim

17 May 2015

Hi Maria,
Artemis the Fartemis has taken to wearing her jacket like a bug takes to the air! The extra long lead is also a hit for both of us. Thank you for doing this as a small business. I like the jacket and I like supporting small businesses. Here is a photo of Artemis the Fartemis in 'her' garden. At first she did that flopping-onto-her-side thing when I put the jacket on, but purring loudly. However, she rediscovered her ability to walk as soon as I carried her down to the garden and set her upon the grass. Silly little moggy. I hope this finds you well and I wish you good fortune.
Best wishes,
Heidi Kuehne

Hedges wearing Denim

16 May 2015

Hi Maria
I just wanted to say thank you for the jacket you made for Hedges. She refused to walk with it on initially, but I followed the instructions on your website and slowly but surely she is getting more confident! We've been into the garden a few times now and she absolutely loves it!
The whole ordering process was simple and your website is well designed and easy to navigate.
Thank you again. Attached are a few photos of my little adventurer!

Kiaora wearing Blue

16 May 2015

Dear Maria,
Please find attached some photos of my little lady Kiaora taking her first steps in her snazzy jacket, which she now loves. After a few days gentle training she has totally accepted her jacket and lead and treats it just like a second skin. Such a great design and so easy to pop on with no stress to kitty. Spreading the word to all my friends.
Many thanks and kind regards.

16 May 2015

Good morning
My cat has recently had her right foreleg amputated (at the ball of the shoulder, leaving the shoulder blade and collarbone in place) and although I want to give in to her ceaseless demands for outdoor access, I want to keep her restricted to the garden until I'm fully confident that she's 100% healed and has a better idea of her own physical limitations. Once I'm sure she's not going to get herself into trouble I'll consider letting her run free again - but this will probably be months down the line.
For now, we need a better harness/jacket than Pets at Home sell, so here we are!
I really like the fact that your jackets are wrap-around, so I won't have to lift her paw off the floor to fit it, but I'm concerned that without both forelegs there to "anchor" it in place, she might have more chance of escaping it or at least pulling it into an awkward/uncomfortable position and causing herself even more annoyance.
I'd envisioned something with just the one "leg-hole", and covering the amputation site - but with the pointy shoulder I'm not sure how feasible (or comfortable) that would be, and I just don't have the sewing skills to attempt it. She's quite a slim cat with not much natural padding other than her fur, which is a long way from regrown yet. So again there's the comfort issue.
I'll try to get some good pictures of Jasmine to send in with her measurements, so you have more of an idea of her proportions. Plus the pointy shoulder.
Have you made jackets for other amputee cats before? (I think you said you have) Do they work all right? Do you happen to have any pictures of them in action?
Kind regards
Anne Payne

Hi there,
i cant make those kind of adjustments to the design but please have a look at this snip from my guestbook pages
Maria x

Hi Maria
I've just ordered a blue cat jacket from you, for Jasmine the mighty tripod. Neck 18cm, chest 28cm.
Pictures attached, sorry if they're a bit huge. I can try to get one of her standing up if you need it, but as you can (hopefully) see she's fairly lanky.
Kind regards
Anne Payne
Jasmine1 Jasmine2

Hi Anne, Your jasmine has touched my heart, she is so so precious and i really feel for her. Im going to try something out for her and send it for you to try. Im going to make it in royal blue with a blue fleece (soft) liner in a different shape as a trial for her - i hope it works.
maria x

Hi Maria
Oh that sounds interesting, we'll look forward to trying it :) thanks. I'm very proud of my little 3-legged girl <3 she's got so much determination.

Hi, hope this works for her, could you please let me know as i will adjust the design if needed.
maria x

Good morning Maria
Thanks ever so much for the experimental jacket :) it works a treat! I'll get you better pictures for your website when Jasmine is in a mood to model it properly, she wasn't relaxed in the garden just now because the big friendly boycat from next door was in ... he wants to be friends but our girls are not keen on the idea, so things get a little tense.
Anyway! It fits well, covers the amputation site completely and feels lovely and comfy to me so hopefully it's nice for her too. At the moment it feels a tiny bit loose around her upper chest but once her fur grows back it'll probably be perfect. Well done!
I'll write you up a bit of proper feedback with better pictures when I can. She's still not a big fan of the wholegoing-outside-in-a-harness concept, right now she's in a huff in a sunbeam in the hall :D but she looks good.
Thanks again
Anne (and Jasmine)

Hi Maria :)
Jasmine seems very comfy in her special jacket, thank you again so much.
Attached are a whole bunch of pictures!
Kind regards
Anne Jasmine wearing blue3 Jasmine wearing blue4

Super Tiddles

14 May 2015

I received the cat jacket a couple days ago and I have been working with Tiddles to get him confident enough to walk upright in it for some good photos.
I must say that I am 100% satisfied with the jacket and he loves it so much more than the H harness we were using.
It seems so much safer and I am not constantly worried about Tiddles hanging himself up or sliding out of the thing.
Thank you so much for giving me a piece of mind. I have attached a few photos and Tiddles is honored to model his new jacket for your website!
I gave your business card to my friend, Monica, who will be in contact with you in the near future for a cat jacket.
Best of wishes and I send my ultimate gratitude!
Have a Blessed day, Maria!
Sarah Brown

Remy wearing Arctic Combat1 Remy wearing Arctic Combat Nick wearing Caramel

15 May 2015

Hi Maria, Here are two pictures of Remy with his new Mynwood jacket on. The first is of him waiting for the rain to stop so he can try out his new jacket and the second is of his first "non-balcony" outing (brought him to my parents place). He's still getting used to being outside and he's pretty spooky so it was immensely better for my peace of mind having him in something he can't pop out of if he spooks (he got out of his old harness twice jumping backwards suddenly). Thank you for a wonderfully made product! I'll take pictures of my less adventurous boy with his jacket on when I get him a little more used to it. Thanks again! Paula

Duchy wearing Vintage Rose

8 May 2015

Hi Maria,
The ordering process was very easy and I was really happy with the range of different designs, as well as how quickly it shipped all the way to Tasmania, Australia! I've attached a couple of photos of our gorgeous girl Duchess (we call her Duchy), she was a total pro! She only took a few minutes to get used to the jacket the first time, and the second time she tried it on she was ready to go outside! The photos are of her first outing :) Thanks,

Puck wearing Desert Storm

7 May 2015

The jacket arrived yesterday, and I am sending a picture of my cat, Puck, enjoying some time outside wearing it. The jacket is very nice, and fits him really well. It looks and feels very sturdy so I'm sure my cat will enjoy it for quite a while. We had tried a harness for him first, and he didn't like it much. However, he took to this jacket right away. As far as feedback.. Ordering went very smoothly, no problems at all. Plus, the website was pretty easy to navigate. I don't have any suggestions for the site, seems to work really well. Thank you,

Django wearing Batman

28 April 2015

Hello Maria
Sorry for a late reply but here it goes a picture of django in his batman jacket.
I love this arness because it feels secure and the cat got used to have to having it on to go outside. And it's gorgeous!!
Thank you so much for your work.
Kind Regards
Rita Adrego

Hoyy wearing Desert Storm

23 April 2015

Hi Maria,
Hoyy's jacket arrived really quickly and looks great, thank you, with plenty of room for growth :-)
We shall definitely send you a picture taken outside when he is used to it. In the meantime I have attached two taken today from his first wearing - he took to it so quickly. Thank you very much for the lead training tips. I left the jacket for two days around the house for him to sniff. We found your site by chance, after Jo who has two Maine Coon kittens posted a picture of their new jacket. I was amazed how many designs you have; it was definitely hard to choose. I'm sure we will be back for other designs! The ordering process was really straightforward. The only thing I found was that when I got to Paypal, I thought I should add his weight to the additional comments, but this was not possible so in the end I had to start over. Regards,

Ruby wearing Gold

23 April 2015

Dear Maria, The jacket for my cat is a perfect fit! I did not realize how much she has grown since she got her first one a year and a half ago!
I did not have any problems using your website. Everything was easy to follow and understand. I used PayPal so check out was easy.
Thank you for your prompt response after my order! As you can see, Ruby looks really nice in her reflective jacket!!
Thank you so much,
Celia Gurrola

Christinas boy wearing Superman2 Christinas boy wearing Superman1 Christinas boy wearing Superman

22 April 2015

Thank you for the harness which has just arrived safe and sound. We'd like to use it as an extra option when taking our cats to the vet for annual check-ups etc and thought we'd try one with our young ginger boy who is the most easy going tom cat in the world. As you can see from photos he was happy to take treats and to play in it from the start though we had some very strange and amusing moon-walk reverses and roll overs for the first few minutes. Hopefully after a week or so of playing in his superman coat, he'll feel happy enough to have a lead attached. They're outdoor cats but kept in at night so his treat will have to be playtime or a walk around the dark garden. Many thanks
C Sadler

Shadow wearing Blue

17 April 2015

Hello Maria!
The harness finally arrived, must have gotten stuck in customs. :) IT IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
Shadow took to it immediately and did not have any issues walking about. In fact, he's now learned that when we bring out the harness, it's time for walks and will patiently wait for us to put it on him without a single fuss. I swear he's part dog, LOL. I've attached an action shot of him wearing it. Please feel free to use on your Etsy page! I think he posed very well.
Lastly, I will be referring my friends and their furry companions to your business from now on. There is no harness that has been as perfect a fit as the one you created. Thank you SO very much!
- Courtney & Shadow

Robin wearing Cheetah

14 April 2015

i received the jacket yesterday
i love it
so well made & just adorable.
so far she doesn't love it as much !! but she just has to get used to it I think
you do a great job:)
sending pictures of my little beauty wearing it:)
her name is robin baby kitten ;)
thank you
karen Klopfenstein

Stripes wearing Gold

14 April 2015

Hi Maria,
Stripes has adapted really well to this. I'm really pleased with both the product and the outcome!
I was resigned to having to keep Stripes as an indoor cat after her accident, but now I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the summer months and having a content cat.
I'll be ordering her a red Christmas one later in the year... :-)
Helen x

Licorice wearing Lynx

13 April 2015

Bonjour Maria,
Son harnais lui va comme un gant. La finition est excellente et les velcro ultra robustes. Reglisse est plus libre de ses mouvements. Il est bon de noter qu'il ne faut pas trop serrer (surtout au niveau du ventre), sinon le chat n'est pas a l'aise. Mais meme avec un peu d'espace, elle ne peut pas se defaire de son harnais. Bravo et merci. A bientot pour completer sa garde robe.
Arnaud Schlippi


Hello Maria,
Harness fits like a glove. The finish is excellent and heavy-duty Velcro. Licorice is more free in his movements. It is good to note that you should not overtighten (especially belly), if the cat is not comfortable. But even with a little space, it can not shed her harness. Bravo and thank you. Soon to complete her wardrobe.

Arnaud Schlippi

Super Gene

10 April 2015

Dear Ms Harrison,
we received our jackets speedily and have been following the advice on your webpage as to how to ensure our two bengals use them comfortably. One of them has taken to them without any problem, our little male Gene. Our female, Gem, has had a bit more of a problem, becoming very insecure on her feet when wearing it, but she is getting used to it. Since you ask in your website for photos of the cats wearing the jackets, I am happy to share the one attached, for publication on your site if you so wish. I think Gene looks extremely cute in his "supercat" attire. Many thanks and best regards,
Fuensanta Candela

Mina wearing Vintage Rose Nora wearing Cerise Rose

9 April 2015

Dear Maria,
We've received the order! Many thanks, the jackets look lovely on our cats, and they're so much better and more secure than standard harnesses.
I thought the ordering experience was fine, very straightforward, and your website is lovely.
Attached are some pictures of our cats wearing your jackets, we took them out for walk today. Nora is wearing the Cerise Rose. Mina is wearing the Vintage Country Rose, we'd be happy for you to use these on your website. Thank you and best wishes,

Coco wearing Purple

9 April 2015

Hi Maria,
As you can see I am rubbish at uploading/dowloading photos but we will send better ones - or hubby will!
I needed to tell you how we feel about your jacket................ FABULOUS!
Put on her in seconds - in garden - no problems - loved it!
Her and us = SO HAPPY, especially after the escapade at the weekend !
Thank you so much - Maxine x

Tilly wearing Lilac2 Tilly wearing Lilac1

8 April 2015

Dear Maria,
The cat walking jacket arrived today, which isn't bad considering we ordered it on Easter Sunday! We are so impressed with the quality of the product and the service we received from you. Tilly (our burmese) has been walking on a lead since she was around 6 months old, she's an old hand at it. She actually purred when we put the jacket on her... high praise indeed! We wish you continued success with this amazing product. Regards, The Rolfe Family.
p.s. I have attached a couple of pics!


6 April 2015

Hi Maria,
We got the cat jacket when we got home, and as you requested here are pictures of "Super Jake". He's not crazy about it, but he was recently extremely ill from something outside, so he now has to be an indoor cat. The only way we can let him go outside is to keep him on a leash. I guess he'll have to learn to like it. Thank you for sending it again.
Penny Thompson

Grady wearing Red SmokayJoe wearing Blue

6 April 2015

just to let you know that the jackets have arrived.
They fit just fine and are far better than shop bought ones.
My two cats are large and commercial harness didn't do the job. We even tried dog ones with no luck.
Your website is fine as it is and I will reorder should the ones I have start to fail.

It took my two house cats a little while but now they seem ok with them.
It might seem silly but the harnesses give me confidence about their safety whilst they are outside.
I don't worry about them getting loose and they seem more responsive to me when they travel in a direction that's not good for them.

I include two pictures of my boys at 480 x 600 resolution but can supply higher if needed for your website.
they are SmokayJoe Grey ,Cross aged 2 years 2 months
and his brother'
Grady, Black DSH also 2 years 2 months.

Next time I will save up and buy the fax fur ones.

Good Luck with your products.

Prince Louie Loubert wearing Black with Reflective

4 April 2015

Dearest Maria
I have been out today in my brand new Mynwood jacket, I must say it is the most perfect fit and it matches my lovely soft grey coat to a tee. The go faster stripe really is a stylish touch and am sure it will make me stand out on the right occasion... It really is not trouble to wear, I stand very still and let my dresser do the fiddly bits and then I just pretty much forget I am wearing it, I have been running, jumping and when the situation calls for it I sleep soundly in style. Today I have been getting to know the local gnat population at my holiday home, I have been trying to shake their hand but they seem reluctant to get too close ... So a little encouragement from me isn't lost... But they are so fragile, squish so easy, taste a bit meh too!!! Having a hoot by the sea and the new jacket has opened up a whole new world, off to watch the ducks, silly creatures but most entertaining, and if I could quack I would be fed copious amounts of bread too... Work in progress, for now the pennies from heaven crumbs will suffice :) Meow meow... Your friend forever
Prince Louie Loubert of the Middle Burbs (aka Louie)

Bob wearing Arctic Combat

2 April 2015

Hi Maria, thanks so much for the jacket and lead for our boy 'Bob'.
He was a little hesitant with it on at first. Wriggling and falling over a little but getting used to it.
Had his first walk in the garden today. He really had a good time looking at everything.
The jacket looks great, very well made too. Really sets his coat off. Thanks again and here are a few pics.

RNIB puss wearing High Viz RNIB puss wearing High Viz1 RNIB puss wearing High Viz2

1 April 2015

Hi Maria,
Just a quick note to say thank you again for the fabulous jackets you made. We released the story today and we've had a fabulous response on Twitter and Facebook. I've attached a couple of the photos.
Very best wishes
Jessica Hall
Public Relations Manager
RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People)

Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rnibuk
Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/rnib

Tiger Lily wearing Chocolate

31 March 2015

Finally have the Savannaha in her coat and I think she loves it.
They are beautiful and fit better than anything I have tried!
I will recommend and post on FB.

Thank you Maria!
Your Mynwood cat coats are superior to any walking jacket I have ever tried-and trust me when I tell you that I have tried far too many with varying issues of quality or fit over the years. Ergonomically, the jackets do not impede with their walking and self-grooming functions which makes me most happy, and, it is the first jacket my adult Savannaha seems happy to wear. So, I am most pleased to know that after two and a half years of trial and error, and, exhausting many options available in Canada and The United States, I seem to have found a well constructed, safe and secure cat jackets in beautiful strong graphic fabrics and colours no less! Kudos to your company!
I wish you had a shop in Toronto!
Ps. I am copying my recommendation of your cat jackets to my wonderful Wildstreak Savannaha cat breeder out in British Columbia.
All the best!

Plasses cats wearing their jackets

26 March 2015

Finally have the Savannaha in her coat and I think she loves it.
They are beautiful and fit better than anything I have tried!
I will recommend and post on FB.

Radar wearing Dalmation

26 March 2015

Hi Maria,
Just to let you know the cat harness is great.
I am slowly getting my cat used to it, the quality is very good.
I have taken some photos so will send you them when I have downloaded them from my phone.
I work and live on a holiday camping and caravan site and I have had a lot of interest in your harnesses, and I will recommend them to campers bringing their cats on site. Best wishes
Sue Leeke (and Abbi) x

Radar wearing Dalmation

26 March 2015

Thanks Maria!
I absolutely love the Dalmatian Faux Fur jacket I ordered for my 8 month old kitten, Radar.
I saw your skull jacket on Amazon but the pattern was not what I wanted. After directing me to your website, I placed my order on the Monday evening and received it in the post on the Wednesday morning. I wasn't too sure about my choice until it arrived and I put it on Radar. It's perfect! It took him about an hour to get used to wearing but now he's quite comfortable in it. It is SO MUCH BETTER than the strappy, fiddly harness I already had which is very easy to escape from. Your website was easy to navigate and I was spoilt for choice on patterns and styles. The Checkout process was easy and quick. I was quite surprised when you emailed the next day to say you'd finished my order and it was already in the post. I will certainly be ordering again for my other 2 cats. Thanks again,

George wearing Black Watch

18 March 2015

Hi Maria,
Many thanks for your email.
The jacket arrived yesterday evening and it looks just as I hoped it would.
In the past we had tried a different type of harness but the porpotion was just not right and he didn't like it. I thought of trying yours because it looks just like a jacket he already has and likes so it was actually quite easy to get him to try it. It fits really well and we are extremely happy with our choice however we find the Velcro stripes a little bit too big. I came across your jackets on amazon but decided to check out the website to see all options. I'm glad I did so. The website is very helpful and clear and it couldn't be easier to pay. I might be coming back soon and I will definitely recommend it to a friend. Here is a photo of George last night.
I will send you a few more once we take him outside.
Kind regards,

Super Jade

17 March 2015

Hi Maria,
Here is Jade wearing her harness. She has never had one before, so at the grand age of 20 it is something new. Thank you very much, it reassures me that she cant wander to far.
Best wishes

Francess girl wearing Cheetah

7 March 2015

Hi Maria,
I left the jacket over the edge of her basket for a couple of nights. It was easy to put on, and you could see she felt a bit awkward, keeping her back end down. I have put it on for periods up to an hour each day, and surprisingly it seems to subdue her, and make her very still and pliable - not really upset at all. She did back out of it once, probably because I had not put it on tight enough. Have you thought about adding a clip at the front to locate on the collar, or would that be dangerous? She's 10 years old, but seems to have adapted well. We hope to use the jacket as we want to take her away on our caravan, rather than leave her in kennels which she hates. She doesn't like travelling in a carrier either, setting up a constant howl, so we hope we can use the jacket in the car, and when we have the caravan door open with less protest. I have attached a couple of photos, not in the best position though,
Many thanks,

Luna wearing Black and White Spotty

18 February 2015

Hi Maria,
The jacket arrived amazingly quickly. I received an email the same day to say that it was finished and in the post and it arrived the following day. We've yet to go for a walk with it but it looks a lot more comfortable than her old strappy harness and she only went floppy for about 10 minutes before going off to play. Luna is only 6 months old so it's nice that the harness seems to have a bit or growing room but can still be put on nice and tightly thanks to the velcro. Overall very pleased and tempted to order more for a choice of outfits. Thanks,
Sam and Luna

Brooks wearing High Viz

11 February 2015

Hi Maria,
Thank you for your e-mail. We ordered a cat jacket from you last year for our older Bengal, Brooks. He's almost 2 1/2 and loves his cat jacket. We take him on walks and does really well on a leash. The jacket we just ordered from you is for our little Bengal Zsu Zsu and we want to get her trained too. I've attached a picture of Brooks wearing his cat jacket. Thank you for making these jackets for our lovely pets!
Best Regards,
Maureen Brakke

Nevada wearing Leopard Fleece

10 February 2015

Hi Maria,
Nevada is really starting to get used to her jacket now and is really starting to enjoying going outside. I have straggled with other harnesses as she manages to get out of them, but this one is perfect, and it look great on her too. Some photos attached! Thanks,

Rachels two wearing Caramel and Chocolate

7 February 2015

Dear Maria
I have now received all 3 of my cats jackets and I love them. I followed your instructions and went slowly introducing them to the concept of going for walkies. Today we had our first proper trip out and the cats loved it (well Biggles, the red tabby, spent a lot of time lying down and not much walking but i'm sure he will get there in the end). The jackets are amazing quality and withstood a lot of wiggling and pulling, Biggles is 9.5kg. They are superb. I attach a few photos for you. Thanks again

Mikey Batcat Marley wearing Vintage Rose

6 February 2015

Hello Maria,
thank you so much, I received the jackets yesterday, that was super fast! Im really happy with them, they look stunning! I also send you some pictures of my babies Mikey (batcat) and Marley (he is crazy for pink toys and flowers). I just have one little question, how tight should I put them on? I'm not so sure if it should be rather tight or loose? Thanks for your advice and kind regards,

Woody wearing Black Watch

3 February 2015

Hi Maria
Thanks so much, jacket just arrived and here is Woody 5 mins after I unwrapped it. He's still getting used to it, and will send another pic when he's out walking, but so far its been less traumatic for him for me to fasten it on him.
Thanks again

Egyptian Maus wearing Black Watch

31 January 2015

Hi Maria, I received the new jacket this morning and am now able to train both my Egyptian Maus simultaneously, in readiness for their first outdoor expedition in Spring! Thanks so much for your excellent service, I will keep you updated with photos once we get them outside on their leads! Kind regards, Deirdre

Batman Fanta Supergirl Pepsi

29 January 2015

Hi Maria, Thank you so much for my jackets. I was so impressed with them. This was my second order from Mynwood. I thought my two could do with their wardrobe being updated 😊 As ever I really can't fault these jackets or the fast delivery. Pepsi is a petite wee girl and Maria made the neck part of the collar narrower so it's a perfect fit for her. Fanta suits being Batcat so much, I'm sure he is strutting even more now he is a true superhero I will email some photos so you can choose which ones to display.
Thank you again
Tracy x

Super Hobbes

27 January 2015

Hi Maria,
It arrive today and we absolutely love it! So well made and it fits really well.
Hobbes has been walking on a lead for a while but tonight was the first time he looked natural - he usually looks a bit uncomfortable. I managed to get a couple of photos but they are not great so I will try again tomorrow/ over the weekend. I have attached what I have taken so far. The ordering process cannot be faulted - really easy to use website and great hints on how to measure your cat correctly. The service you have delivered has been first class from start to finish - so quick and always very friendly.
Thank you,
Rebecca McDonald

Greg and Jens Savannah wearing Leopard Fur

24 January 2015

Maria, We have received the Cat Jacket which looks great. We are very pleased but our cat doesn't have the same appreciation but with persistence I am sure he will become accustomed to it.
I have attached two photos of our boy wearing the jacket. He's a Savannah and is currently seven months old and 4.5 Kgs so we expect him to eventually weigh about 10 Kgs.
Many thanks and we would love to see our boy on your website.
Greg and Jen Clarke

Merlin wearing Royal Stewart Matilda wearing Gold Tartan

19 January 2015

Dear Maria,
Thank you, I look forward to receiving it! I kept meaning to send you pictures of my two ragdolls wearing their kitten jackets!
See attached two photos of when they were kittens: Matilda in the gold tartan and Merlin in the red tartan. Merlin has now grown out of his so that's why I'm ordering a new one! I'll be placing an order for Matilda when she grows out of hers too.
Kind regards,

Super Mojo

19 December 2014

Hi Maria
I received the jacket today. It is brilliant!! Fits perfectly and looks amazing, such great quality! It was easy to put on him with no fuss and after just 20 mins he is walking around like it doesn't even exist. I am so pleased. I found ordering very simple, found exactly what I was looking for and the measuring instructions were very clear and simple. I have attached a pic of Mojo wearing it and I will definitely be ordering again!
Many thanks
Sarah x

Poppy wearing Green

25 November 2014

Hi Maria,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
The jacket is great. Poppy loves wearing it and I feel so much more secure with it on versus the harness she used to wear. She starts purring when I put it on herJ Attached are a few photos.
Also yes it was very easy to navigate around your website and the ordering and payment process was simple and efficient. I really appreciated the prompt delivery also. Thanks again, and wishing you and your cats a very happy Christmas.
Kind wishes
Berna ( & Poppy )

Melissas boy wearing Blue

24 November 2014

Brilliant cat jacket, can't get out of it or escape he use to be a out door cat but got knocked down and lost feeling on one of his front paws so isn't safe to be out alone now but since having it he loves getting it put on him and sitting out in the garden doesn't even try to get if off so must be comfy, gr8 product and will be ordering more soon when my new kitten has grown so she has one as well to get out thanks

Batman Oscar1 Chewie wearing Cheetah

18 November 2014

Hi Maria,
Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the two cat harnesses I ordered at the weekend. Apologies for the poor quality photos, but here are a few pics of Oscar ( in the batman jacket) and Chewie (in the leopard print jacket) trying them on. They are both already harness/lead trained so they accepted them fine and they fit perfectly. They also seem very secure - with the boys being long haired the Velcro on their old harnesses never seemed to 'stick' right, but the long straps on the Mynwood ones mean this isn't an issue - thank you! Feel free to use the photos for your website, I will try and get some better quality ones when they go outside - although as the harnesses are the cats’ Christmas present they'll have to wait a few more weeks!! Best wishes,

Batman Oscar

17 November 2014

Hello Maria
Our baby Oscar broke his leg in October and is now rehabilitating. Thanks to his new Mynwood jacket we have been able to walk Oscar for the limited times required and ensure he doesn't go places that would hurt his leg. We also think he looks pretty cool with the Batman symbol. We were also really happy that you were able to ensure that we received the jacket so quickly, it only took a week to arrive to New Zealand.
Kind regards,
Laurelle & Nick

Misty wearing Makower Paw

13 November 2014

I don't think I sent you a picture of Misty ( Mystique when she is in France!! ) wearing her jacket with pride! We call her our travelling cat and have taken her to France on 4 holidays over the last 2 years and she is , tomorrow ,off to the Isle of Arran for a week and again to France for Xmas..... She walks well in it and has been much admired wearing it! We have recommended you to many!! Thank you so much for making her harness-we could not manage without it.Time we bought her another one!

Sassy wearing Supergirl Moses wearing Superman

11 November 2014

I would like to order 2 more jackets (I told u a wardrobe was on the cards).
I want a purple one for him and a red one for her , both with reflector tape.
I will order them now on your site and pay for them but just in case there are any glitches.
I will also send you some photos. The jacket saved Sassy's bacon and I aren't kidding.
A woman in the building who has no control over her lovely toy poodle 'Buddy' (who she told me had never seen a cat! ),
let it run amok amongst my kittens. It had no collar on and no lead so it was literally uncontrollable. Moses stood or should I say sat his ground and was having no messing emanating a growl which came from the tip of his tail, the dog wisely back tracked but side stepped me as I attempted to gab him and headed in Sassy's direction. She is different kettle of fish(forgive the pun), she's far more jittery over strange things and as he accelerated towards her she shot through the balcony rails on to a thin ledge . She was 6 floors up at this point. My stomach dropped to my feet. The dog is not aggressive its just manic through lack of exercise . The woman who owns him is lovely but she hasn't got a clue. I had to shout at her to get him away whilst one of my kittens was hanging on for dear life on a 6 inch wide ledge . Sassy then disappeared around a corner to another section of the building. I had to abandon Moses on the walkway knowing he had got the measure of the dog, who the owner was struggling to get hold of. I had to pass through 2 doorways to locate her, crouched within arms reach on another section of the same ledge. Had she not been wearing the jacket I wouldn't have dared to attempt it in case she panicked and I sent her off the ledge, but in wearing the jacket I was able to stretch my arms through the guard railings , grab a firm hold of her and pull and push her back through onto tera firma, picking her up and not letting her go again until we were all safely back in the flat. Bless her to her credit she never shied away from my hands and stayed perfectly calm whilst I dragged and pulled her back through to safety.She seems completely unscathed by the experience, i cant say the same for me. The jackets are faaaabulous. I bet you never knew you were manufacturing 'life jackets' for dry land ha ha. I still feel sick when i think about it now though . Hope you enjoy the photos which will follow,

Herbie wearing Skulls

9 November 2014

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the cat jacket which we received this week. We are very happy with it and the service you have provided. The jacket is an excellent fit and the service 1st class, overall we are very impressed. Our kitty Herbie has been getting used to the jacket and looks great in it. We have attached a few photos of him wearing it.
We found the website very easy to use, and the payment procedure was simple. But we did have a hard time trying to choose a colour/style, (which is not a bad thing!) :) We will be back soon to order for our other kitty who has been using a different harness.
Thank you so much

Boo wearing Skulls

5 November 2014

Excellent cat jacket, Boo has been desperate to go outside for weeks but is so small, this is the perfect solution.We can both enjoy outdoors together safely.
He was that eager to go we got outside sucessfully on the lead on our first attempt!
angie cunningham

Riley wearing Blue with Reflective1 Riley wearing Blue with Reflective

3 November 2014

Hi Maria,
thanks for the jacket, can't believe how quick it came :-) lovely fit, Riley tried to "moonwalk" out of it but couldn't, and as you can see he quite enjoyed modelling it. Was great to take him out without fear of him slipping out of his harness.
Thanks again,

ned 1 Ned Ned2

18 October 2014

Ned in the Arun view and in the office with jan

BInx wearing Superman

17 October 2014

Received my superman harness for my bengal BInx and he looks absolutely stunning in it, we have used another harness on him which was ok but he seems more comfortable and confident in the harness I have bought from you. Thank you

Tibs wearing Green Combat

15 October 2014

Hi thank u so much I received my cat harnes and tibs loves it she did not find it to hard in adjusting to wearing it she looks fabulous in it I will be ordering anougher one on fri as she can have a change in look its realy safe as I know she carnt get out of this one as she did the other one she had got some great pics of her wearing it too your web site is realy good as I could navigate through it in ease and ordering great 5* on this so I will upload my pics of tibs for u to put on your website with pleasure all the best louise

Liat wearing black with LED lights

14 October 2014

Dear Maria
Just to let you know I am very pleased with the jacket and LED flashing light strip! The jacket fits very well and Liat can walk around garden and be seen very easily with the flashing lights which has been a source of great entertainment and amusement to my houseshare mates!
The jacket allows her to roam around garden freely under my supervision without a lead but stops her from running off as although it is comfortable and not too tight, it restricts her movement and she cannot run fast enough for me not to catch her with it on so she has freedom in the garden in a controlled way! When she is back in the house and the jacket is off, she can tear up and down the stairs freely!
I attach some pictures.
Thank you very much.
Best wishes.
Brigit Reynolds

Miles wearing Skulls Miles wearing Skulls1

5 October 2014

Hi Maria,
Here's Miles enjoying the summer weather outdoors in his new cat jacket.

Iggy wearing Blue with Reflective

2 October 2014

Hi Maria
Sorry this is rather delayed, I just wanted to thank you for the jacket you made for Iggy.
It doesn't quite cover his scars but we have put a baby tshirt underneath to protect them and he is so happy.
Here's a photo of him all pretezeled up - first time in almost 2 years of wearing a cone, he is finally comfortable and purring like a maniac.

Helens cat wearing Batman Helens cat wearing Supergirl

2 October 2014

Hi Marie, Thanks for that. I have to say they've taken so well to the jackets even after such a short time. They already stand patiently waiting for them to go on and when taking them off they raise their paws one at a time. We were brave today and took them out for their first walk. They did brilliantly and were very relaxed. I love the jackets. I didn't imagine I would be able to walk them after just 3 days. It's lovely being outside with them and watching them explore.
Thank you again,

Mr Scampers the Silver Fox wearing his Red Savannah Jacket

3 October 2014

Hi Maria, the jacket arrived today and WOW!
Your designs are perfect, Mr Scamper de looks very sharp and fits perfectly! :)
He's not worn a harness with us yet, so for a first time, he's done fantastically well. As it was his first time I didn't manage to get it done up tightly around his waist, but didn't want him fretting when in it so have let him run around with it as is, shall remove it and attempt again in a little while.. these are the pics so far, but will send some more once he's happy for me to put it on and take it off without fretting :)
Thank you so much, a great service and amazingly quick.
Kind Regards,

Fern the Chihuahua wearing Chocolate

3 October 2014

Good morning Maria.
yay it's worked.Fern has not been able to escape from the harness. i have just ordered another one for another one of my chihuahua,s from you.its the black cotton one. could you please do the same as the other one and put the D ring at the top end.it could be further up that the other one, as it would not rub on her neck.regards
1 October 2014

Good morning Maria,
coat arrived this morning,I am thrilled with it.i am sending you some pictures,I hope that you will be pleased with them, she rarely keeps still long enough to get a photo!!!i have just one constructive comment,the tabs are very long. lets see if she gets out of this one!haha.this could open a niche in the market for other akward to fit chihauahuas,s.regards.

Woody wearing Green Combat

26 September 2014

We ordered this harness and we are extremely pleased with it, having bought a few before this one ! we are impressed by the way it fits snuggly and securely .
From the first moment we put it on our cat Woody he didn't even register he had it on ! so much so he even had it on when he went to use his litter tray :))
It is so easy to put onto him and we don't have to fight him to make him wear it .
Would highly recommend anyone to purchase this harness, don't do what we did and keep buying and trying different ones .
This is a unique and made to measure harness and such brilliant quality.
We would urge any of our friends who own cats to purchase one.
Thank you so much , you have made walking our Woody so much easier and we have peace of mind that he cannot escape from the harness .
Best wishes
Des & Jo Hastings

David and Wies cats wearing pink and tiger

20 September 2014

Dear Maria,
A few months ago we ordered harnesses for our two cats because we were moving from the US to Bali, Indonesia and we needed a safe and secure way to have them on a leash for the trip halfway around the world and for when we arrived in a place where houses have no windows and doors.
I had wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the harnesses and how they are exactly as you described and how well they fit and how well they are made.
Your work is genius!
It took these months to move and get settled in but now we can send this photo to you.
Our cats are happy and so are we - thank you!
Best regards,
David Chi
Wies Chi

Oreo wearing Red

17 September 2014

Hi Maria!
A big thanks once again for the jacket! The red looks just as cute on Oreo as the blue one does! Beautiful work once again!
Tina & Oreo

Mao wearing Red Fleece

13 September 2014

Hey Maria,
Just received the jacket this morning, 猫 (Māo = Cat in Chinese) tried it immediately and he seems to feel comfortable inside.
We are planning to move in another country soon and I think that will be a big help.
Here is some pictures attached.
Thanks again,
Alexandre Berthoin

Indy wearing Cheetah Indy wearing Cheetah1 Indy wearing Cheetah2 Indy wearing Cheetah3

12 September 2014

Hi Maria,
Some photos with the harness from the American Deauville film festival where we are.
In the sea water, on the beach and on the red carpet.
Tania Dimitrova

Yvettes girl wearing Black Yvettes girl wearing Chocolate

11 September 2014

Hi Maria:
It has been quite the challenge getting photos of my bengals in their jackets... they are just too busy when they are outside. Attached are a couple. My spotty girl is much braver than my big, marbled boy so easier to get a shot of her.
They love their jackets!

Louie wearing Blue

10 September 2014

Your cat jackets are the best invention ever.
They should be sold in pet stores! They are so safe, secure and the velcro makes it so easy to put the jacket on the cat.
Attached are some pics of Louie in his jacket.
Thanks again!

Silva wearing High Viz

10 September 2014

Dear Maria
sorry for the delayed reply, been trying to find a minute to sit down and send you some photographs!
we absolutely love the jackets! they are escape proof and safe and comfortable for our lovely cat, and i think he actually enjoys wearing them ha ha. He certainly enjoys long safe walks in them now anyway!
ive attached some photographs of him (Silva) wearing the hi-vis type one, and he looks just lovely!
your website is brilliant and very easy to use, and the whole ordering process was a doddle.
some friends of ours are actually so impressed with the jackets that they are going to order some for their pets
kind regards

Milo wearing Black and White Chequered

10 September 2014

Hi Maria
Hope you are keeping well, just thought I would give you an update! Milo has really taken to his jacket, at first he didn't like to wear it but now he sits by the back door and waits for it to be put on him. He has taken me all over the garden already. I have tried to take some photos, I don't think they are probably good enough for your gallery but I will get some more for you. Here's a taster of what he looks like.
Thanks again for your superb service!

Myfi wearing Cheetah

9 September 2014

Hi Maria thanks so much for the lovely jacket as you can see myfi loves it in the garden,
I will send you some better ones when she gets more used to the lead , thanks again Lynne Bracey

Merry and Pippin wearing Lilac and Purple

8 September 2014

Hi Maria
I've attached some photos of Merry (lilac) and Pippin (purple) in their jackets. They are both 5 months old.
Great product and I'm so glad I found your site. They are easy to put on and feel secure when attached to the lead. The training is going slowly big well.
Thanks so much!

Niamh wearing Lilac Finn wearing Desert Storm

7 September 2014

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the speedy delivery and fantastic jackets. The cats got used to them very quickly and love going out in them.
I have attached some pics as requested.

Topaz and Calypso sailing in their High Viz Jackets Topaz and Calypso sailing in their High Viz Jackets1 Topaz and Calypso sailing in their High Viz Jackets2 Topaz and Calypso sailing in their High Viz Jackets3

4 September 2014

You asked for some photos of our Bengal cats Topaz and Calypso in their jackets. Here you go. As you can see they wear them when sailing!

Coco wearing Desert Storm

3 September 2014

Hi Maria
Many thanks for the jacket, which arrived very promptly. I've attached some pictures of my new rescue Birman, Coco, modelling it and looking very smart :-) The jacket is an excellent fit and the velcro straps seem very secure (Coco escaped from the standard harness I bought for him previously in a matter of seconds). No trouble getting it on or off either, and he was comfortable enough to go outside in it on the day that it arrived. I've just adopted a second rescue kitty, so you can expect another order in a couple of weeks - once he is able to go outside too. Thanks again for this product - Birmans are often kept as house cats, but it's great to be able to allow mine to enjoy some outdoor exercise without worrying about their safety.
Best wishes

Goose wearing Batman Peggy wearing Supergirl on Pink

2 September 2014

Hi Maria,
Just to let you know I received my order for two cat jackets today. Thank you for being so quick. I have attached 3 photos.
Bat cat is Goose and Super girl is Peggy. They are 3 year old marbled bengals. ( brother and sister). We are keen to lead train them as we intend to buy a motorhome and would love to be able to take them with us sometimes. Your video is useful for training tips. Your website is good to use and no problems with ordering and paying. I would have liked to have seen a pink super girl before buying but was happy to proceed on the basis that bat man one looked good. Please feel free to use my photos for your website and facebook page.
Thanks again from a very happy customer.
Regards Marie Jones.

Bamboo wearing Batman

28 August 2014

Good day Maria!
Bamboo’s jacket arrived and it fit perfectly! Thank you so much your website was laid out in a manner that was very easy to comprehend and your added instructions and videos were wonderful and really portrayed how much thought and care you put into what you are doing. Thank you also for going out of your way to create what I was hoping for, you truly went above and beyond. You responded to all of my emails right away and I couldn’t believe how quickly the jacket arrived to Canada!! Please find attached Bamboo handsomely sporting his spectacular jacket at home and there is also one of him at the big cat show in Toronto.
Thanks again, I will definitely be ordering more soon. I have a baby girl Serval coming to me soon and I will want to pick your brain on which you think will be the best for her.
Until then,

Cricket wearing Blue Cricket wearing Blue1

25 August 2014

Hi, Maria.
First of all, thanks for calling me “Lovey” – I know that it is a British term of endearment and it makes me feel good.
I have attached some pics taken of Cricket this afternoon on our walk – you choose which one(s) you want to use for your website.
I tried to get a facial shot, but he wouldn’t look at me long enough to get one.
He’s getting more and more comfortable with this whole experience – Yippee!!! As you can see from these pics, he is totally at ease in the jacket.
I couldn’t be happier – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Thanks again.

Dianes puss wearing Black and White Chequered

25 August 2014

Hi Maria,
we have just returned from holiday, the cat harness was a complete success. It is comfy (my cat fell asleep in it), it is trendy and stylish, very well made and completely escape proof. Photos attached, please feel free to use on your website.
Many thanks Diane

lilly and molly batgirls2 lilly and molly batgirls3 lilly and molly batgirls4

23 August 2014

Hi Maria,
Here are some photos of Lily & Molly in their jackets.
Thank you very much. We love them! Sorry for the delay in sending the photos but my partner went away last weekend and has worked late this week & I needed him to take the pictures while I held their leads!
Many thanks again,

Vasi wearing Black

23 August 2014

Good morning
We got some pics of Vasi in his new jacket. I'm delighted to say it is completely escape proof and we love it!
Best wishes

Mickey wearing Blue

20 August 2014

Hi Maria,
We are in Vancouver, Canada. We received the cat jacket we ordered from you and are very pleased with it. Service, delivery, quality, fit...everything was top notch. We were reluctant to order from a UK supplier for shipping reasons but in the end it worked out perfectly.
Here is a picture of our tabby cat Mickey wearing his new mynwood jacket on the beach in Vancouver.
Carol & Brenna
Vancouver, Canada

Muttycat wearing Skulls

13 August 2014

Muttycat embraced the whole cat harness thing really quickly. She's a bit of a diva, so we were pleasantly surprised with the fast result. We let her get used to it as a benign object lying around the floor for a few days and made sure that she associated the Velcro fasteners being opened with being served a tasty cat-treat.
Getting the harness onto her is easy, and she seems to enjoy sniffing and exploring the local area but it has to be said that the cat takes me for a walk; not the other way around. She's on the short training leash at the moment, but we'll be getting her a longer one very soon. A fantastic product which looks really cool - very impressed!

Eli wearing Skulls

12 August 2014

Thank you very much. It arrived today and Eli loves it and he cannot wriggle out of it like his other one.
what a great design I will be recommending you to my friends.
Thank you again
Mandy James and Eli

Marias boys wearing Tiger Cotton and Black

10 August 2014

Just wanted to let you know the jackets are great. It's amazingly easy to put them on/ take them off. We were taking it very slowly and I think even Bandit is ok with hers and she used to hide as soon as I took her previous harness out.
I mainly use the jackets for the balcony but we ventured out in front of the building for couple of steps tonight.
Thank you so much,

Roxy wearing Red

9 August 2014

Good morning,
My cat jacket arrived about a week ago. It took Roxy about three days to overcome the drunken feline syndrome when she was wearing it but has been out on her leash every day since. As promised, some pictures. It was tough getting ones that were’t of her behind.

Charlie wearing Mr Fox

6 August 2014

Hi Maria, Thanks for sending me the cat jacket on Tuesday, my 16 week old kitten Charlie bear loves it, he's not used to being walked on a lead but took to it straight away. It fits him perfectly and is easy to put on and take off. I think it is easier to control him too.
I thought being able to use Paypal to purchase was great.
Please see attached pics for you to use on your website if you want.
Kind regards,

Bo-Bo, the black cat modelling the Laxey Manx tartan Steel, the white cat modelling the Manx Hunting tartan

5 August 2014

Hi Maria,
The jackets arrived today and they are fabulous.
Bo-Bo, the black cat modelling the Laxey Manx tartan and Steel, the white cat modelling the Manx Hunting tartan think they are great as well.
There are a few photos on this mail, and I'll send over some more separately beacuse I couldn't resist taking loads.
Feel free to use any you like on your web site.
Thanks so much for everything.
Elaine, Bo-Bo and Steel. xxx

Honey wearing Red

5 August 2014

Hi Maria,
Thanks very much for the harness which arrived this morning.
Attached are three photos of Honey wearing it! Hope you like them.
Thank you so much - it will help put our minds at rest while we are acclimatising Honey to her new surroundings.
We are very pleased, for it means we can take Honey into the garden straightaway.
All the best, Mark and Sally Wiggin

Victoria wearing Chocolate

31 July 2014

Hi Marie,
Well order to delivery took less than 48 hours, harness arriving this afternoon. Victoria our 1 year old Ragdoll took to it straight away.
It matches her seal point colouring. Maybe try and take some better photos later
Thanks again

Bach wearing Lynx Fur Brahms wearing Leopard Fur

30 July 2014

I wanted to let you know how much my boys are enjoying their walking jackets! They are well made and definitely fashionable, and Bach and Brahms are taking short walks outside, feeling very secure. I have attached a picture of each of them, which you may use on your site. So glad I found you and had the jackets made to size.
I may have to order two more! They are the most stylish kitties in the neghborhood!
Many thanks, Anne Grove

Ollie wearing Blue

30 July 2014

Hi Maria,
Ollie loves the balcony with your jacket!

Munkie wearing Rosemount Munkie wearing Rosemount1

29 July 2014

Hi Maria!!
I left you feedback just after I received the jacket, but she hadn't quite taken to it yet so I couldn't give you full feedback or a picture. Since then though, leash training has been successful!!! :D She LOVES her jacket now!!! She asks to go out and as soon as I get her jacket she sits still so I can put it on and once it's on she is ready to run out the door!! I have NO worries about her escaping while we're outside and she looks so cute in her jacket, which is a major plus! :D Thank you for such a quality, perfect product!!!
Attached are two pictures I took of her outside today in her jacket! :)
---Nikki and Munkie

Rhapsody wearing Desert Storm Rin Tin Tin wearing Arctic

20 July 2014

Dear Maria,
I purchased my first Mynwood Cat Jacket back in last fall and just recently ordered a second one for my other cat. Even though she is a little bit shy I felt comfortable taking her out, as I had already learned to trust the quality of your jackets. In fact the harness didn’t bother her for a second and she showed great confidence right from the start. Now both of my cats can enjoy the outside world on a nice summer day. Thank you very much for your great work!
Please enjoy these pictures of Rin Tin Tin wearing Arctic Camouflage and Rhapsody wearing Desert Storm.
Best wishes from Germany,

Ivan wearing Black and White Chequered

18 July 2014

Hi Maria,
We received our cat’s Mynwood Jacket a few days ago and Ivan took to it like he was born in it! I love how well made it is and easy to get on and off vs one of those silly strap harnesses you get at the pet store. Thank you so much! Attached are some pics of Ivan wearing it today! If you would like any of them in a larger size or better quality, just let me know.

Daya wearing Vintage Rose Daya wearing Vintage Rose1

17 July 2014

Thank you so much for the cat jacket. This is Daya, our snow bengal wearing it for the first time! It fits perfectly, amazingly easy to fit and although she's acting a little drunk with it on at the moment, she just loves the freedom it's giving her. If she was a dog I think she would be bringing it to us to put on!
The colour you suggested was perfect and matches her eyes beautifully.
Thank you for the quick delivery.
Kind regards

Pickle wearing Skulls

12 July 2014

I wanted to email you an let you know how wonderful Pickle's harness is. She goes out nearly every day now into the garden, she is a house cat mainly because she is accident prone and we have recently moved to a house which is close to a main road so for her to go outside is a real treat.
I have enclosed some pictures for you which i am happy for you to have on your website if you choose to use them.
Thank you again.
Emma ( and a very happy Pickle).

Sheba and Loki

8 July 2014

I just wanted to send you a photo of Sheba and Loki posing in the garden in their Mynwood jackets, they love them and look adorable strutting around the garden in them, they're great quality and exactly what we were wanting for our little princesses haha :D
thank you,
Sheba, Loki and Wilkins family :)

Sammy wearing cheetah

7 July 2014

Hi, Maria! Sam has gotten to the point where he does well in his jacket, especially since he has realized that the new rule is that he can't go outside unless he's wearing it.
I'm attaching a photo of him looking jaunty in his jacket. :)
Alice still hasn't figured out that she can actually move while wearing hers, but when I can get a good photo of her, I will send it along.
Thank you so much for both jackets, and for taking the time to replace Alice's first one. We all really appreciate it.

Mouse wearing Desert Storm

7 July 2014

Thanks for the cool jacket.
My cat, Mouse, are wearing it for about five minutes each day.
The first day she was very upset but yesterday I was finally allowed to take a photo of her.
Once we get outside I promise to photograph her ​​in a more action-packed situation.
The jacket fits her perfectly. I think she looks so cool in it and I am excited to finally be able to get outside.
/Trine Margrethe Jensen (Denmark)

14 July 2014

Hi Maria
Thank you for your mail.
Since my last mail Mouse has been outside. It went so well, I think.
Do not know if you can see the little movie I have attached.
I never thought I would see my cat go outside, in just two weeks.
/Trine Margrethe Jensen

Lucy and Crimson

6 July 2014

I don't think I sent this to you yet. Sorry if it's a duplicate. Crimson is still getting used to being outside. But I take both to the vet and for brush out at groomers in the jacket. Much easier than the carrier. Thank you!

Sues puss wearing Cheetah

2 July 2014

Hi Maria, thank you for the jacket, which arrived yesterday much quicker than I thought.
It fits perfectly, being a Maine Coon the strap from the neck to the belly on other harnesses was too short and did not look comfortable.
Found website and ordering very easy.

Jinx wearing Firemaker Dante wearing Skulls Jinx and Dante

1 July 2014

Hi Maria Thank you for the lovely jackets, they fit really well and look fantastic. Jinx has taken to it brilliantly and has already been strutting around the garden in her Firemaker jacket. Dante isn't quite convinced yet, but his Skull jacket went on first time without any fuss - which is 100 times better than previous harnesses -, and he finally looks like a true pirate! They are really secure and ! have no worries about them escaping.
Your website was really helpful, particularly on where to measure the cats, and I love the pictures of the products to go with the descriptions.
It's a shame the payment system is done on a separate webpage, but once you realise it's very easy to navigate.
Thank you again for you speedy service and your lovely product!
From Rosie, Dante and Jinx

Rachel & Johns boys wearing Lilac Rachel & Johns boys wearing Lilac1

30 June 2014

Dear Maria,
Here are a few photos of our boys in their lovely Mynwood cat jackets. They are very used to wearing them now, it's surprising how easily they took to them. Please feel free to share our photos on your face book page:)
Kind regards
Rachel & John De Rienzo

Cairo wearing Black Watch1

29 June 2014

Hi, I've received the jacket a few days ago and it fits perfectly, with allowances made for if he ever becomes fat.
My cat's shy and I usually walk him at the park at night with my dog when it's quiet. So, it's a little tough to take many pictures.
However, I've included one of when we first tried on the jacket in the garden.
Your website was easy to navigate and payment through Paypal was also convenient. I'm very pleased with my jacket and will order again in future if we have more cats. Thanks for the speedy delivery too!

Frodo wearing Skulls

28 June 2014

Hi Maria.
Thanks for your prompt response to our order for Frodo's jacket. We have used it for him to walk around the garden on several occasions and he seems to have accepted it but still turns to bite the lead when he wants to go where we don't want him to! But that all adds to the fun!
And it is great to be able to have him out in the garden instead of in his pen which is connected to his cat door and which he uses to avoid having him run over out on the street.
We found your web site very user friendly and with helpful tips on cat walking and getting the cat accustomed to the jacket.
Photos are enclosed (hopefully as I am not very good at that)
Barry and Bobbie Price

Neko wearing Green Combat

28 June 2014

Thank you Maria Harrison for making Neko's jacket! He simply looks fab in camo As you can see he's enjoying it! We put it on and any he went! Thank you again for making such a wonderful product and allowing us to give our bengals a better quality of life xxx

George wearing Grey Suiting

24 June 2014

Received this today, extremely fast delivery. Beautifully made and looks stunning on. A really smart outfit for George the cat. Cannot wait to take him out. From browsing the website to receiving the coat, an extremely easy process.
Thanks Maria. Xx

Jake wearing Skulls

21 June 2014

Hi Maria,
I just wanted to let you know how much Jake loves his cat jacket! It fits perfectly and he has not been able to escape! I have bought several harnesses that he always got out of and I can truly say that your jacket is the best! I attached some pics of him enjoying the outdoors.
Thank you,

Paulines boy wearing Black and White Chequered1 Paulines boy wearing Black and White Chequered Paulines boy wearing Royal Stewart

20 June 2014

20 June Hi there..my hubby bought 2 of your jackets recently. We are very happy as are our 2 moggies!

20 June
does it work okay with him only having 3 legs? - just checking

20 June
It works great..much better than the harness thingy we tried him with! It does slip round a wee bit but that's just because there's nothing to stop it. He seems comfortable in it and that's a big plus. We actually chose your harness after we googled ' harness for 3 legged cat' and a review put us on to you.
Pauline Jamieson

Whiskers wearing Firemaker

19 June 2014

Hi Maria
Thank you very much for posting the jacket so soon! We love it!! It’s soooo much better than anything else I’ve seen and much more cat friendly. Whiskers seemed to like it too, he’s not quite used to it yet so I will let you know how it goes. Attached photos of him looking very smart J (taken by my daughter)
Joanna x

Myja wearing pink

19 June 2014

The jacket arrived this morning and the quality is second to none. I had previously bought one which was similar on eBay but the quality was terrible and the Velcro didn't last. I have every confidence in this one though. I can't thank you enough and will have no qualms about recommending you to friends. I am attaching a photograph of my Norwegian forest kitten Myja wearing her lovely pink jacket.

Robbie Burns wearing Skulls Robbie Burns wearing Royal Stewart

17 June 2014

I beleive you wanted pictures if cats wearing your harnesses, this is the 2nd one i have bought From Mynwood as I liked the pirate one, and it is difficult for him to escape from..... Here are two photos of Robbie Burnscat (He won the PDSA pet survivor award 2013) wearing your harnesses. I can also send them to you from his Facebook account. I have recommended your product to some of his followers on facebook.
Many thanks
Gill Smith and Robbie

Sophie wearing Pale Leopard Sophie wearing Pale Leopard1

15 June 2014

I got the jacket. It works great. I love it. Thanks so much!! Here's some pic of my Sophie in it. :)

Nibbler wearing blue Moxxi wearing Pink Moxxi and Nibbler wearing blue and pink

12 June 2014

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the cat jackets, they are great! I have attached some pictures for you, I tried to pick some that show off the jacket. We had been given 2 harnesses already but I thought they were too big so we ordered these ones to use in the mean time. Turns out I was just putting them on backwards. Your ones are thicker and seem sturdier so I'm glad I got them anyways as we only use your ones. :) I liked your website, if was fairly easy to navigate. The only thing that slightly confused me was where to buy the jackets from, then I realised it was the Ordering Designer and Ordering Luxurious collections.

Pusscat wearing cheetah while wearing a buster collar Pusscat wearing cheetah while wearing a buster collar1 Pusscat wearing cheetah while wearing a buster collar2

11 June 2014

Maria thank you so much. It's a beautiful jacket. Pusscat just waited by the door for me to put it on him. I think you could really market the jacket for post op as one of the reasons pusscat had to wear the buster collar was to stop him licking the wound but it also stopped him grooming himself. We took the collar off every day and watched him carefully then had to put it back on when he wanted to lick the wound. He wasn't very happy. But if he had a jacket like yours that covered the wound then maybe he wouldn't have needed the collar.?

Phoenix wearing Red

10 June 2014

Hi Maria,
Wow! what can I say.. its perfect! Phoenix took to it straight away, no problems at all, it is a perfect fit, and he seemed really relaxed in it.
We even took him outside. He was ok at the back of the house, but he was a little nervous when we went out the front. I’m sure he will get used to that side of things though. I have taken some photos which I have attached, hope you can use one of them.
Best Regards

Arnie wearing Arctic Combat

10 June 2014

Hi Maria
The jacket is great - thanks for the fast delivery.
A couple of pictures of Arnie wearing it are attached. He really likes it. He is a Siberian Forest cat so quite big and strong, and he feels much more secure and comfortabe in this one than his previous one.
PS Your website is good. Lots of pictures to help decide which one, and easy to order.

Cosmo wearing Purple Cosmo wearing Purple1

10 June 2014

Many thanks,
Maria....after the success with Mowgli's chequered jacket, Cosmo now has his own (slightly smaller!) purple version and he just could not get outside fast enough...he has a thing about flies and loves nothing more than chasing and catching them - and as we have ducks and hens, they are in huge supply!
The jacket is beautiful, fits like a treat and I use an extending lead which enables Cosmo to chase, jump and catch all the flies a cat could desire! And the greatest thing is that he is safe.
We are delighted.
Photos here of his first outing in the garden wearing his purple jacket!

Murphy wearing Desert Storm

10 June 2014

Thank you so much !!!! I got the package yesterday and we tried it on right away.
We love the harness !
Amazing :)
By the second day she's comfortable walking around in it (yesterday I put it on only for about 10 minutes or so, today she walked around in it for almost 40 minutes without showing any signs of irritation :) )
I'm attaching a few pictures of her wearing the harness.
Once again ... thank you so much
Murphy & Karthika

Bert wearing Purple

8 June 2014

I hope these photos are ok for you. This is our gorgeous rescue cat Bert. He loves going out in the garden with his pretty harness on.
Bert did walk strangely at first and still does a bit, I guess it felt odd to him, but he is enjoying exploring the garden.
Christine &Roland Fry

Magic wearing Black Watch

8 June 2014

Hi Maria,
Magic, aged 17, goes to the beach for the first time. He dashed over the kelp and waded into the river - you can do anything in a Black Watch tartan jacket!

Mowgli wearing Blue

2 June 2014

Hi Maria,
I've attached some pics of Mowgli in her jacket. It's very easy to put on her and she doesn't seem to mind wearing it. She does love going outside in it.
I was really impressed with the service, such a quick turn around between ordering and receiving it.
Payment was easy. I can't really think of any suggestions for the website, I managed fine with it.
Thanks again
Rebecca Wood

Mowgli wearing Black and White Chequered

3 June 2014

Jacket and lead arrived this morning!
Put the jacket onto Mowgli immediately and he is fine wearing it! I took him outside for the first time but it is raining and he was extremely nervous and just wanted to come back in.... not surprising, especially as our neighbour started up a strimmer just as Mowgli was examining his first flowerbed! (He was abandoned as a kitten in a box in a supermarket car park so his first knowledge of the great outdoors could never have been too exciting and his fear is understandable as he has never ventured outside since coming to us 2 years ago). I will commence gentle training once the sun decides to shine! But for now, his acceptance of the jacket is all I hoped for!
Many thanks