Oscar wearing Purple Oscar wearing Purple1

23 August 2013
Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for the cat harness this arrived to New Zealand in 8 days to our surprise . Oscar our Bengal loves it! When he see the harness he knows its walkies time. We left it on our table to find Oscar trying to put it on. We think the harness is made out of good quality material and it feels durable. Within a few minutes Oscar had adjusted to wearing it. We walk Oscar outside in the dark and the reflective strip works well with on coming traffic. Oscar can still jump and climb. Oscar managed to get the harness muddy, this washed up wonderfully, no shrinkage. I feel totally safe taking Oscar for a walk now, before he had a standard cat harness with plastic clips and he managed to break out of it 4 times.
I was very happy with paying direct, this was simply, easy and instant. I had no issues. Maria kept me updated with the status of the harness throughout the entire process of it being made. I highly recommend investing in one (or more) of these cat jackets. I will be buying more in the future.
P.S. the best thing about Oscar's jacket is it was custom made to his measurements and the colour Purple.
Thanks again Maria.

Kevin wearing Skulls

22 August 2013

I purchased a walking jacket from yourself and me and my cat are very happy with it. I thought I would send some pictures to show you how it looks. Kevin is a Siamese cross aged 18 month, I am more than happy for you to use these on any publications.
I will be telling my friends, Kevin feels unrestricted and I feel happy that he is safe and secure.
LisaMarie Fitzpatrick

Isis Humphrey and Re wearing Pale Leopard Black and white Chequered and Skulls

25 August 2013

Please find attached a photo of Isis, Humphrey and Re enjoying an afternoon out on the patio! They are all getting used to the jackets now, and we are happy in the knowledge that they are secure and comfortable. Thanks again for a great product and service.
All the best,
Mark and Samantha
(& 3 happy cats!)

Augie wearing Grey Suiting Augie wearing Grey Suiting1

31 August 2013
Hi Maria,

Augie's cat jacket turned up this week. It's absolutely fantastic, thank you! He did a couple of barrel rolls in it when we first put it on him, but as soon as he was outside he was so engrossed in everything that he seemed to forget he was even wearing it. Thank you for the fantastic cat jacket and the great service as well. The website is great - very easy to use. I've attached a couple of pictures for you. In the first one, he's about ready to attack a bird on the clothesline :)
Thanks again,

Wallace wearing Skulls Gromet wearing Black

8 August 2013
Hi there,

Received the jackets on 6th August - fantastic service. The cats have been really good - I did try the conventional harnesses when they were kittens, but I just didn't think they were safe enough. Both cats wander our garden when we are out there, but as we are taking them to our daughters in Poole I wanted to get them used to her garden whilst on leads.
I enclose photos for you. Grommet is the one in the black jacket, Wallace is the one in the pirate print. To say the cats are coming up 8 in October I think they have taken to their jackets remarkably well.
I must say the design is great and they are very good quality.
Thanks for your excellent service.
Ellie and Wallace and Grommet

Truman wearing grey tartan

6 August 2013
Hi Maria,

I apologize for taking so long to get you some photos of Truman in his cat jacket. We recently took the camera out during one of Truman's backyard adventures and I thought I would share some of the photos with you. I have many more photos that I can send via email which really show off the jacket if you wish. You really make a quality product and we are looking into ordering a second jacket for our other Ragdoll cat, Baron. Thank you very much.
Toby C. Waters

Martynas wearing Pink

8 August 2013

Sorry for not replay,jacket fits perfect on my cat, she can move easy with it and stickers hold it strong no chance to get out of it when see tries to run away , I will send some pic when I get time to make them.
Thank You.
Martynas Kuznecovas

Hugo and  henry wearing their tartans

15 August 2013

Recently I purchased two of the Mynwood Cat Harness/Jackets and have to admit I was somewhat dubious as to how they would fit my two BSH cats - especially the older one as he is a typical BSH male neuter and has 'broad shoulders'! However, I need not have worried, not only are the harnesses of beautiful quality they fit perfectly!
Maria has been on hand every step of the way to guide and advise and, as soon as I can, I hope to purchase a couple more as I always think it's good to have spares.
These harnesses are very simple to fit - and if I can do it, I believe anyone can! There are no nasty buckles to chafe the cat and neither of my boys have any problem running around in them!
Conclusively, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these harnesses. What is also nice is the array of colour choices to pick from - so it doesn't matter if your cat is a boy or a girl, there is something for both!
Thanks Maria
Hazel, Hugo and Henry!
Hopefully this photo shows off the harnesses more than my cats! I was trying to get a photo to show how easy it is for the cats to move in them and also face on you'd not have seen the jackets very well! I appreciate you'll need to crop it to suit, hence why I've sent a large pic so you have more room to do that!
Thanks again
Hazel x

7 August 2013
Dear Maria

I wanted to let you know that I received the jacket in the mail today.
It fits Winston wonderfully. I really like the stitching and design around the legs. Other harnesses have restricted his leg movements or were shaped in the chest to fit a dog rather than a cat. I am an American living in London but am getting ready to move with my husband back to the US. As I have panic disorder and am not a great flyer due to claustrophobia, Winston serves as my National Service Animal Registered (NSAR) Emotional Support Animal (otherwise known as an ESA in the US). The thickness of the back-section to your jacket allows me to sew on his Service Animal patch. Finding a harness thick enough to sew on his patch has been an additional hassle for me, as other harnesses tend to be flimsier or have a design where thin bands of fabric are sewn together instead of in a jacket design. I really appreciate the quality of your product and the quick turn around time from ordering to receiving the jacket in the mail.
I especially appreciate the 'real' photo examples of cats wearing each specific fabric pattern. I think actual photos of the product give a enjoyed reading all the nice comments and viewing all the video clips of cats wearing their harnesses. I am often skeptical of buying items online that I can't just walk into a store and see, feel, analyze for myself. This is especially true since I had already bought 3 separate harnesses - none of which fit or worked - online before finding your site on Ebay. The video clips on your site were especially helpful as these gave me a better idea of how the harness fit around the legs and the durability of the product. When I saw one clip with a man picking up his cat by the back of his harness and pulling the kitty out of some weeds, I knew this harness would be sturdier than anything else I have bought thus far.
Winston was not too sure about the jacket when I put it on him today. He has no problems wearing a normal collar, but I think he will need a little time to get used to the fit of this harness before I can get a picture of him. He did a lot of crawling and rolling around. If you would prefer, I could take a photo of Winston in the harness before his Service Patch gets sewn on.
Again ,thank you for your time!
Best wishes,

Hi Ann
Thank you so much for taking the time to email me. Must be an emotional time for you, hope all goes well. I've never heard or NSAR or ESA at all will definitely look into that. Winston is a special lad and I had no idea that was his role so I'm even happier to have made him his jacket to support you too.
I'd love to see photos of him in action with you if possible with and without his service badge - I think its an honour that I have been part of the production process.
I'd love to be able to add your email to my guestbook pages along with Winston's pictures too but didn't know if I should before asking.
Hope all goes well with the move and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Maria,
I would have no problems with you adding my Email and pictures of Winston to your Website's guest book. I am going to try to put his harness on him this weekend so that he can get used to it before we travel. He is an indoor-only cat - we live in central London and I am too afraid he could get hurt - but he goes with me when I travel (long distance) because of my frequent panic attacks. There are no laws in place in the UK (as far as I am aware) that recognize Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), however, a friend of mine recommended I contact the National Service Animal Registry in the US two years ago, as she was on a US flight where a woman was holding her dog and claimed it was her ESA. As the airline did not allow pets in-cabin she enquired because she knows I get quite panicky on flights.
Because of the NSAR any airline that flies in the continental US has to accept ESAs on flights as long as the pet is NSAR registered and the pet owner (myself) has a doctors note specifying that the doctor has prescribed an ESA to make daily life less debilitating. Furthermore, because of the NSAR a housing act was put in place in the US to where a housing establishment (such as an apartment complex) cannot discriminate against me for having Winston (even if they have a no pet policy) and has to allow my registered ESA.
My husband's and my move back to the US will be the first major trip we have taken with Winston outside of Europe. Your harness is incredibly important because it will not only allow me to clip on his registration tags, but also allows his service badge to be visible. As people are less aware of ESAs and even more so seeing a cat serve as a support animal many times people think - because I am younger (I'm 30 but look younger than my age) - that I am carrying my pet around just to be trendy (like celebrities in magazines). The design of your harness as well as the 'light blue' color (the color of US service vests) makes Winston look professional and that perhaps people will take me more seriously and be less likely to judge.
With that said, I will try to get you some photos within the next week. Again, thank you for your product and your time. I sincerely appreciate it. I will take a couple of photos with him in the harness without the patch and then a couple of him in it with his tags and Service Animal patch on. I hope all is well!
Best wishes,


17 July 2013
Hi Maria

It took us a long time to get some good pictures taken of our beautiful Bengal "Jewelz" but finally here they are. I can't thank you enough for the awesome jacket. It took only a few days and she was very comfortable wearing it, in fact so comfortable she climbed her first tree wearing it! The jacket is very easy to put on and take off and when I say jacket to her she immediately jumps on the bed, sits and waits till I put it on her. She is so happy to go outside and run free. I am also relieved to know that she is safe and secure in your jacket which she can't slip out of. The colour Hi Visibility is amazing. We can see her where ever she is hiding! I think you will agree she looks so cute in it!!!! Your site was extremely easy to navigate and to place an order. Loved all the testimonials. Also your selection of colors is amazing. Please let us know if you have any problem receiving these pictures.
Sue and Jewelz


Hi Maria

It's been a while, but we now have some photo's of Misty in her jacket, it has took a bit of time as she tends to go a bit ferral when messed with and we thought she would never take to letting you put it on, but she is starting to see the benefit that jacket means going out and also walking quit well on lead. We do get a few funny looks from neighbours, but we are hoping we might start a trend,as there are a couple of other cats in the street that aren't allowed out. We have a few short videos and hope to get some better ones with a bit more time, so if you want any just let us know how we can download them and we will gladly send them Thanks once again, and the site is very good

Lowenstein Lowenstein

22 October 2012

Our two boys love their jackets. We have attached pictures of them wearing their tuxedo bow ties. They were the ring bearers at our wedding on October 1st. Max is the 2 1/2 year old,18lb grey and white, and Boo Boo is his little brother from a different litter. He is 14 lbs and 2 years old.

Sam and Diane Lowenstein

9 October 2012

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, thanks so much for the jacket, has worked very well so far and my cat has taken to it very well. we have had couple of run ins with the neighbours dog which has led to him freaking out at theend of the lead but he hasn't broken free! I have trained him like u suggested on the website so now he trots to the door when i produce the jacket! Thanks again Mairi

12 September 2012

I really like the construction of the Mynwood Jacket. In initial training, my Savannah tended to jump ALOT. The jacket prevented any type of injury such as what you may get with a collar and leash. Easy to put on and quality construction. Will definitely continue to purchase as my cats grow older and bigger. Highly recommended.

Thank you

11 September 2011

We love the Mynwood Cat Jacket! It fits our Bengal perfectly. We'd been using a harness of the kind that dogs wear, and we knew it was not completely secure. He was able to escape once. The Mynwood is easy to put on and take off, and is comfortable while being completely secure. Everyone here in California compliments him on his "Tartan" jacket! We haven't taken a good photo with it yet, but you can see it clearly on the YouTube videos when we're walking him, like this one:

I'll email you a photo once we have one. As I recall the website was good and straightforward to use. I most appreciated all the photos that you had of the different cats in the different jackets -- it was the best guide for us on how they worked and what we wanted! Also I think it is great that you take the custom measurements of the cat into account.

Thanks again


Dear Maria,

Thanks very much for the rapid turnaround for Tigger's new jacket, which arrived at the end of the week. I'm impressed with the improvements you've made compared to his previous jacket; the latter served us very well, but I can see that the new one is a real step up.

Anyway, Tigger has been happily trying out the jacket in the garden and I thought I'd take some pictures for you perhaps to use on your website; a small selection is attached below. The Royal Stewart goes well with his marbled bengal coat; he looks even more regal than ever :-)

best wishes,

4 January 2013

We have just received the jacket for our cat George. We have only had George for 5 weeks as he is a rescue cat from the RSPCA. I wanted an inside cat and when I found your website I was very interested in learning georgevto walk with a lead. He accepted the jacket straight away. As suggested on your website he wore it indoors and we played. He has now ventured outside and I was so happy as he wanders around and is not phased by the jacket or lead. Thank you for such a great product and your information on how to lead train cats. I will send a photo as these also helped me see how cats can be lead trained.

Julie Fisher

28 December 2012
Hi Maria,

I just got your Mynwood jacket yesterday and love it. I can really tell you did your home work making these. My cats adaption to this jacket was almost immediate. The first time I put the jacket on she was a little unsure, but it did not take long for her to adjust. I am gladly including some photos of my cats first adventure outside today. This is Torey 1 1/2 years, Silver Marble Bengal. I will forward more photos and possibly a video asap.

Thank you so much,



8 December 2012

I've finally managed to get some good photos of Max in his Mynwood jacket. He's been quite agreeable to the jacket itself and I just took him out for his first walk yesterday. Took to it like a duck to water! We're still in the learning stages, but so far it's been smooth sailing and I think he won't have any trouble at all transitioning to walks alone. I've attached several photos, a couple from the first week I had him, and then more of him now in his jacket. From wee bitty bean to big strapping puma :)

Thank you so much for everything!


Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker

22 October 2012

Hi Maria – please feel free to use these as you see fit. This is Tucker, and his first jacket! He is a two year old Bengal.

I can’t be more pleased with your product. It only took a few days for him to realize that this new blue coat meant escaping to the outside world.

All I have to do now is pull this out of the closet, and he stands and waits for it to be put on. It not only fastens up easily with the Velcro straps, it is removed just as easy – which is important when Tucker starts to bite (he never wants to come back inside!). He has run after squirrels at full sprint, and discovered the limitations of his leash, but I never worry about the jacket as it holds strong against his body force.

I have perfect strangers drive by the front lawn in the summer and constantly stop to ask me where I got his walking jacket, I simply tell them your website, and they can see the care taken to build each coat by hand.

I have just placed an order for two more coats to mix up the wardrobe a bit and anticipate their arrival.

Thanks a lot for a great product

Bill C. Hood & Tucker

Titch wearing Red.jpg

Hi Maria
Here she is in all her glory! We received it a couple of days ago but we have had some sun since Monday and it has been such a shock that I forgot to take a photo and let you know it had arrived safely! A brilliant outcome, she loves her walks now and comes out very eagerly!
Kind regards

Praline and Pecan wearing red and purple1.jpg Pecan wearing Red1.jpg Praline wearing Purple.jpg

Hi Maria,
I'm sorry to have taken so long giving you feedback on the jackets I bought weeks ago! Im so pleased I ordered them. The cats took to them in 1 day!
I was quite shocked. I read your tips on lead training and decided to follow those guidelines. But the cats were giving me signals that prompted me to accelerate things along!
I have a 2 1/2 year old girl who's been Cat crazy since before she was 1, and I also have a 4 month old baby boy.
I was worried I wouldn't be able to find time to train the cats on their leads properly, but I've managed to take them out everyday that it's been dry for 30mins, while the kids are napping.
On the day the jackets arrived, I was going to be out all morning, so I unpacked them and left them on the top of the cat tree so the cats could smell them and get their smell on them too.
When I got back (and once the kids were napping) I put their jackets on them and we played some 'fetch the kitty boink' in the house.
They immediately did a 'Kitty flop protest' (see photo) but were running after their toys in no time. Then as I wanted the cats to immediately associate their jackets with outside I brought them out one at a time and they were happy and keen to explore close to me.
There were a few episodes of 'bolting' which taught them (Praline) there was a limit to the lead. Of course after the first afternoon of outside adventures the cats yowl at the door for hours every morning! They now chirp at me and run to their jackets when they know they're to have outdoor fun. I do however struggle with getting Pecan's jacket on as she wriggles with claws when I try to wrap the velcro, Praline as her usual stark contrast to Pecan, stands so still until i've finished and then flops down until I attach the lead. Then even stranger, Pecan is very very good on the lead, she comes more willingly when I call, and has never bolted, yet Praline pulls away, wants to pick the direction we're going in and has crazy bolting moments that make me wince once she's reached the maximum length. (we figured this is because she's Alpha cat and doesn't take to being told what to do)  I've so far only had them escape from their jackets once each. but they were my fault for not really wrapping the jackets tight enough - not a design flaw! And they never went far so I'm less panicky at the thought of them getting free. (For now they stay close by) Since neither of my cats eat anything other than their food (and spiders) I've had to do all the lead training by using praise alone. While it has been alot easier than I thought it was going to be, I can't help think if i used treats they'd be so well trained and it would be so easy! I tried cooked chicken- but not interested!!!!!!  Anyways sorry for the late response and the lengthy email! feel free to edit it down if you want to put it on your website.
I visited your website a number of times before I placed an order and was familiar with where everything was.
Seeing pictures of your jackets on many different breed cats is fantastic! I love reading about other pets and their walking adventures too. My favourite part of your website is the guestbooks, and I check regularly to see if there are new Mynwood Jacket owners! Steph Dhillon and Pecan (in red) and Praline (in purple).

oscar wearing green paisley2.jpg oscar wearing green paisley3.jpg

Thanks for the jacket, it really works very well and Oscar doesn't even realise he is wearing it! Please find attached some photos. Many Thanks.

Morticia wearing Caramel.jpg

We received the jacket a few days ago (mail is painfully slow here). We all love it. Our cat, Morticia has been lead trained since she was very small and had no problem at all adjusting to your harness. She had slipped out of her old, traditional-style harness twice. I feel much more secure now. She didn't even attempt to back out of yours. I've attached one photo. We're working on getting you a few more of her in action. Your website was very easy to navigate. We loved all of the photos and the fitting instructions were easy to understand. Thank you,
The MacDonalds

Mila wearing Purple.jpg

I have received the jacket really fast.
I am really happy about it (have bought three jackets before from other sellers but one was too small and two of them were too big,
and she could hardly move and slip out). My kitty feels fine in it.
I am sending few pictures of Mila with the jacket on.
Thank you!
Best Regards

Zoey wearing Green.jpg

Hi Maria,
Our jacket came in the mail yesterday and we love it! It's very well made and escape proof.
Zoey started off by going limp whenever the jacket was on but has quickly learned to walk in it (for the most part.. not her graceful self yet). I've just taken her right outside my apartment but I think she'll warm up to it within a week or two. Here's a picture of her outside!
Your website was very easy to use, I especially liked the video about how to put the jacket on (we first had it much too loose).

Mitzi wearing Blue.jpg

Hi Maria,
Thanks so much for the walking jacket I ordered from you. Mitzi loves it and she got use to it really quickly. It fits her perfectly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else interested in getting one.
Thanks again

Jennie wearing Royal Stewart.jpg Jennie wearing Royal Stewart1.jpg

6th Septembat 2013
Hi Maria! I have been meaning to write to you sooner but have been super busy since we moved to Pennsylvania in July! Our new property consists of 3 beautiful acres which border a conservation easement which provides us with gorgeous scenery. I am so happy that I trained Jennie to walk outside in her wonderful Mywood Wallking Jacket! We are having great times exploring our new property together. As you can see from this photo, Jennie is very comfortable now in her jacket and runs to the door whenever I bring it out. What a joy!
Oh, we are having so much fun! I bless you and the jacket every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Hope all is well "across the pond"!
Susan, Larry and Jennie

31st May 2013
Hi Maria!
Just discovered Jennie's photo and my e-mails on your website!
What fun to read about her progress and know that we are sharing this with so many other cat lovers. Jennie continues to thrive and LOVES going outside in her jacket. It's blazing hot here in New Jersey - so strange for this time of year - so Jennie and I went out for our walk early this morning at 6:30 a.m. to beat the heat. We had a WONDERFUL time - we were out there for almost an hour!!! She is really gaining confidence and so am I - though still a wee bit nervous.  She is going out into the yard more now and exploring.  You and your jackets are such a blessing!  What a wonderful service you are providing.  I'll be placing my order for several more jackets soon. It will be fun to give Jennie a little "wardrobe." 
Thanks for posting our story - hope it helps others discover this wonderful experience of " walking a cat" - or should I say "being walked by a cat"!
Susan, Larry and Jennie

4th May 2013 Hi,
Just want to make sure that you received my order for a cat jacket and leads. I e-mailed it yesterday and am waiting for your confirmation by e-mail. I live in the U.S. so I know that we are dealing with a time zone difference. I am very excited about the jacket - though quite nervous about introducing it to my cat. Your videos are very reassuring, however. I've been telling my cat Jennie about it and she seems excited too! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Susan Krieger and Jennie

4th May 2013 Hi there lovey, Yes I got your order, will be sewing tomorrow so will email you when its finished.

Hi Maria,
13th May 2013 Just received the jacket and leads today! The jacket is adorable - I love the plaid just as I thought I would based upon the photos. I showed Jennie the jacket and explained its purpose. I put it on the floor near the sliding door where I plan to take her out. She was very interested in it and started batting it around - she likes the little silver ring where you attach the lead. It's unseasonably cold here today so I am going to wait before I put the jacket on and open the door so she gets the connection.
It's supposed to warm up tomorrow. The weather has been so strange lately. Hot one day, cold the next.
My husband is bringing in our potted flowers because there is a frost warning for tonight! I will watch your instructional videos and slowly introduce Jennie to the jacket and leash. She isn't interested in treats at all so I have been training her by praising her and giving her lots of attention. I just taught her how to give me a little kiss on my chin - she really is very intelligent and a good learner, so I'm hopeful about training her to walk with me outdoors.
We'll let you know how we are progressing and hopefully I will be sending you a nice photo of Jennie in her jacket soon!
Thanks so much for being there!
Susan, Larry and Jenny

15th May 2013 Hi lovey,
thankyou so much for your lovely email. Im going to add it to the website feedback, please keep checking.

16th May 2013 Hi Maria,
Just want you to know that on "Day Four" since receiving Jennie's beautiful walking jacket, we are making great progress! We are fortunate that we have a lovely large deck with a gazebo just outside our kitchen's sliding doors. Yesterday I took Jennie outside in her jacket and put her on the chaise lounge which I placed right near the open door. Then I carried her to the benches on the gazebo which is attached to the deck. She was quite anxious but excited and the distractions helped her get used to the jacket. I held onto her and talked her about how exciting all of this is and how pretty she looks in the jacket. Then I carried her back inside. She didn't like the jacket much yesterday and fell over on her side several times before I removed it. But this morning when I went over to the door and showed her the jacket she came right over and wanted to go out again! She let me put the jacket on with no problems. Then I carried her out to the gazebo and we practiced walking along the benches as I held onto her. She even sat down when I asked her to and seems to be getting used to the jacket. When we went back inside she waited by the door for me to remove it instead of hiding under the table as she did yesterday. Then I rewarded her by praising her and playing catch the ball with her - she isn't interested in treats. I'm going to keep exposing her to the jacket and then introduce her to the lead when I feel she is ready. I think she senses how excited I am about all of this and wants to please me. Also, I LOVE the jacket and seeing her wear it - she looks adorable in that red plaid. I think she senses my enthusiasm as well.
So, that's the latest. I'm so thrilled with the jacket and so grateful to you for making one just for Jennie!
Susan, Larry and Jennie
P.S. Larry is thrilled with the progress we are making - he loves the jacket too! I will ask him to take a photo of me and Jennie soon!

19th May 2013 Hi there lovey,
thankyou so much for the brilliant email for the feedback pages on the website. Im going to add it please keep checking.

26th May 2013 Hi Maria,
Well, here she is - my Jennie wearing her walking jacket! We went on our first "official" walk outdoors last Friday! It didn't take her long to get used to the leash because she figured out that wearing the leash with the jacket means "walkies with Mom"! My husband Larry and I are thrilled as is Jennie! For the past three mornings, she's been walking down our brick walkway in front of our house, down to the driveway, garden and in our yard around the perimeters of our house. As soon as she sees me take out the jacket, she charges to the door! This morning the wonderful, beautiful walking jacket proved its worth! Jennie saw a squirrel and went into her "cat mode" attempting to chase it. I stood my ground as I held tight onto the leash as she continued to pull HARD! Fortunately, I have been doing a lot of research on what to do in these instances and just let her pull until she calmed down. Then I gently picked her up and brought her to another area of the yard to distract her. If the jacket hadn't been as well made as it is, I am certain that she would have been able to slip right out of it. In fact, that is what happened years ago with my late cat Ellie and the experience was very upsetting. So, once again I want to say, THANK YOU, MARIA!" And the "beginner's" walking lead is wonderful too - very strong and not too long so I can maintain control. As my husband said, "Maria really knows what she is doing!"
Jennie and I spent 45 minutes outside this morning. She did NOT want to come in but I carried her indoors because I was exhausted! I am feeling more relaxed now during the walks because I know that the jacket works. It took Jennie a long time to calm down inside. She clearly wanted to go right back outside. I've decided that walking with her in the early morning and late afternoon is plenty. I want to get her used to this routine.
I have several questions for you: How long does the velcro on the the jacket last? I'm thinking that I should order several more from you so that I will have a good supply! Also, do you have any tips you can give me to help me train Jennie to respond to my direction as we're walking? Currently, she has been doing most of the directing - she's walking me rather than having me walk her if you know what I mean!
Thanks again, Maria, for being there!
Susan, Larry and Jennie

26th May 2013 Hi, what a lovely email. Really heart warming, I just love to read emails from my customers. Jennie sounds such a sweetie and she is doing really really well. Ive been making jackets for about 6 years now and the ones I use for my cats are still going strong, I have a few customers too from then that still use theirs - this is one of them, I think the jacket is about 5 years old now, one of my first ones. Id think the velcro as long as it doesnt get clogged up with hair or grass etc which you can pull off it will work fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd01rs6-kOk As per training, thats a difficult one, my cats walk me too! Ive seen things on clicker training and stuff like that but really I have no idea, cats are not dogs and I like the fact that they have their own minds and like to be independent. They are not like dogs in the way that dogs like to please their owner - cats dont really care about that - humans are just here to serve - which I might add, we do very well, I think. Not sure mine would agree with me though, maybe I should get them a few more toys, treats and time lol, I dont think they'll ever be happy. Dont forget the jackets are washable, in the machine at a low wash.

28 May 2013 Hello there, Maria!
Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions. I am planning to order two more jackets - that way I will have a lifetime supply! The jacket is so wonderful that I want to be sure that I always have one available. You mentioned that I can wash the jacket - I'm assuming in cold water. It should probably be air dried?
The jacket proved its worth once again yesterday! During our walk outside, a baby rabbit showed up a few feet away from Jennie near a bush in our front yard. Jennie lunged towards it and pulled very HARD. This incident was even more dramatic than the day before when she wanted to chase a squirrel. I stood still and let Jennie pull until she calmed down. She did seem quite upset but the jacket was secure - thank goodness! Then she calmed down and we continued to have a nice walk. This morning she seemed to understand that there are some "rules and restraints" during her "walkie". I explained that she can look at the squirrels but I don't want her to chase them. She sat for quite awhile watching the squirrels as they ran up and down a tree. Fortunately, she did not see the bunny which was running down the sidewalk just around the corner! That might have been too tempting! Our walk today was a lot calmer - we stayed outside for an hour!
We may have a new problem now because Jennie wants to go out A LOT. I've been ignoring her pleas and explaining that we can't go out all the time. My husband and I are afraid that she may become a "door darter." Hopefully, she'll get into a routine and will calm down a bit. Have you experienced this with your cats after you've introduced them to the outdoors?
I'm so pleased that you will be sharing our happy experience with Jennie in her walking jacket on your web site. We'll look forward to seeing Jennie's photo there!
Thanks again, Maria, for everything!
Susan, Larry and Jennie

28th May 2013 Hi lovey, I'm going to add this one too, its great for other customers to read experiences. Jacket washable 40 c and air dried - wont take long. So glad she's enjoying the outdoors. I don't use routine at all with mine as its really difficult to do that with my commitments of my full time job as a teaching assistant and then also my full time job of the jackets too. I don't find that mine insist on going out that way, they just don't expect it. I do have to be careful though with the doors as Otis, one of my Bengals is really keen to get out - always has been, he's even got through open windows and jumped from the bedroom window on the second floor! Ive 2 moggies too, Coco and Thomas that used to go outside and given the chance would dash for the door. We just have to be very vigilant and keep doors and windows closed when the cats are out of my very useful cat room (their own bedroom), its great to have when visitors are here or when we have the doors open.

28th May 2013 Hi again - So much fun hearing from you so quickly, knowing that you are all the way across the ocean! I think in time that Jennie will realize that we won't be going for a walk outside unless I bring out the jacket. We have a full glass storm front door and she loves looking out from there - she's doing that right now! Yes, we'll be very vigilant from now on! Jennie does have her own "cat room" too - that really does help! I love reading the stories on your website. We'll stay in touch!
Susan, Larry and Jennie

Fred wearing Lilac.jpg

I promised you better pictures of Fred in her new jacket, so they are attached.
She now waits at the door to get the jacket on and is learning to coming into the house without her being picked up.
Thank you again from both of us.
Jan Weierbach and Fred

Captain wearing Arctic Combat.jpg Captain wearing Arctic Combat1.jpg

The jacket arrived today and it brilliant, he has room to grow. Just home from work and put it on him and took him into garden, he a very happy cat.
Thank you so much. Think I will order another one so we have a choice. Will try get a better picture of him.
Kind regards,

Bobby wearing Black Watch2.jpg Bobby wearing Black Watch3.jpg

Hi Maria
I have attached some pics of my wee Bobby in his lovely wee jacket.
Thanks so much for it, it is great to see him enjoying the fresh air in his garden again. The jacket is so well made and secure.
He is getting used to the jacket more and more each time we use it.
Hope the pics are okay.
Best wishes
A McLoughlin

Mimi wearing Pink.jpg

Hi Maria
Received our jacket our jacket in March, but spring has come slowly to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Charlie has been wearing his jacket around the house waiting for some outside walks. The jacket is so well made.
It fits great. I had tried 2 others (both now trash) before finding your jackets. You can see from these pictures he thinks he looks very handsome.

Love the jacket. So well made and a great fit. Much better than others I have tried.
Mimi knew great quality and went for a walk the first day she wore the jacket.
We received the 2 kitten sized jackets and will send more pictures soon.
Thanks for making a great product.
Dave and Beth Bergeron

Andrews cat wearing green combat.jpg

Hi Maria
I just wanted to let you know that I think the jackets you made are amazing!
We have tried many cat harnesses and what not in the past, and he would always find a way out of them one way or another. Since he's a nervous kitty he never wanted to go outside, yet he'd always be fascinated by what he saw out there. It literally took us 2 days before he was used to the new jackets, and with a little encouragement (and a treat here and there!) he is now asking us to go out for walks, which is amazing!
I will definitely be buying another jacket soon for when it gets colder outside.
Thank you very much!
Andrew & Ash

Bella wearing Pink.jpg Kimi wearing Red.jpg

The Mynwood jackets are great!! I don't let my cats out due to living near a busy road, but I still wanted them to enjoy the outdoors. Other harness' which I had brought were a nightmare and they were constantly getting out of them. Bella and Kimi were not sure about the jackets at first and walked funny but now they cant wait to have them on and go and play outside. Bella (white one) was very scared at first but has now joined forces with kimi and they love there little adventures. Thank you very much! Very quick delivery, easy payment transaction and jackets are made to a high standard. I have posted pictures.
Thank you,

Finn wearing Chocolate.jpg

Hello Maria
I just wanted to let you know that the cat jacket seems to be working very well. The only issue we had was with our cat Finn getting used to it. Its taken about three weeks and lots of treats to get him used to it but he is good with it now. I have attached to pictures in this email of Finn wearing his jacket. The product seems like it is constructed quite nicely and seems to work as I would expect. Overall I am very pleased with the product and would purchase another if the cat gets to big for his jacket.
Thanks for the Jacket
-Dirk Schulte

Poppy wearing Red.jpg

Hi Maria
Thank you very much for the bespoke cat jacket for my Bengal cat poppy.
She adores it, and can't help posing in the back garden daily!
I would highly recommend these cat jackets, and I have had fantastic service throughout.
Now poppy can enjoy the English weather like us.....sort of!?
Thanks again
Sharon & Poppy

Serino wearing Desert Storm.jpg

Hi Maria I've received the jacket in a very short time. I've had another jacket before,
but my cat Serino used to wrestle himself out of that jacket within seconds.
Your jacket is really escape proof, easy to put on and very good quality.
Thanks a lot for your great jacket

Mooch wearing gold tartan.jpg

Hi Maria, Mooch is really happy with the jacket - we had a scare
with a loud noise and she bolted. Of course the lead came
to an abrupt end and she was tugged back sharply but
wasn't hurt and didn't escape. So glad I'd moved away
from the string harness when that happened.

Hi Maria,

I hope winter is treating you well and February has been off to a good start. A few months ago you made me two custom-made wool herringbone cat jackets for use in colder weather. They're working out great! I spent some time slowly getting the cats more used to them inside before venturing out, but then we had some really bitter cold weather and heavy snow.... so I wasn't able to get you any good photos right away, as the cats didn't like the bitter cold on their paws. (I need to figure out some sort of paw covering next, so really cold weather and ice doesn't bother their feet as much!).

We've had some weather warm-ups, though, and a few opportunities earlier this month to get the cats outside again. So I was able to snap some decent photos of one of the cats in his winter jacket romping about, which I thought you might enjoy or want to post on your website. As you can see, he's gotten to be quite at ease in his new, heavier attire!

Thanks again for the custom work and helping us keep the kitties able to enjoy the outdoors longer in our cold climate!


(and Rammie & Minnow)

Rammie wearing Black and White Herringbone1 Rammie wearing Black and White Herringbone1 Rammie wearing Black and White Herringbone1

5 February 2013
Hi Maria

Thank you for the timely delivery of the hot pink jacket we ordered. Ebony took to it without any trouble (she was already harness broken, but we were nervous of the old ones security safety and comfort)

We have been slow to respond as it has taken a while to get a good enough photo to send.

Your website was easy to use and the photos were fun.

Ebony wears her jacket connected to the seatbelt extension in the car as well as a lead. Pets have to be restrained in cars in Australia , and she has more freedom in her jacket than in a portable cage.

Best wishes
Terry Verity & Ebony

31 January 2013
Hi Maria

Jackets received today. They are fantastic! My Bengal boys had a good sniff and I thought I'd chance a quick try on. They were actually surprisingly patient about the whole thing. They did the usual cat thing of sitting there looking disgusted that I could humiliate them this way but very soon just settled down and started dozing! Think I will follow your advice and try them little and often and once the weather gets better, give them a go in the garden. They both made a big show about have a thorough wash when they were removed because they think they are far too superior to wear jackets!

I am so impressed with the quality and the fit. My boys are 10 months old so will do a bit more growing but there is plenty of capacity if necessary. I also much happier with the whole chest being secure rather than these spindly harnesses you see about. As you know, Bengals can be very strong and single minded so I want to be confident that they cannot slip the lead. The red really suits them although my daughter thinks they should have had the black with skulls! :-)

Will post some photos once they are completely relaxed. I am very happy to contribute to your testimonials if you want. The web page was simple to use and the added videos helped convince me that I was making the right choice.

Kind regards,

Sarah Champion, Indi and Bruno


18 December 2012
Dear Maria

Thank you so much for making a cat jacket for Rori-Mango our 11 year old Oriental.

We are very impressed with the quality, its super strong and fits perfectly. We ordered it as we wanted to take Rori with us caravanning but had no clue as to how he would react. He took to the jacket at once - we let him wear it for a few minutes around the house a few times and there was no fuss from him whatsoever from the outset.

Our main priority was that it would be secure, escape proof and comfortable and it certainly is. Its also very striking with Hi Viz one side and Desert Storm Camo on the reverse so he can be a now you see him now you don't cat !

His first venture into caravanning was a baptism of fire as we had force 9 gales and torrential rain the first night and next day and it remained windy and wet underfoot so we did not take him out walking but he tootles about the house ok on a lead as cats do.

I would not hesitate to recommend your cat jackets for their superb workmanship and design and security and comfort for the cat. We certainly will be ordering another jacket soon as we are awaiting a new arrival, a rescue cat named Athena.

Thanks again Maria for excellent customer service, fast delivery and a great product.

Here is Rori wearing his jacket, and looking very comfy in it.

Many thanks and best wishes for your business.
Vienna and Ian


18 December 2012

Just to let you know that the Jacket arrived last Thursday (13th).
It looks perfect for the job and very well made, thank you.
We tried it on Printz (our 3 month old F1 Savannah kitten) Saturday and, it only took him a few minutes to get used to it and then he was playing and running around as if nothing was different.
We put the jacket on him again, later that day, and then twice on Sunday – every time he seemed perfectly happy wearing it.
He looked so confident that we clipped the lead on to it and actually walked him outside in our garden for the first time in the sunshine Sunday afternoon!
Attached are a few photos.
Your website was very easy to use.
Jeremy Collins


11 December 2012
Hello Maria,

I would like to thank you for the walking jacket you made for my Bengal, Loki, (13wks). I’m very pleased with the quality of the jacket, it seems strong, and I adore the suede fabric.
I bought this early to get him used to it, and to practice lead walking indoors, before we take outdoor walks together next year. Thank you so much for creating a great product.
Jeremy Collins

Erika Erika

Dear Maria,

I am emailing you today in regard to my recently purchased jackets.

I ordered two jackets for my boys' Christmas presents and thrilled to say, taking our boys on walks through the countryside was more enjoyable because of their high reflective material jackets which enhanced their visibility above, below, and behind the natural landscape.'

Thank you.

Please see the attached photos and feel free to use them and my above testimony on your website.

Kindest regards,

Cosmo Cosmo

22 January 2013
Hi there!

The jacket is fantastic and it didn't take my cat Cosmo long to get used to it !
I used your easy to follow tips on lead training and they worked wonders :)
We had been taking him out on one of those clip in cat harnesses, and it unclipped very easily, it didn't look all that comfy either!
Cosmo even runs for the door in excitement once we put the harness that we bought from you on him.
Definitely worth the price and even better that they are custom made! The website was brilliant, I especially loved how there was a section that showed you each material before you bought it, and almost all of them were shown off on cats!
This was worth every penny and I feel safe taking Cosmo out now!


20 January 2013
Hi Maria,

We received the jacket in remarkable time. Even in time for Christmas! My cat Haco (rhymes with taco) loves it. I can now use my carrier for his little sister and put him in the jacket on a lead to transport them. I will update u when the little one gets bigger for her jacket!!

I hope u can see the attached pictures to see just how perfect of a fit it was.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Rachel Caruso


18 January 2013
Just took this as we was talking just now!

As you will see he looks very comfortable in his jacket.

It cheaper to buy the jackets than let him scratch himself or lick himself red raw and then have to take him to the vets.

Now it healed, he doesn't scratch as much.

So it looks like you have a life long happy purring customer!! :0)X

Springfield Bagheera

18 January 2013
Springfield (the big white orange tom with the stubby tail) and Bagheera (the siamese mix tom) encountering their first snow, and they are not entirely convinced about this white stuff on the ground :o)

Thank you for these great jackets!!!

Cheers Silke


22 January 2013
Thanks Maria

The jacket arrived on Saturday and Hamish has been out wearing it every day since. I like it - I think it is very well-made and sturdy. Unfortunately the weather has been awful - really wet and gloomy - so not good photo taking conditions, but I have attached a few pics from my iPhone of him out in his jacket in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon! I will send better photos for you to put on your website when I'm out with him on a brighter day.

As well as Hamish I have his sister (his littermate). She is much smaller than he is, and she still has plenty of room left in the jacket/harness I got her from Zooplus, but in the not too distant future I'll be placing another order with you for a jacket for her.

I had looked around your website a few times before ordering so I knew where everything was. I placed the order on my iPhone during my morning commute (by bus) and that was very straightforward. I will have a think about any suggestions for your website and will include my comments when I send some new photos.

Womble Gizmo

27 December 2012
Hi Maria,
Just thought I would send you a few piccies of the kitties wearing their new jackets. Really hoping the weather improves so we can have a little walk outside. I've just taken a few pics of them around the house for now though. Tried to get one of the two of them together but Gizmo is like a wirlwind so they all blurred! Will forward some better ones when we get outside.
Jackets are very good thanks and the cats seem to have taken to them really well. Gizmo has practiced before in a webbing type harness but Womble is new to it all.
Speak to you soon,
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Miisu Miisu Miisu

27 December 2012
Hi Maria,
I have not responded before because we (my Wife Anneli and I) wanted to include a photo with snow for your archives/website.

Using the Jacket has made taking our cat "Miisu" out very easy. When we say the word "ULOS", which is "out" in Finnish, Miisu now goes to the door and looks at the jacket hanging there. Very easy to put on and take off!

Your wbsite is OK; had no problems with it, although it took a while to find you:

We subscribe to a Canadian magazine called Cottage Life. In one of this year's issues, we saw a picture of a cat wearing your Jacket, but withy no info on the origin of the garment. Took some spywork...

Thank you for an excellent idea and quick service!
Best Regards,
Anneli and Paavo


1 December 2012
Thanks Maria

My cat Chimera has not needed to adjust to the jacket at all. I was totally surprised, because she hates even to wear a collar for a short period of time. I think this cat jacket is much more comfortable than traditional harnesses- no pinching under her legs, no unnecessary pulling at her neck. Her movements are unrestricted. Once we got outside, she was happy to trot along with me in tow. I think your cat jackets just have a feline-ergonomic design that works. When we return from a romp in the park, she doesn't even mind lounging around the house in her jacket. I imagine that's because the fine wool material and flattering fit are befitting a proper cat's sense of dignity.

Thanks for this wonderful product that helps me interact with my less-than-cuddly house cat, and gives her an outlet for fresh air and exercise.