Khaleesi wearing Black

1 June 2014

Many thanks Maria, Khaleesi really enjoyed her first adventure into the great outdoors.
Thought I'd share a little pic with you.
Tara :)

Rosa wearing Rosemount

23 May 2014

Hello Maria,
Thank you very much for beautiful jacket for my Rosa.
We both love it very much :)
Kind Regards

Ollie wearing Arctic

30 May 2014

Hi Maria, Thanks for sending me the cat jacket earlier this month, my cat Ollie loves it, he's used to being walked on a lead so took to it straight away. It fits him perfectly and is easy to put on and take off. I think it is easier to control him too as the lead doesn't pull his neck area like other collars if I need to give him a tug. He knows the sound of velcro means walkies now!
Please see attached pics for you to use on your website if you want.
Kind regards,

Lucy wearing Black Watch

23 May 2014

Hello Mrs Harrison,
I received yesterday the package with the jacket and i love it, it looks sweet and quality is what i expected.
Thank you for sweet deal.
Attached some pics of Lucy, she was obviously not too happy at the beginning but it went OK after a while.
I will let her time to get use to it wearing it a bit everyday, and i will bring her out with the extendable leash once i feel her comfortable...
Wish you the best,

Mr Brooks wearing High Viz

23 May 2014

I got the cat jacket in the mail the other day. It fits Mr. Brooks perfectly and he is enjoying our evening walks. Tonight we were stopped twice to get his picture taken. Attached is a photo of him in his jacket. I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Breeze wearing own fabric Breeze wearing own fabric1 Breeze wearing own fabric2 Breeze wearing own fabric3 Breeze wearing own fabric4 Breeze wearing own fabric5

19 May 2014

Hello Maria, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The jackets came while we were away early last week and they are lovely!
Thank you so much for all your effort on them.
I've attached photos of some of the "looks" (Breeze hasn't had a chance to try them all yet!) so please feel free to use them on the website if you like. They are just so amazing!
Thanks again and best wishes,

Freya wearing High Viz

19 May 2014

Hiya, just thought I would send you a picture of my Freya in her new jacket. It took a few days to get her used to it but she loves her jacket now and loves her walks! Thank you so much for her jacket, it's so well made and I love it.
Thank you
Gemma Blundell

Genghis wearing Tiger Fur

16 May 2014

Maria thank you for the email. Coat arrived and my cat, Genghis got used to it for a bit playing and dragging it around. Then we tried him in it and he would only walk backwards. However with a bit of perseverance and him associating it with being allowed outside it is now working well. Genghis is a golden persian and nearly 9 months old. I've enclosed a couple of pics, not brilliant because he's always on the move!
Best wishes
Emma and Genghis

Lauras boys wearing purple and black

13 May 2014

Hi Maria,
I'm very sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures. It has taken a while for the boys to get used to their jackets and for me to find a nice day to get some pictures. I can't tell you how pleased I am with them. Thank you so much.
They fit so well and are of an excellent quality.
Cheers Laura

Sam wearing Firemaker1

12 May 2014

Dear Maria
here is a picture of sam wearing his jacket that you made.i just got it today and skipped the lead training because both my cats are well used to wearing a conventional harness,anyway sam would let me dress him in a duffle coat and wellyboots if it meant he got outside.the reason i decided to try your harness is because sam isnt a well boy,he has some internal problems, the latest being pancreaitis that almost killed him.i was worried about his other harness being a thinner strap that might put to much pressure on his still tender tummy,thinking a wider strap like yours might spread the load so to speak.his tummy was shaved for scans and still hasnt grown back fur yet so the material wont chaffe the same as the nylon harness.
i found it so simple to put on and it looks going back on your site now to order another one for my other cat and will just dump their old harnesses.thank you very much.
iris pennington

Leo wearing Red Fleece

11 May 2014

Leo sporting his new jacket, fits like a glove. The courier was a little slower than expected probs coz of the bank holiday but he had no problems adapting to it from his old harness.
Just hoping for a less windy day where he can have a proper explore as he's a little nervous with the high winds we've had over the weekend.
We're very pleased with the quality and its very strong, he also looks very handsome in it as you can see in the pictures.
Would happily recommend your harnesses to anyone who walks their cat or even like us just wants to safely have him join us in the garden.

Jenna wearing Black

11 May 2014

Jenna loves her jacket she started wearing it within a few days. Jackets are very high quality and very well made much better than any other jackets / harnesses on the market thank you

Moose wearing Skulls

7 May 2014

Hi Maria, Sorry I haven't managed to come back to you sooner. Things have been a bit manic this end.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Moose's jacket. Although he was a bit unsure at first, he seems quite happy to have it put on now and is gradually getting used to the outdoors. I imagine before too long we will be venturing to Greenwich Park :)
In my opinion, you provide a fantastic service, very quick and efficient. The jacket is of good quality and fits Moose perfectly.
I will definitely be ordering him a spare! In terms of your website I found it very easy to navigate and to get in touch with you with my query, which was dealt with very quickly, allowing me to order his jacket without delay. I easily found what I was looking for and you provide a very good selection to suit every taste. In terms of payment, again this was very easy, quick and efficient. Top marks. Would certainly recommend.
I attach a few pictures of Moose testing his jacket out for your amusement/catwalk gallery.
Kind regards,
Krysta Gudgeon

Kitty wearing Desert Storms

6 May 2014

the jacket arrived and is perfect. Kitty tried his usual tricks to escape but they didn't work, so I am a lot more relaxed on our walks now.
I have attached a few pictures.
Many thanks again

George wearing Purple

5 May 2014

Hi Maria, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you with a picture of George, my indoor cat in his jacket - he took a little while to get used to it and did some 'drunk walking' for the first few times he had it on, but now absolutely loves being outside in the garden and walks like a pro! I'll be recommending your jackets to others, they're lovely quality and it's really good to have a custom made product for larger cats!
Kind regards,

Asbo wearing Red Fleece

5 May 2014

Hi Maria, Please find attached a few photos of Asbo on our first attempts at harness wearing today. He’s not yet enamoured or impressed and is currently sulking on the fence outside…he is currently an outdoor cat and he suspects something! If you wish to direct people to excellent cat training tips, CATMANTOO on Youtube is exceptional…
My niece lives in the US and has just seen the pictures of Asbo’s harness. She is looking at importing Jang from NZ to the US but had anxiety about harness training. She will be watching my progress and may well be ordering from you in the near future.

Lovely Birman wearing Pink Flowers on Royal Blue

5 May 2014

Hi Maria
I thought you might like to see a few photos of our Birman in her lovely new flowery cat jacket.
It means she has been out in the garden for the first time which is great - she is a big fan!
Many thanks

Raphael wearing Royal Stewart

2 May 2014

Hello Maria
Thank you for the cat harness, which arrived quickly. I've been waiting for Raphael to stay outside with it on so that I can take a photo but he says it's still too cold - hence the photos attached are from inside! Raffy doesn't mind wearing this harness as much as the others he has had so that's a bonus. No more struggling to get legs into holes and finding it's on the incorrect way!
As an ex-website designer, your website looks and works well. Most companies and designers prefer a less 'busy' [plainer] design but I maintain there is room for all sorts of colours, twirls and designs! The most important thing is that the links all work and the website 'flows'. It's easy to use, to navigate around and to pay, so thank you for a simple journey!
best wishes
Helen Culliford

Deisel wearing Black Watch

30 April 2014

This isnt a question more of info for you about the jacket It arrived today I put it on Deisel straight away so simple i slipped it over his head and fastened the underneath the velcro is very strong so it put my mind at rest as I wasnt convinced it would be catproof We lost one cat on the busy road and when we took on Deisel he was already 9 months old and wouldnt have anything to do with a coller i tried several but he hated them all But as hes an indoor cat we want to be able to take him out for fresh air in the hot weather This seemed the best idea ive sent u pictures but at the moment hes taken to it like a duck to water thank you and I would recommend this to anyone Obviously its not fitted properley on the photos I just wanted him to get used to the idea of it first

Simba wearing Arctic Combat

29 April 2014

Hi Maria,
I received the jacket I ordered for Simba today, I am so pleased with it.
Thank you for your communication and quick delivery.
I couldn't resist trying it on Simba straight away, he wasn't too bothered about having it on, so I am looking forward to putting it to use when we move home.
Thank you again, I will definitely recommend.
Katie & Simba

Pinky wearing Pink Squeak wearing Purple

27 April 2014

Hi Maria
I have been meaning to e-mail you ever since we got the walking jackets. They are great!
Our one little brown cat, Squeak, goes for daily walks and loves her jacket. Our other cat, Pinky, is not so much of a walking fan but likes to sit on the front step and check out the front walk.
Thank you for making such a great product!
Laura Jacobsen

Mishca wearing Black Watch Mishca wearing Desert Storm

25 April 2014

Mishca's jacket arrived safely today an I am thrilled! It's a perfect fit. Your website is lovely with just the right amount of information.
Payment was really easy too.
Attached is a photo of Mishca looking suitably posh in his Black watch tartan. The Desert Storm on the reverse is lovely too.
With kind regards,

Poppy wearing Red Fleece Poppy wearing Red Fleece1 Poppy wearing Royal Stewart

18 April 2014

Hi Maria
Just wanted to say a big thank you for making and sending out the jacket so quickly. I’m very pleased with the quality and it fits my cat Poppy perfectly! It is very easy to put on and take off. Poppy took to it immediately, no hesitation whatsoever, so it must feel really comfortable. I attached a lead and we went outside straight away and Poppy walked around the garden as if she had been used wearing the jacket forever! I love the fact that it’s reversible too; the red fleece and the Stewart tartan look great together, so I’m very happy with my choice. I have attached a few pictures to show you how smart Poppy looks and your jacket has received several compliments already J! I would definitely recommend your website and am glad I came across it when I was researching harnesses and walking jackets. The website was very easy to navigate and ordering and payment was simple and straightforward. My only suggestion would be maybe to make the notes section a bit clearer (where it says ‘extra information age/breed’), as I wasn’t 100% sure this is where I should add my choice of fabrics). Also, if you were able to add any personalisation to the jackets (e.g. cat’s name), I think this would be a very popular addition to your great design!
Thanks again.
Mandy and Poppy

Xena wearing Skulls Xena wearing Skulls1

9 March 2014

Hi Maria
The jacket arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. It is perfect. It's so good that it fits all three of my bengals as there is so much room for adjustment. So far they have just worn it round the house to get used to it. It's quite amusing when they first try it as they behave like they are drunk. Leaning against walls to walk, and climbing up instead of jumping but I'm sure they will get used to it soon. Next dry day we get I'll take them outside so see what they think.
emma lee

Willow wearing Lynx

17 March 2014

Hello Maria,
Willow has now stopped going along crouched down with silly legs! However, the latest trick is to walk a little and then sit down and listen to all the sounds. Bumble bee’s get her going which is funny but she cannot get them as for now the lead is short!
However, when I ask her if she wants to go outside, and fetch the jacket she allows it to go on and then races to the door!
I will send another photo of Willow outside soon.

Stormy wearing Green

14 April 2014

We love the Mynwood Cat Jacket. It came the day we were moving from Ohio to New York (2 weeks from order). We didn't have time to train him with it at first, but we previously had tried a few other types that did not work at all, so he was fine with having it on. Stormy kept it on the entire 10 hour trip and was fine with it. Today after going through the proper steps of training we took him outside for the first time. It didn't bother him at all and he got to explore in his new neighborhood.
Andy Sarvo

Sammy wearing black Sammy wearing black1

26 March 2014

Hi, Maria,
The jacket arrived on Friday, exactly four weeks after you sent it. Sammy just finished breakfast and is howling to go out.
….Okay, we’re back. It’s just above freezing outside, so that was a short walk.
I opened up the package and we went out right away. He looked a little self-conscious, but was fine otherwise. I took a video straight off, completely forgetting the first thing he does, which is roll around in the dirtiest thing he can find, so you have a fine little movie of him breaking in the jacket. They tell me that’s to cover their scent. Anyway, the jacket is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!
There are a few still shots as well, and you may feel free to use as you wish.
A couple of comments:
I really appreciate the freedom of movement Sammy has with the jacket. The other harnesses I’ve used always crowded his front legs and restricted his motion to some degree.
My experience with other harnesses has been that Sammy could back out of the rig; you need to keep tension from behind the cat at all times. There was no way to impose any kind of positive control to lead the cat in a particular direction, for instance. He would just start backing up, at which point you lost that particular battle. Now, I’m actually looking forward to being able to get some quality lead training done with the little guy, which will make our walks more enjoyable for both of us.
It was especially a problem for Sammy because he is frightened of cars, and will absolutely panic if a truck shows up. (He was rescued from outdoors, and obviously had a bad experience with a truck). Nothing like trying to control a panicked Bengal in a harness that he knows how escape. We had a “truck moment” this weekend, and the Mynwood jacket held him firmly, which allowed me to hold him still while I picked him up. Instead of appearing to be another threat, I was able to reassure him, making the whole event was much less traumatic for the cat. As a bonus, I was able to get home without the usual bleeding associated with that kind of incident.
Yesterday we took our walk and came back inside. I unhooked him and we each wandered off to do our weekend stuff. I went out to do some yard work, shopping and other weekend chores. We were in and out all day, and around dinner time Sammy walks downstairs, still in his jacket! It apparently did not bother him enough to say anything to us. With his other harnesses he would follow you around until you took it off.
Thanks again!
Mike Ciarochi

Ruby and Bruce wearing Purple and Pink Ruby and Bruce wearing Purple and Pink1 Ruby wearing Pink

26 March 2014

Jackets arrived today - amazing. Will definitely order more /work my way through the catalogue.
Attached is a photo of Ruby modelling her new jacket. Bruce was a bit sleepy this afternoon -after affects of vaccination at the vets.
Will email photos later once we have Bruce on board.
Many thanks

Roman wearing black1

2 March 2014

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for this fantastic jacket, I love it :-) it's very well made and it arrived so quickly too :-) I placed my order on Friday and received it on the Monday.
It fits Roman very well, he was a good boy and let me put it on, but stood stiff for quite some time before he decided to move :-D he's now getting used to wearing for longer periods everyday. I want him to get used to it before we venture into the garden and then on for some walks. He's just fell asleep on the bed wearing it so it must be comfortable.
A couple of photos attached, will send some more when we're out walking.
Thanks again
Sarah & Roman xx

Roman wearing black1

2 March 2014

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for this fantastic jacket, I love it :-) it's very well made and it arrived so quickly too :-) I placed my order on Friday and received it on the Monday.
It fits Roman very well, he was a good boy and let me put it on, but stood stiff for quite some time before he decided to move :-D he's now getting used to wearing for longer periods everyday. I want him to get used to it before we venture into the garden and then on for some walks. He's just fell asleep on the bed wearing it so it must be comfortable.
A couple of photos attached, will send some more when we're out walking.
Thanks again
Sarah & Roman xx

Prowler wearing Black Prowler wearing Black1

1 April 2014

I received the cat jacket and it is made very well and it works great. It is comfortable for Prowler and I know it will fit him if he gains any weight. Here's the first of 2 pics I'm sending of him in his jacket. I'm sending separate emails with each picture so you don't have problems with receiving one large email.
Thanks so much,

Pip wearing Purple

27 February 2014

Pip (now 10 months old) has been using his Mynwood jacket for about 4 months and absolutely loves it. He took to it immediately and waits patiently by the back door to have it fitted! As he is an indoor cat, it is brilliant to be able to take him outside safely to explore the garden. The jacket is very well made, fits perfectly and very good value.
Many thanks

Nero wearing Arctic Nero wearing Arctic1 Nero wearing Arctic2

14 April 2014

I love the harnesses! Fantastic product. After wearing one once, Nero learnt it meant he could go outside and the first I put the second one on, he ran straight to the door and waited. Brilliant.
I’ll send some picture of one happy Somali cat in your camouflage jacket (in a couple of emails for file size control.
Thank you so much
Best regards
Oonagh Heron

Molly wearing Lynx

16 April 2014

Hi Maria
Sorry for the delay in responding ! We are really pleased with the collar, and it has really given Molly a new life. As a house cat since getting her as a kitten last September I was concerned she was starting to get bored of her home environment, and she would look out of our conservatory with a longing to explore the outside world.
The collar has given us the opportunity to let her venture outside in the safe knowledge that she is secure... She is loving it, and has no objection to wearing the collar, the leopard print is especially fitting for her looks! I have attached some photos. For you to see. Many thanks

Minty wearing Black Watch

22 March 2014

Hi Maria
Many thanks for very speedily sending through another one of your excellent cat jackets.
This is our third, the first when Minty was just a kitten now long outgrown. All are beautifully made and aside from looking very smart and a doddle to get on, from my experience they have proved escape proof. It enables our house cat, who will go up to anybody, to enjoy the outside whilst us not having to worry about him getting lost or taken. Highly recommended!
Thanks again.

Memphis wearing Skulls

15 April 2014

Hello Maria,
Thank you for Memphis' jacket! He barely noticed it's a new one cause it fits like a glove, yet still has enough room for his growth spurt. It's well made and delivered very quick.
I normally get queries regarding lead training cats and I always recommend your harness. It's comfortable yet snug enough plus, it looks great!
I've attached a few photos of Memphis. An 18 month old maine coon and still has a few years of growing. Looking forward to future transactions.
Kind Regards,

Luna wearing Skulls

16 April 2014

Hi Maria
My husband ordered a harness from you around the 10th April & I just wanted to say thank you, it's great.
It's the first time I have used one and must say that when Luna first put it on I was a little baffled........
She kept flopping onto her side ( funny to watch ) and it was a little too big for her but with time and patience it wasn't long before she was up and about as you will see in the pics attached. Bless her, at 15 weeks I think she rocks your look Maria, so thank you again.
Kind regards

Jensen wearing Red Jensen wearing Red1

25 February 2014

Jensen loves his new Mynwood cat jacket. He has been out in our local wood getting very muddy but letting off some of his energy at last!
It really feels secure and as soon as he sees it now he stands at the front door purring.
Great web site and jacket sent out really quickly
thank you.

Enzo wearing Black2 Enzo wearing Black Enzo wearing Black1

13 March 2014

Dear Maria,
Thanks so much for the speedy service, Enzo's jacket arrived today and he has already been out modelling (see photos)
This is our second jacket from yourself, we have tried others but yours is by far our (and the cats) favourite due to the quality of fit, material and workmanship.
Thanks again, wouldn't hesitate to recommend and buy from you again

Ebony Rose wearing Pale Leopard Cotton

16 March 2014

Hi Maria
Thank you so much for making a lovely jacket for our Brown Burmese Girl - Ebony Rose, even though I measured her, it was still a bit big for her when we received it - but don't get me wrong, that is fine as obviously she is a kitten and is going to grow into it anyway, so that is all good, but still I had to wait a couple of weeks for her to grow into it a little bit, please see attached a picture of Ebony in her jacket, just a couple of days ago. In the meantime, we decided to get another Burmese kitten a Chocolate Burmese Girl, we called her Ash Mia and she has also tried Ebony's jacket and it suits her too, so I am going to order her a matching jacket also. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Burmese colours, But Ebony is the Brown and therefore the darker colour and Mia is the lighter colour, but called chocolate. I'll send you some more pictures as we progress, other than that I loved your website, I had previously bought some from America, but I like the one I got from you better.
Kind Regards
Jocelyn, Elizabeth, Ebony Rose (Queen Bee) & AshMia (Lady Mia)

Bobby wearing Black Watch Tartan

14 April 2014

Thank you for the fast delivery! Bobby couldn't wait to play outside in the lovely sun today.
I love this harness!
Samantha Rogers

Bob wearing skulls

27 March 2014

Hi Maria I received the harness today! I've attached some photos of Bob aka Womble. He's usually on his back and the harness hardly bothers him! :) Here's a review for you: "Excellent service and quality. Was made to measure and was received within a couple of days of ordering. Bob was a bit annoyed with it at first. He flopped onto his side and proceeded to act like a lunatic for around 10 minutes. Once he realised I wasn't taking it off, he soon got used to it. Bob's a really playful cat and was soon running around the house chasing his toys as if it wasn't even on him. I tried to take him for a walk but I think was a bit too soon. He just laid flat on the floor! It's brilliantly made and doesn't impede the cat's natural movements. " Thanks again for the harness. Please could you send us a link to the website when you've uploaded Bob's photos? Will be nice to see him amongst the others!!

Bingo wearing Skulls

12 April 2014

Hi Maria,
Bingo's jacket has arrived. Thank you so much, i love it. This is the second time shes worn it today, shes reluctant to move as she cant quit find her feet lol. The fabric is lovely, the design is as u say safe as she has yet to get out of it (not for lack of trying). Thankyou for such a quick an easy service. I will be recommending your website to others.
Kind regards,

Asha and Indie wearing Leopard Fur and Lynx Fur Asha and Indie wearing Leopard Fur and Lynx Fur1

8 March 2014

Hi Maria,
Many thanks for the jackets.
They are beautifully made and fit really well.
Asha and Indie look really cute in them and are totally safe.
Great website... More pictures to follow when they are a little more relaxed with the great outdoors!
Best wishes
Guy & Anna x

Apollo wearing High Viz Rocky wearing High Viz

14 April 2014

Hello Maria.
The long and cold winter gave us the opportunity to get the two kittens used to wearing a jacket so that by the time we could go outside it wasn't unusual for them.
Finally the temperature has improved enough for us to utilize the beautiful jackets you made for our boys. I thought that you might enjoy a couple of photos showing your work in action.
When we first received the jackets we were impressed with the quality of the work. I believe that a co-worker of mine is in the process of order one for her cats at this time. Kathy decided to order hers after seeing photos of our boys in theirs.
Thank you

Abie wearing Chocolate Solly wearing Pink Frankie wearing Blue Master Abraham Benjamin Rosenoff wearing Chocolate Mini May wearing Green

15 April 2014

hello maria
delighted with cat jackets that arrived today.
managed to get abie and solly, pink, mini-may, green, and Frankie, blue, out today.
as with abie, i noticed that on first wearing, they tended to lie down, and couldn't jump. but no-one kicked up a fuss when i put them on!
solly got used to his quite quickly, so did mini-may. Frankie just lay down, walked a few steps, did roly-poly. hope to send photos soon. am having probs with laptop, not always downloading.
am sure Frankie will get used to it. lovely to get them out of the run very safely with jackets, haven't been able to do this since last july. mini-may was grumpy once she was outside, but that's normal for her - she always swears and shouts for no good reason - is a grumpy older woman! am telling every cat person i know about mynwood!

Stephanies puss wearing purple Stephanies puss wearing purple1

9 February 2014

Hi Maria, I received my cat jacket probably about a little over a week ago. I love it, plain and simple. It is so much better than the regular harness, it fits better, and is a lot more comfortable for my cat. She used to fight when I put the harness on and roll over on end, as soon as I put on her jacket she just ran around crazily and played with her toys, occasionally she would do a little fall over but all in all 100% loving it. I haven't been able to get pictures outside while on a walk since I live in Canada and its been a really cold winter. But I did take her around in the vets office with it and it worked great. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend it for anyone who likes to walk their cats.
Here are a few pictures of her wearing it :)
I'm not sure if you are able to use this as feedback for your website if not please email me back with instructions on where to do so and I will gladly do it again.

Simba wearing Leopard Fur

20 January 2014

Hi Maria,
I received the jacket today! I am extremely happy with the jacket and the quality is just outstanding. They are such a credit to yourself and your company. It fits my boy perfect and you are right, this will be his forever jacket. It actually even fits my 2 year old female Bengal, though outside is not her thing. I put the jacket straight on him and he has taken to it straight away. He just purred and walked around the house like he wasn't even wearing a jacket. Thank you so much for allowing my boy to be able to enjoy the great outdoors in such a safe manner. I am sure that statement goes for many other cat owners who own a jacket of yours too! He also has an enclosure but gets frustrated he can't go further, so this is definitely the thing for him. I have included some photos for you of him wearing the jacket (:

Thanking you kindly,

Ness wearing Firemaker Longer Jacket Ness wearing Skulls

30 December 2013

Hi Maria,
That was a quick turnaround thank you.
I will send pics, I have attached some of Ness wearing her summer coat you made previously.
The website is easy to navigate and payment is easy. Your site is my first point of call for a new coat for Ness and I recommend you to other cat owners. Always very happy to buy a new coat from you :-)

Louis wearing Skulls Louis wearing Skulls1 Louis wearing Skulls2 Louis wearing Skulls3 Louis wearing Skulls4 Louis wearing Skulls5

22 February 2014

Hi Maria,
Our cat Louis now insists on going for a walk every day!! He loves his jacket, and we had no troubles getting him to wear it. After 6 months of daily use, it is still in good shape but is too small for him thanks to his enormous appetite.

Jim wearing high viz

22 January 2014

I thought you might like to see Jim enjoying his jacket. It's fantastic! He moves comfortably in it as you can see. It even stands up to a tree climbing lesson.
Thanks so much!

Gato wearing Green Combat

4 February 2014

Hi Maria,
It's been a while since I purchased my cat's walking jacket, but I just want to tell you how pleased I am with it! The jacket is very well made and so easy to put on my 5-year old Maine Coon cat, Gato. Before I had discovered your walking jackets, I had purchased several different harnesses from pet retail stores and they never fit my cat properly and I was concerned that the flimsy straps dug in and made him uncomfortable. But he loves wearing his walking jacket - it fits perfectly and he even wears it on long trips in the car. Gato comes running when I get his jacket out and he hears his ID tags jingle on the jacket because he knows it's time to take a walk!

Thanks again for making such a wonderful product for us cat lovers and our fur babies!
Best regards,
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Claras kitty wearing Pink

30 December 2013

Hi Maria,
Its been a year - and I'm going through old email and realized I never sent photos of my kitty in her perfect little harness! We go through phases of going on walks and traveling, but its critical for both, and I have been super pleased with it, its easy to get on and off and super secure. (And I've told people where it came from!) I also like that I can leave her in the carrier (while traveling) with it and not worry about her getting tangled or something not so fun.

Ziggy wearing Tiger Fur

10 November 2013

Thankyou very much for the lovely walking jacket in tiger fur. My cat ziggy liked it straight away. HE really does think he is a tiger now(good colour match).He didnt have any issues wearing it. It fits him very well.I will pass your details on to my cat friends.
Angela Coleman

Stan wearing Black Stan wearing Black1

26 November 2013

Hi Maria,
Many thanks for your prompt service, and your easy to navigate web site, which is full of useful tips on how to lead train cats. I also find PayPal a really convenient way of paying. We have two Bengals Stan (13 months) and Billie (9 months). So this is our third Mynwood Jacket as we have gradually ordered more as they have grown. We first fitted Stan with your jacket when he was only 14 weeks, followed all your instructions and within 2 days he was out walking. Billie was even easier, he watched Stan having his jacket put on and probably thought this looks fun, took to it immediately and followed Stan on his walk. We take them out nearly every day, they love watching sheep, are very interested in the duck pond! and have no trouble nipping up a tree if dogs get to close. I've attach a couple of photos. I’m not sure how you upload video’s to your web page so this is a link to a 3 min video of them at play, part of which shows them out walking and climbing trees in the park. I can send you the embed code for the video if you want it, or you can down load from the site if you want it. (video is on the video page)
Many Thanks

Sams puss wearing makower Sams puss wearing Tiger Fur

26 November 2013

Hi Maria, I just wanted to say how lovely the jackets were - thank you so much. Both cats have never worn one before but took to it like they'd worn them for years!! I attach pics of the first time they were put on them. They also enjoyed the cat nip mice!
Re: your website. I found it very informative, easy to use and it was excellent to be able to see videos and pictures of other cats wearing the jackets. Mainly, because I wanted to see how they were used and also to work out what colour jackets looked best on our colour cats!
Thanks again
Sam Monks

Jamey wearing Pale Leopard Cotton

4 December 2013

Hi Maria,
It's been a few months since I ordered a cat jacket from you and I just wanted to tell you again how terrific the jacket is! From the beginning it has been perfect! It fit my 4-month-old Maine Coon snug enough to make him feel secure and as he's grown the jacket still fits beautifully. Thank you for making the jacket with the room allowance! I'm attaching a pic; I never manage to get a clear shot of him while he's standing because he's incredibly quick and active so I'm sending one of Flying Cloud (AKA Jamey!) while he's lounging on the porch. Thank you again!
Best wishes,
Cheryl Collier

Chloe wearing makower paw

26 November 2013

Hi Maria,
We received Chloe's lead last Saturday. We have been practising during the week and it's getting easier and more used to it. Thank you, we're actually very satisfied with the product in terms of punctuality, quality and helpfulness. Here yu have a few photos!
Best wishes

Todd wearing Skulls1 Todd wearing Skulls

12 October 2013

Maria, Day 1
Just wanted to share some photos of Todd wearing his new walking jacket for the very first time. He did so well! I kept it loose and he sat down for a couple seconds and then stood up and walked away. I left if on for a few minutes, the took it off and gave him a treat. I think he will adjust to it well! And I think he looks super snazzy in it! : )

Day 2
"What a beautiful day! I went for my first outside walk in my beautiful walking jacket and on the leash. Well it was more like - walk 2 steps, lay down, roll around, get a treat, walk 2 more steps, etc. But I wasn't scared and I looked handsome. And I got lots of treats! ^..^ "

Schnooks wearing Makower Paw Schnooks wearing Makower Paw1 Schnooks wearing Makower Paw2 Schnooks wearing Makower Paw3

12 October 2013

Hello Maria,
Thank you for your great service. I received the jacket in just over a week (in the US). We love it. It took a few trials for Schnooks to get use to the jacket but he now wears it with ease. I took him for a walk the other day and he was able to climb up trees and sprint without hesitation. He doesn't seem to notice he's wearing it anymore. I love using the Flexi lead, because it gives him the freedom to sprint and climb.

Maya wearing desert storm

22 September 2013

Many thanks for the jacket. It arrived on Friday and has been used on walks twice already. It's exactly what we were looking for: secure yet comfortable.
Walking a cat on the streets of London is always going to draw a bit of attention -some love it, some disapprove of it- but it's great that it's evident that the cat enjoys wearing it.
We're attaching some pictures of Maya lounging in the jacket after a stroll.
Note that I used eBay to purchase the jacket so that was pretty straightforward.
After taking a quick look at your site nothing jumped to mind as an obvious point of improvement: it all seems clear.
Thanks again for the great product and great service.

Max and Zula wearing Royal Stewart and Black Watch

6 October 2013

Love the jackets max and Zulu find them very comfortable.I used to use the convectional harness but found if they pulled on them they chocked.
With your jackets I do not have this problem.paying with PayPal was so easy.thank you for the great service.
Now my boys can get out in the garden more often.
Jill xx

Kima wearing Black Watch

23 October 2013

Hello Maria,
Thank you so much for our wonderful cat jacket! When I we got home from work today it had been delivered through the letter box, which was so handy as I thought I would have to pick it up from the post office.. and it came so quickly I couldn't believe it! Your site was easy to navigate, it was easy to pay, you had handy tips - such as the photo to show you where to measure - and wonderful photos that work as a great advertisement for your product. But best of all was your customer service! We put Kima in the jacket for half an hour or so and it is safe to say that she was pretty freaked out - she seemed to stay stock still like she had forgotten how to use her limbs! Hehe - but she is a bit of a scaredy cat at times and I know that as with her old harness it will take some getting used to. Already it was clear that it was rubbing much less under her armpits.. And no more nasty clip to catch her fur in! It was so lovely to have lots of different fabrics to choose from Maria. Kima is a cockney cat, but both Niall and I are Scottish so we felt the tartans were very fitting! I will be sure to share on FaceBook with the Scottish contingent! I have attached a rather blurry photo below which you are more than welcome to use, but I will try and take a better one on my camera at some point when we get outside.
Many thanks & warm regards,
Anna, Niall & Kima Anna Cawthorne

Jerry wearing Chocolate Fleece

21 September 2013

Hi Maria,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely Chocolate Fleece Jacket !! I purchased it from your shop on Ebay.
It is so easy to use and a super comfy fit and most importantly my Tonkinese Jerry loves it!! I have included a picture i took yesterday of Jerry out in the garden wearing his jacket :) I will be ordering another one in the next couple of weeks.
Once again many thanks.

Breeze on alert 8 Sep 13 Breeze wearing custom jacket Breeze wearing custom jacket1

4 October 2013

Hello Maria,
I hope this finds you well. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you with photos of Breeze in her "custom" jackets.
They are so lovely and bright as well as being practical. I can't say she likes them as much as I do (ha) but she's getting used to them if it means she can go outside and have a wander.
Here are snaps of the 4 different "looks" and the fabric patterns used.
- Tanya Whelan's Sugar Hill Collection "Rose Trellis"
- Amy Butler for Rowan, "Gypsy Caravan Cutting Garden"
- Makower Fabrics of Henley on Thames, "Easter Birdhouse"
- Cath Kidston "Mini Stanley"
Now, you would think this would be enough for one cat (ha) but would you be able to make 3 more reversible jackets? I've found a few more fabrics that I think would look really nice - cotton or polycotton, same as before.
Can you please send an invoice for 3 jackets and I'll post the fabrics to you asap. Thanks Maria!

Reuben wearing Pale Leopard

18 September 2013

This is my second jacket I have bought from mynwoods. The reason why I order from these are the quality, safe and made to measure sizing. Reuben looks beautiful in his new spotted one. The website is easy to use with soo many different colours and patterns, the only problem I had was I couldn't make my mind up which one i liked best :-) fantastic communications from start to finish and very fast delivery. Thank you mynwoods, I will be back again xx
Mrs Leigh Best

tabby wearing skulls

26 August 2013

I just received the cat jacket in the mail today and am completely in love with it. My cat Tabby had a regular harness before I found your website and it was horrible. He could get out of it very easy and it was uncomfortable on him. Finding your website was amazing. The whole process of ordering was super easy. It was my first over seas purchase ever and it couldn't have been easier. Your whole website is amazing. I loved reading all the other feedback and looking at the other cat photos with their jackets. I chose the skulls and crossbones jacket for Tabby. It looks great on him and it is super comfortable. He didn't even try to escape once in it. He went right outside in it and started walking around in it. It was so nice to not be paranoid about him getting out of it and running into the woods. Tabby is FIV+ and was born that way so I am really overprotective of him, and this jacket is just perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about it!!!
Thank you so much Maria!
Samantha Bonnell-Demott

Percy wearing high viz

22 August 2013
Hi Maria,

The jacket's great and is getting a lot of use. Percy is very relaxed in it (to the point where he's even gone to the loo whilst on it a few times) and he purrs when I put it on him as he knows he's going outside. It's far better than any other cat harnesses I've seen and I'm very pleased with it. I've attached a few snaps of him in the jacket which you're welcome to use on your website if you would like to.