Some of my lovely customers have kindly sent the following videos - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
(Due to the large number of videos, this page may take a long time to load.)

Hello Maria,
Thank you for making such an awesome little jacket for Melody!
She is a very unusual cat. The day I rescued her they told me she won’t come near you she will hide it will be hard at first. She slept in my bed from day 1 no hiding at all !
So I thought will she take to walking and her harness quickly too. Yes the day it came we went out
She gets better and better each time !

Hi Maria,
Thanks for your fabulous jacket, my gorgeous cat Alice immediately took to it (she doesn’t get fazed by anything, she’s a confident little cat!) Lovely finish and easy to use. Love being able to take her out whenever she wants. Fantastic!
All the best,
Amie (and Alice) xx

Supersian wearing her Mynwood Cat Jacket

Dear Maria,
I bought my first jackets from you eight years ago and have had several more since then for my two Ragdolls, Delius and Jasper.(I don’t know if you remember but I contacted you several years ago to thank you for the quality of the jackets after it saved my cats during a nasty dog attack whilst I was out walking them). So many people stop and talk to me when I’m out walking them - it’s quiet a sight as Jasper is well trained and comes when whistled and follows voice commands (when he chooses to!) - and when people have asked for advice on walking a cat on a lead I have always told them to look at your website.
My boys walk on their harnesses every single day and have done so for eight years but we are sick of this awful weather and the time has come to look at getting a long jacket to stop them getting drenched in the rain. Will your long jacket cover most of their body fur? Do you have a fabric that is waterproof/resistant? They’ve got very long coats so I’m not sure that it would need to be fleece lined, it’s really just to keep them as dry as possible when out in the rain. Please could you let me know what you would suggest.
Thanks so much,
Abbie Marsden

Dear Maria,
Hi Thanks for the jacket here is Prince Robin wearing it.
Ha ha he's no greyhound

Dear Maria,
Thank you so much for the speed in which you got this too me.
I love it, it's so much lighter in weight than shop bought ones and after a little adjustment on getting him in it he was fine, not even a minute of "get this thing off me" and then I did some lazier light run around which I have attached. I will get better photos for your website these were to show how well it fit and it will last him as there is so much adjustment. He did get one leg through the neck but I realised I could go a little tighter, once I did that, well, the videos speak for themselves. This has to be the smallest you have made? It's finished beautifully. Thank you

Delia Enjoying her Cat Wheel while wearing her Mynwood Cat Jacket

Delighted with the jacket, Thomsky says it's just purrrrrrfect. Claire.

Dear Maria,
thank you so much for making this beautiful walking cat jacket for my baby boy:)
We both love it, sending you some pics and videos.
Warmest regards,

Perkin Warbeck

Hi Maria,
Thank-you so much for the speedy delivery! One very happy little Ragdoll boy! I have sent you links to many photos of Toby in his new jacket, as well as a short video of him walking.

Hi Maria, ive just ordered the orange camouflage harness.
Look forward to recieving it
Kind regards
Emma Goldsworthy
Ive sent you a clip of him in his caramel one

I'm afraid the kitties were very stubborn at first about not liking to wear a jacket, not wanting to go outside, being less than enthusiastic once outside, but we finally fell in love with outside and jackets. Here are two videos of Snoopy (the mostly ginger one) and Simon (the chubby, mostly white one) enjoying the backyard.
I am happy to take more, but since we finally got something I wanted to make sure to thank you right away.
Michele Cenzer

Dear Maria,
Sorry I took so long. Photos and a video, jacket is brilliant. We have a special rucksack she sits in when we go on our adventures (mostly National Trust) but when there's no one around she likes to walk with the dogs and play in the grass.
Kind regards
Heather McCreadie

I thought you might like to see Freddie discovering catmint (nepeta) in his beautiful Mynwood black watch tartan jacket he is spending lots of time outside with his dog-sisters and he says it's changed his life!!
Resting after a hard day in the garden....

With his sister Clemency on the way to his holidays!

Thank you for sending it so quickly he was able to explore the garden in our holiday cottage and had a lovely time,

Kind regards


Hay I love the cat harness I got off u he is getting use to it now at first he would not move but now he is happy with it on thanks so much it's really good

Hello Maria!
Here's a photo and video of Beano (Caramel Siamese) wearing his caramel jacket. He loved his jacket but wasn't too impressed with the windy jacket!

Hi Maria,
The vest is lovely!
Here's Kal's new holiday film.
Enjoy, share the wonder, and Have a Merry One.
Warm regards, Karen

hey Maria
Hope you are doing well
Just some feedback on that big Jacket you made for Nathan my Pixie Bob
The bigger Jackets is the way to go, Amazing I tell you. He is unable to reverse out of the jacket. He have tried a couple of times and was unable to do so. I truly think you should add that to your inventory especially for the wilder and bigger cats. Marius

A movie of my cat misty
I still have a bit of training to do, as she still runs and leaps up fences, leaving me behind and her leaping over the fence and dangling the other side.
But this vidio was one of the early runs out
Hope it helps
Its a good product and feel much better about it than the usual harnesses

Oreo and Onyx wearing their Mynwood Cat Jackets. They chose The Paw Project jackets that support 'The Paw Project' by donating 10% of the purchase price

Nyha on a Walk

Hi Maria,
Given that Bertie is blind, and therefore even more sensitive to anything potentially unsettling, it is more than apparent that your jackets are incredibly comfortable, and whilst his appearance doesn’t matter a jot to him, I think the jacket is most fetching! After going out yesterday, he was more settled than on the previous occasion, in fact settling down [ before I had a chance to remove his jacket] to go to sleep, whereas on the first occasion, he kept asking to go out again. Anyway, once again I just want to thank you very much for enabling Bertie to enjoy the big outdoors, smell the bluebells[ destroy the catmint!] and feel the sun on his face. Many thanks again.
Kindest wishes,

Hi Maria i wanted to say thank you so much for the cat harness i bought last year, the double sided harness is such value for money and fits perfectly for my growing mainecoon. I will definitely recommend it to other people. Here is my mainecoon Alaska in your harness going for a walk

Just got the harness today and put it on her. shes used to walking with kitty harness so it only took a minute till she was walking like she had done it for years. i don"t think she could possibly get out of this. love it and when i need another ill get it here. jerry happy customer

Rubinia with the Mynwood Cat Jacket on the 2nd Day

Christiane Koch's Beautiful Bengal enjoying his first outings

I posted on your Facebook page on the weekend! I put a pic and the link to the YouTube video. In my post on Oreo's page, I added your page link and website link for orders ;) We really love the jacket! So does he! He associated it with outside and loves putting it on!
Tina & Oreo
Tina Modugno
Children's Illustrator

Oz is getting the hang of this walking lark now.

Jazzy wearing her Mynwood Cat Jacket

Hi Maria Thank you for your mail. Since my last mail Mouse has been outside. It went so well, I think. Do not know if you can see the little movie I have attached. I never thought I would see my cat go outside, in just two weeks. :) Trine Margrethe Jensen

Squeaky wearing her Purple jacket.

I opened up the package and we went out right away. He looked a little self-conscious, but was fine otherwise. I took a video straight off, completely forgetting the first thing he does, which is roll around in the dirtiest thing he can find, so you have a fine little movie of him breaking in the jacket. They tell me thats to cover their scent. Anyway, the jacket is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!

Prince enjoying his new Mynwood Cat Jacket

Carlos is still a little scared of the outside, but Spencer has taken to it like a pro. Here's a video of them!

Toby the Bengal chasing Shadows

Good morning Maria: I have attached a short video of Purrkins wearing your sweet tiger cat jacket that you made for him.
Purrkins went on his first RV camping trip with us to the mountains in Southern California.
He was very worried and scared at first but after the second trip outside of the RV, he was ready to explore although he was very aware of all the sounds and new smells around him.
The jacket is truly inescapable but comfortable for him to wear. We spent two nights in the mountains with him and time spent outside became easier.
The video shows him on the second day exploring through the bushes. We can't wait to take him with us every time in the RV and we can do that thanks to your great product.
We are so pleased with the jacket and it works very well. I will be telling all my cat-parent friends and will take a picture of Purrkins to our vet so they can post his picture in your jacket. As you know, Purrkins was very ill and we were afraid that we would not be able to use his jacket but he is recovering nicely. We look forward to many more trips with Purrkins thanks to your jacket.
By the way, the lead that I purchased from you is perfect for cats because it is so lightweight.
Nancy Harmon

Hi Maria Just thought I'd send you a video of Misty out on one of her walks, she really enjoys it now and people are constantly amazed at seeing a cat on a lead, thanks once again for designing this brilliant jacket Julia

Hey Maria, here is the video I took yesterday, kinda long... I haven't posted it yet but thought you might like to see it anyway. I wish I could have captured her scaling this rock, after a lizard, maybe I can get it on film today. It's hard to have my camera ready when she decides to GO. It'd be a really great video to see/show that your jacket allows full movement, even when running around a rock trying to catch lizards! So the blue thing is a little blue light. You squish it together and it has a steady light setting and two strobe functions (one fast one slow). A friend got it for Tigger right before he passed so he never got to use it, but it works great for tiny little Zoey and makes it sooo much easier to see her in the dark! Haha her dring is like an extra attachment with all the things that can go on it! Do other people that buy your jackets and send pictures put name tags and things on their drings too?

Riley goes to the park

Riley learns to wear a Mynwood walking jacket

Sherlock is a really big cat, so finding a harness was difficult, but I really love the cat jacket you made! This is his first walk. Thank you! Kira Shaffer

Iggy's first time wearing his jacket

Gwydion was having fun on his kitty kondo whilst wearing his new jacket (his human sent me the fabric of her choice).

Jose enjoying his Mynwood Cat Jacket in Brooklyn, New York.

Linus with his new cat jacket